We make enterprise level WordPress website hosting available to everyone.

Last Funded December 2019


raised from 833 investors


WordPress runs 33.2% of the entire internet - approx 75M websites.
Managed hosting is expected to grow to $75.6B in 2020.
New technology, different from other managed hosting providers, at affordable prices.
Already built, in beta and has very happy users providing great feedback. Ready to go to market!

Our Team

Our founder has spent the last 15 years working in agencies and scaling high volume website platforms and hosting. Frustrated by the lack of innovation in the WordPress hosting space, he set out to build a solution that would re-invent WordPress hosting using the latest technologies for a price attractive to WordPress agencies and enterprises.

Our Story

What keeps you up at night? For a lot of website agency owners, it’s that ever-present anxiety that comes with managing client sites, and having to drop everything at a moment’s notice when a client calls, often at the worst possible times. It’s knowing that your client sites are vulnerable, and it’s that nagging worry in the back of your mind that your backups might not be working.

As the founder of Convesio, I know this anxiety all too well. For the last two decades, I have been helping businesses establish and thrive online. Over the years, I have switched web hosts dozens of times, in hope that I would find a host that was as obsessive about uptime, performance, and security as I was. As technology progressed, it seemed like web hosting providers were frozen in time, with little motivation to truly innovate.

Tired and frustrated, I decided to build it myself.

I was committed to rethinking how a WordPress tech stack would operate. Every component needed to utilize the latest tech and be optimized to get every drop of performance out of WordPress. This would need to be custom built, no cPanel or out of the box server configuration or management tools. It needed to be simple to use, affordable, secure, and scalable, with the ability to handle millions of visitors per site. After thousands of hours, endless cups of coffee, and a too many sleepless nights, Convesio was born.

Convesio is next generation of managed WordPress hosting; the first self-healing, autoscaling, platform-as-a-service for creating and managing WordPress sites.