Colossal Inc

Every year 8000 veterans commit suicide. We aim to drastically reduce that number

Last Funded March 2020


raised from 67 investors


No other social media platform on the market like SayScape. Currently live on both Apple and Google app stores
Targeting a need for veteran suicide prevention
No direct competition in a large part of our target market.
Extremely high growth potential through additional private feeds (first responders)

Our Team

As veterans ourselves, we feel as though we have an obligation to protect the rights and freedoms of the people. Taking care of brothers and sister in arms, individuals who may not know where else to turn, can rely on our support and willingness to provide a place they can turn to if/when needed.

Veterans Bring the Change Social Media Needs

Sayscape is a platform developed by a group of veterans with a passion for sharing their dreams with others. Some features of the application include data encryption, meaning the users data is safe from outside sources, we don’t sell data to other companies for advertising purposes, a customizable feed, so you can see more of what you do want, and less of what you don’t, likely the most notable, a private veterans feed. This feed is exclusive for verified veterans, and allows them to talk about their lives and stories in a safe environment with people like them. The private feed will also serve as a place for veterans who may suffer from PTSD to seek out immediate and direct support or refer to the Crisis Hotline number that is always at the top of the feed that will directly dial the phone if touched.

Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, countless social media networks exist for one reason, and one reason alone: for people to share and express themselves. However, even such a basic idea as the freedom of expression is being threatened on these platforms. With vague terms of service and a new action called ‘Shadow Banning’, the platform that the freedom of expression stood on is crumbling. However, Sayscape aims to change that, and bring about a new type of social media. One that gets back to what it’s supposed to be. A platform for users.

All the features implemented, such as an edit button, chronological feeds, and time bomb posts, aim to improve upon what other social media networks started. Any opinion is welcomed and shared on the platform, however, they know when to take control and act on dangerous and/or harmful situations, assuring the safety and comfort of their users.

Current Features on SayScape Social Media

- Edit your posts up to 1 minute after posting
- End-to-end encrypted private messaging
- Private verified veterans feed
- “Time bombed” post. Set any date in the future to have your post auto delete
- Custom groups to sort and filter followers
- Night mode/Lights out
- Dislike (broken heart) for time when “like” isn’t appropriate
- Chronological posts
- Embedded link previews
- Fully supported Gifs in post/comments
- Trending Hashtags
- Trending Posts
- Private profiles
- Create polls
- Search people, keywords, or hashtags
- Blacklist words to auto hide posts containing that/those words