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Coding for Kids: Preparing the Next Generation for the AI Age

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↗️ Our CEO brings a proven track record of scaling 2 other education ventures to impressive heights.

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There is a huge gap in tech education for children

Millions of kids miss out on learning coding and technology skills at school and risk being left behind in an increasingly digital world. Research shows that unless we secure the foundations of technology literacy before age 14, students will struggle to develop it later in life.

According to McKinsey, a staggering 92% of future jobs will require digital skills, but there is already a massive skills gap that is predicted to cost the US economy $454 billion by 2028 and force employers to look abroad for talent.

We need a radical change in how we educate our children.

Of course, parents already know this, and they’re driving a boom in demand for education technology (EdTech).

Our mission: Make sure the next generation develops the skills they’ll need to thrive

Coco Coders teaches children aged 6-14 how to code via live online, teacher-led lessons. Parents pay a recurring monthly subscription of $99 for weekly group classes of 2-6 children of a similar age and skill level.

Our coding lessons are fun, and affordable, and designed to engage children through rich, colorful themes that feel like play (not work) and appeal to every type of coder.

Through our proprietary curriculum and online platform, we’ve created a better way to help children master core concepts and build confidence.

We’ve developed thousands of hours of lessons based on creative themes and collaborative group work, structuring these lessons into a 20-level graduating system that is STEM-certified.

The booming EdTech market

We are experiencing a massive disruption to the way our children learn. The education sector is rapidly shifting towards privatization and digitalization.

It's estimated that global education spending will approach $10 trillion by 2030, and EdTech is the fastest-growing segment, with expected growth of 78% from 2020 to 2025.

We are a fast-growing company in a fast-growing market, which we’ve estimated to be worth close to $8 billion per year.

Parents find Coco Coders through online advertising and word of mouth. For every $1 spent on ads, we generate $9 in revenue. Today, Coco's customer acquisition cost (CAC) payback is within four months, well below the 12-month standard in the industry.

In the past year, we've significantly refined our digital sales funnel. We’ve doubled our student count, and grown to an annual recurring revenue (ARR) of over half a million dollars which is forecast to triple by the same time next year.


We have the foundations to deliver this transformative business.

Coco founder Elizabeth previously co-founded a highly successful AI company, writing the patented AI and building a tech team that now serves household-named clients. Our team includes serial entrepreneurs who’ve built and exited several EdTech businesses, the most recent of which is Cypher Coders, the UK's leading in-person coding school for kids. 

We have a proven, repeatable process for hiring, onboarding, and training fantastic teachers, taking them from interview to first lesson in a matter of weeks so that we can comfortably scale as our student numbers grow.

Our next phase of growth

Corporate sponsorships

Already in a beta stage, our corporate partnership model allows companies to sponsor underprivileged kids through charities or local communities - bolstering our recurring revenue and helping to ensure every child has a chance to learn core tech skills for a successful future. 

Online advertising

Advertising is at the core of our customer acquisition strategy, giving us a return of $9 for every $1 we invest. We will use our Wefunder investment to double -down on this advertising and triple our B2C customer base in the next 12 months.

Gamifying education

We are about to launch a new interactive system that will introduce gaming mechanics to reward children for achievements and participation, giving them a clear learning journey with Coco Coders. We’ve designed this to keep kids engaged with our platform - and with healthy educational screen time - for even longer.

Invest in the future of education

With demand for coding skills skyrocketing and the education system struggling to keep up, Coco Coders is perfectly placed to lead the market for online coding lessons for kids. Our engaging live online lessons for children as young as six are not just about coding; they're about preparing the next generation for a world dominated by technology.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to make a difference in education and profit from a rapidly growing EdTech market worth an estimated $8 billion.

Invest in Coco Coders today and help shape the future of learning.