Fantasy sports, for reality TV

Last Funded June 2022


raised from 241 investors


Over 52,000 mobile app downloads since launching in App Stores in mid-January 2024
113,000+ new accounts created since January 2022, with $0 spent on marketing and user acquisition
Expanded fantasy gaming to 8 new shows: Survivor, Big Brother, RuPaul's Drag Race, The Oscars, etc
178,000+ total fantasy season plays across 20 offered reality TV show seasons since January 2022

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Our Team

Bracketology? Think fantasy football for all reality TV shows... 🤯

Reality TV fans crave deeper engagement and community interaction with their favorite shows.

Until now...

Bracketology is reinventing the social experience and interaction around reality TV shows, through fantasy gaming.

Check out our Bracketology “Wrapped” since our inception in 2022.

By the way, all of that was accomplished with...

We used our September 2023 raise to address our two biggest weaknesses.

Fueled by Kaitlyn’s full-time marketing efforts, BTV’s 2024 user growth is rapidly accelerating...

...and week-over-week user retention is 2x on the new mobile app compared to web.

Getting excited? Fantasy reality TV is primed to follow the growth & success of fantasy sports.

Competitors aren’t effectively adapting to this emerging market’s needs.

The BTV leadership team has the talent & vision that the competition is missing.

Our $250K Pre-Seed+ round will allow us to hit our next user milestones and revenue targets.

Then, we’ll be ready to take Bracketology to the next level, with a 7-figure Seed round.

One last question: Wouldn’t you have loved to be an early investor in fantasy sports?