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Hair braiding startup making 70K/month ♡ Help us turn it into a $100M brand ♡

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raised from 139 investors
$7.2M valuation cap Convertible Note
$1K, $300K
VP of Technology Emerging Ventures, Quadrant Biosciences
I invested in braidbabes because they have built an incredible community around the brand. Their customers love talking about the experience and showing off their braids. I talk with hundreds of Founders based on my position in the Startup Community - I use braidbabes as my example when I describe product market fit. Combining that with their low cost-of-customer-acquisition (due to word-of-mouth) and the high life-time-value of a customer, the financial models look great at scale. Emmily and Tori are great Founders, they tackle every problem head-on. I've had the pleasure of mentoring them since very early in the company's history. I've been consistently impressed by how quickly they are able to learn new skills and use them to overcome the challenges that all businesses face. I'm most excited about getting watch them launch in new cities. They've spent the last year or two really refining their ability to launch new cities and scale. It's going to be an amazing journey as they grow from 3 cities to 50+ over the next few years.


💰 $500K raised in 2021 from Launch NY, Buffalo Angels && local angels
📈 $850K revenue in 2022
💸 We tripled our revenue in 2021 && 2020
🚀 12k appts booked to date
🌏 Currently in Buffalo, NY, Nashville, TN, and Phoenix, AZ
💼 60 mobile braiders in the braidbabes family as of January 2023
⏰ Finding natural virality on TikTok and celebrating 66K followers

Our Team

we have teams of mobile braiders in buffalo, nashville, and phoenix ♡

>the solution ⮕ ♡ braidbabes ♡

we were an instant hit!

when we launched in buffalo, ny in 2019 we were instantly booked up && sold out. every time we set up a braidbar to braid at a store or event, the waitlist would be full before we even finished setting up. 

first we hired jess. BOOM! Her schedule was full. 

then we hired tori. BOOM! Her schedule was full.

this trend has continued to even today where we are constantly hiring to meet this demand!!

meet our founder && ceo, emmily

emmily knew that she wanted to do something cool with her life but really was a bit lost on what it would be. then, back in 2018, she found this instagram influencer that was starting a 30-day braid challenge. by day 15 emmily's friends were lining up to get braids and by day 30 a local store hired her to braid at their grand opening. she instantly knew this could be a national business (she doesn't tend to think small). 2019 was the year of saying yes and we really built braidbabes based on what people asked for. 

we're growing organically && fast.

braidbabes has two organic growth scenarios that have lead to our revenue multiplying by almost 4x in 2021! 

the first: our product is on our client's head. as they walk around they are stopped multiple times and asked about their cool braid... "braidbabes did it!"

the second: our product is one that our client's are excited to post on social media. at the end of every appointment, the braider takes beautiful photos and sends them instantly to the client. 9 times out of 10 the client posts them on instagram and tags us!

these factors together have driven down our customer acquisition cost to $35.

let's go national!

think bachelorette parties, tailgating, kid's birthdays, date nights, and charity events. we also partner with local businesses to offer braidbars at their brick & mortar locations.

here's a video that walks you through the braidbabes experience.

our bootcamp grows our team, adds revenue & creates community.

our multi-pronged, organic marketing strategy gives us an edge.

we've got 28K followers on instagram, 66K followers on tiktok && our reviews also speak for themselves.

we have a custom app being released this year.

our plans for our funds: