Dining for Charities

The Community-Based Ecosystem Where People Save Money & Local Businesses and Nonprofits Prosper!

Last Funded April 2024


raised from 47 investors


Excited to announce that Atlanta, Mobile, and Auburn will be launching the first week of December.
Aug 2023 named Best Charitable Hospitality Marketing Strategy Organization in 2023 by LUX Life.
$1.1M cumulative revenue, bootstrapped. 47.28% Returning Customer Rate from 2021 through July 2023.
5/10/23 "Dining for Charities Day" declared in Columbus, GA recognizing 100K+ raised for charities.

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Join Dining for Charities as it revolutionizes the dining industry with a compelling proposition: a marketplace where every meal served is an opportunity for giving back. Our model capitalizes on the vast potential of the dining sector, delivering value to consumers through discounts, supporting local businesses, and channeling resources to charities.

As we expand across the nation, this early-stage venture is a fertile ground for investors seeking to be part of a growing business with a substantial market reach and a transformative impact. With Dining for Charities, you're investing in a future where business growth and social responsibility go hand in hand, creating a legacy of positive change and profitable returns.

Investing in Dining for Charities is more than a financial decision; it's a step towards becoming an integral part of a visionary business.

As an investor, you're not just contributing capital; you're acquiring ownership in a company with a scalable model and a broadening national footprint.

By becoming a shareholder, you gain the unique opportunity to shape and benefit from the company's future, witnessing firsthand how your investment fosters business success and societal impact.

Dine with a Purpose: Every meal is a chance to support a local charity. Join us in making dining a delightful act of giving back to the community.

Savor the Joy of Giving: Our initiative turns everyday dining into a powerful tool for charity. Experience the joy of knowing your meals are making a meaningful difference.

Dining for Charities stands at the intersection of a substantial market opportunity and a noble mission. This is not just a charity initiative; it's a robust business model designed to flourish in the vast landscape of dining and philanthropy.

By strategically aligning with restaurants and offering consumer discounts, we tap into a large market, creating a self-sustaining ecosystem where every transaction benefits businesses, consumers, and charities alike.

This unique model positions Dining for Charities not just as a facilitator of goodwill but as a dynamic player in a lucrative market, ripe with opportunities for growth and innovation.

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Transforming Meals into Missions: At Dining for Charities, we believe that a great meal can do more than just satisfy hunger—it can enrich communities and uplift lives.

Culinary Compassion: Join a movement where every dish served is a step towards a more caring, connected world. Together, we can turn dining into a catalyst for positive change