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reserved of a $50,000 goal
Future Equity
 $5M  $4.5M valuation cap
Early Bird Bonus: The first $100K of investments will be in a SAFE with a $4.5M valuation cap
$250, $500, $1K, $10K


Writing American Soccer History Together With A Cultural Phenomenon Reborn.
Uniting And Engaging With The Chicago Community Promoting Inclusivity.
Supporters are presented with a remarkable chance to become co-owners of the Chicago Sting.

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"Own a Piece of History: Invest in the Revival of the Chicago Sting™ and Shape the Future of American Soccer"

Are you ready to be part of a historic revival and shape the future of professional soccer in America? Imagine owning a piece of one of the most iconic teams in American sports history—the Chicago Sting. This isn't just an investment opportunity; it's a chance to become a stakeholder in a team that embodies the spirit of Chicago and the resilience of American soccer.

Founded in 1974 by Lee Stern, the great name of Chicago Sting made waves in the North American Soccer League (NASL) and the Major Indoor Soccer League (MISL), becoming a symbol of Chicago's determination and passion for the beautiful game. Inspired by the 1973 classic film "The Sting," the team's name pays homage to Chicago's rich history and cultural diversity.

Led by legendary coach Willy Roy, the Sting clinched the NASL championship in 1981, showcasing a perfect blend of seasoned veterans and rising talents like Karl-Heinz Granitza, Pato Margetic, and Ingo Peter. Their triumphs weren't just on the field; they ignited a soccer fever across the nation, with even icons like Mr. T rallying behind them.

Now, the National Soccer League (NSL) which is also a community funded "Soccer movement" are bringing back the Chicago Sting, and you have the opportunity to be part of this historic comeback. As fan-owners, you'll be ensuring that the Sting stays true to its roots while embracing the future of American soccer.

The goal is to elevate the Chicago Sting as one of the esteemed founding members of the "National Soccer League," alongside three other renowned American soccer clubs: a revival of the LA Aztecs, Atlanta Chiefs, and Washington Diplomats. These four pioneers will engage in spirited competition until the league is primed for expansion, welcoming additional storied soccer franchises eager to partake in this nascent chapter of the sport's evolution. This marks the inception of a burgeoning soccer landscape, blending familiarity with rich tradition.

But this isn't just about nostalgia; it's about building a legacy for future generations. The new Chicago Sting aims to inspire a new wave of soccer players and fans, showcasing the talent and passion that American soccer has to offer. With a commitment to both on-field success and an exceptional fan experience, the Sting is poised to recapture its former glory and cement its place in the pantheon of American soccer greatness. Join us in bringing back the Chicago Sting and write the next chapter of American soccer history. Together, we'll honor the legacy of the past while shaping a bright future for the beautiful game.

Chicagoans are passionate about their sports teams, including the Chicago Bulls (NBA), Chicago Bears (NFL), Chicago Cubs (MLB), and Chicago Blackhawks (NHL). The city has a storied sports history, with memorable championship victories and loyal fan bases.

The Chicago Fire, part of Major League Soccer (MLS) , commands a staggering valuation exceeding half a billion dollars, showcasing remarkable growth in their sports assets, surpassing even the rapid pace of the S&P 500. Adding to this momentum is the anticipation of the world's largest sporting event, the FIFA World Cup, slated for 2026 in the United States, the pinnacle of global soccer tournaments. With the World Cup finals set to unfold in America, the world's premier sports market, the stage is set for an unparalleled celebration of soccer on a grand scale.

The club must be fully funded by operators and sponsors. The minimum requirement to activate the club within the National Soccer League is $5 million, and the league mandates that expansions demonstrate three years of working capital amounting to $15 million. Our first round of funding aims to give fans the opportunity to reactivate the club and gain a financial interest in it.

Join us in funding the Chicago Sting's revival! Your investment will fuel our mission to bring back this iconic team. With your help, we'll secure top-tier operators and sponsors, ensuring the Sting's triumphant return to the National Soccer League.

"Chicago is a colossal football market longing for more, and reviving the Sting perfectly aligns with the fans, the sport, and the NSL. Our aim is to unite the legacy club with its fervent supporters, bridging the past with the present in the vibrant tapestry of soccer history." - Scott Michaels NSL Founder