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We make tech tools for restaurants to thrive in a post-COVID world

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💸 $160 Billion global market is ripe for platform / technology disruption.
📈 Dine.Direct is growing fast. Over 60% M/M growth for the last 6 months.
🍷 Executive team with over 85 years combined experience in technology, hospitality & organization.
🌎 Global team of over 50 people with a low cost footprint.
🍽 We exist to give control of online ordering back to restaurants and the communities they serve.

Our Team

Chief Executive Officer
Ralph is a serial entrepreneur with broad management experience in technology and international business. In 2000 he was part of a joint Microsoft & Accenture team who formed Avanade ($2.8B revenue in 2019)
Meal delivery will be a $180 billion global market by 2024. Tech companies have raided this space and taken restaurants' customers and profits, but we believe technology should serve restaurants - instead of restaurants serving tech companies. Dine.Direct gives restaurants the tech and community they need to win back their customers and money.
Chief Operating Officer
Julie is a global manager, leader & certified coach with 14+ years dedicated to social impact and responsible business. Knack for partnerships & org. design. Led Oxfam & Unilever’s global initiative to unlock opportunities for women.
Chief Hospitality Officer
Hospitality consultant with 28+ years of experience in the industry. Restaurant Chef/Owner. Past President & Director of California Restaurant Association (San Diego Chapter). Only restaurateur to win “Chef of the Year” & “Restaurateur of the Year”.

The Future of Dining

Since the discovery of fire, people have been cooking for each other. Today, whether it's a dinner date with romantic potential, or a power business lunch, restaurants are a common thread that weaves our society together. Recently there has been a shift in consumer behavior brought on by smartphones, artificial intelligence, the social network, and virus lockdowns. This change has left many restaurants struggling to survive.

Technology supports success.

The future of dining will be different. From ghost kitchens to robot waiters, lasting change is already here. Amazon didn't take over commerce because it was a great retailer. Amazon took over because it deployed great technology that created a fundamentally better customer experience. We believe restaurants that harness technology to deliver a better guest experience will be prosperous now and in the future. It's our mission to help them do just that.

    Here are some things we've already built.

    Easy order menu
    Consumers can quickly order food with single step checkout flows. Hungry diners can use their phones, tablets or computers to order. No "app download" required.

    Our Dine.Direct menu interface is built around pictures of the food. Pictures drive larger ticket totals, increasing restaurant revenue and profit.

    Fun virtual server
    Our system presents a fun, virtual server with 12 unique moods, They make the ordering experience, friendly and fun.

    Restaurant on a phone

    All the power of Easy Order, Kitchen Scheduling and Delivery.Direct condensed into a smartphone format.

    Walk a Meal -
    Phone based application to empower neighborhood community members to earn extra cash delivering meals by foot (maybe bicycles or cars) in dense urban areas. The first pilot scheduled to kick off in San Francisco's Lower Haight neighborhood in March 2021.

    Explore details of our products here

    Here's what our customers say:

    Clayton's Mexican Takeout processed 474 orders in January 2021.

    Old Venice Restaurant processed 124 orders in January 2021.

    Restaurants save lots of money with Dine.Direct.

    To explore the detailed math, click here.

    New technology we're cooking up now.

    Dine.Direct "Food Finder"
    - Consumer Restaurant Discovery and Ordering. Free promotion for all restaurants, whether or not they are community members.

    Affiliate Portal
    - Easily embeddable "smart" portal that can be used by website owners (think newspapers, bloggers, etc.) that helps consumers find local restaurants currently open for takeout and delivery.

    Dine.Direct is a community, not a product.

    Dine.Direct is a multi-disciplinary community which has a proven software platform development skills and a deep understanding of the complex environment in which restaurants operate. Our community model makes us uniquely positioned to offer holistic solutions for restaurants today and into the future.

    This video is a quick look at the people who started with us in August. We've now grown to 50 people spread across 6 countries.

    Alongside the usual credentials of business, marketing and tech prowess, we have recruited experts in hospitality, community mobilization, and the gig economy. Our teams and market are global and multi-lingual.

    We believe that technology should serve restaurants, instead of restaurants serving tech companies. So we have based our community on a "Power With" instead of "Power Over" philosophy. We have formed around a common mission to innovate for restaurants. We are not building a golden egg, we are building a goose that lays a bunch of them.

    We reward our community, to grow our community.

    Dine.Direct offers community reward points. These points work give members a stake in any financial success we have. We are serious about financial inclusion and have allocated about 30% of the company to this program. Community rewards are given for varying contributions to the mission. Examples include:

    • Restaurant Founders who help us establish a critical mass of restaurants in a new location or give feedback on new technologies before release.
    • Ambassadors who refer other restaurants to our products.
    • Partners who offer professional support to restaurants from accounting advice, to PR, to bicycles.
    • Community members who help other restaurants get set up, trained and operational.
    • And many more...

    While we are have given up a chunk of the company's equity growth to fund this program, we know this approach provides for broad financial inclusion across our entire community. We believe broad financial inclusion will make a bigger pie, faster - a delicious pie we can all enjoy together.

    Please join us.

    If you are an investor who loves restaurants and believes that technology can help them thrive, then this is a great place to invest some money. Please join us.

    If you are a restauranteur or know a restaurant who is struggling, then reach out and make a connection. It costs nothing to try. Please join us at

    If you stumbled across this page and don't have any cash to invest or a restaurant that needs help, just reach out anyway. We're always on the hunt for artists, programmers or engineers with mad tech skills. Please join us.

    You can find a real human on the other side of our chat bubble at