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Boaz Bike

Revolutionary eco-conscious micro-mobility company moving people more safely

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๐Ÿ’ช ZERO reported accidents in over 20K+ rides
๐Ÿ’ต Profit per ride has increased 283% from 2019 to 2021
๐Ÿ’ฐ Increased yearly revenue by over 500% while increasing 10%-20% in month over month revenue.
๐Ÿ™Œ Over 90% of scooter riders in our target market prefer to ride a Boaz over our competitors.
๐Ÿš€ Currently have 3 City permits with plans to operate in 20+ cities by the end of 2021
๐Ÿ” Patent Pending on our new Model 3; Expected to launch in 2021 and change the safety game
๐Ÿค‘ $200,000+ on cash on hand to catapult our expansion in 2021 (as of Nov 2020).
Black-Founded and Female-Founded Business

Our Team

Devoted the last 5 years to solving the first and last mile transportation problem in America. Serial entrepreneur who built a multi-million dollar retail business that he later sold. True Visionary who is laser focused on making the world better.
The last 5+ years in the transportation industry has taught our team a lot. The world is shifting towards smart cities and Boaz wants to be a part of the shift. The avg car ride in a downtown city is less than 15 mins/2 miles. Uber would cost ~$8 while Boaz would cost ~$3.25. We've developed a more cost efficient & safer way to move people around.
VP of Operations
Ran head of operations in the midwest for Spin Scooters. Helped Spin scooters expand into 60+ markets.
MBA in finance from Wharton. Helped lead SportsRecruits to their 1st year of profitability. Helped startups raise millions in seed funding. Ran financials for a health care company with over $9 Billion in revenue.

We're Making Cities Safer + The Future is Looking BLUE

Emil Nnani was inspired by his mother's entrepreneurial journey and always knew he was destined to grow companies. After the success of his retail stores, Emil was noticing how many injuries were occurring as a result of the new scooters popping up in major cities across the US and he had an idea for how to make this transportation a little bit safer. He and his wife sold everything and moved to Texas to make it happen.

Boaz is an electric scooter-bike company that focuses on safety.

We were first in the sit-down shared scooter market and now we've designed our Model 3 vehicle which will be the next phase of micro-mobility scooters (patent pending). Our Model 3 vehicles will be the most durable and safest scooter on the market. Funds from this raise will help us send vehicles into production and roll them out into the markets in early 2021.

The features on the Boaz are unlike anything you've seen from the competition before. We've had a lot of "firsts":

  • The first operator to put seats (adjustable) on scooters.
  • The first operator to add side mirrors to our vehicles.
  • The first operator to add turn signals to our vehicles.
  • The first operator to add hot-swappable batteries to our vehicles (drastically decreases operational expenses).
  • The first operator to attach helmets to each vehicle.
  • The first operator to attach carrying baskets to our vehicles.
  • The first operator to have an actual brake light (and not just a reflector).
  • Custom-built kickstands (results in fewer vehicles tipped over).
  • Sensors all around our vehicles that notify us when a vehicle is being moved, picked up, or has fallen over.

Investing in Boaz isn't just a good investment into your own financial future, it's also good for the planet. We're building for zero-emissions because BLUE is the new green.

There's so, so much to love about Boaz, but don't take our word for it....

While safety is our #1 priority, and the love of our users is important, you need to know why Boaz is a good choice for your dollars. 

Besides wanting to change the world and leave it better, our founders are wicked smart and can get the job done with less. Collectively they have over 20+ years in the transportation industry. Boaz is a Black-Founded and Female-Founded business with Emil Nnani and Christiana Winfrey both having built ride-share companies from the ground up before Boaz. Winfrey also helped Uber grow into a Multi-Billion dollar business. Our lead investor is an early investor in Lime scooters, so you can be confident that the best minds in the industry believe in what we're building.

 We are currently profitable in our pilot market and we believe we can be profitable in less than 30 days in any market we expand into. And this is how we do it:

We developed a strategy that allows us to target the best areas in any market to deploy our vehicles. Our state of the art global positioning system grants us the peace of mind that we need to leave our vehicles dockless. We use AI to not only find the best hub locations for our fleet but also the best way to swap batteries and relocate vehicles. Doing this saves time and money on the operations side.

-Vehicles are deployed in strategic areas.

-Each vehicle has a hangtag on it that gives new users instructions on how to download our top of the line mobile app.

-Users download the mobile app.

-They add money to their digital wallet within the app.

-They scan the QR code which turns the vehicles on.

-They ride wherever they please and when done they end their ride within the app.

-They snap a picture of their proper parking ($3 fine for improper parking).

-The app deducts funds from their wallet.

-Their remaining balance stays in their wallet until their next ride.

Boaz Bikes is revolutionary in the micro-mobility space and we want to take you along for the ride. Are you ready to grow with us? You can invest today with as little as $100 or if you'd like to invest more and own a larger share of the company, let's chat. If you're considering an investment over $2,500, our CEO wants to chat with you. Get on Emil's calendar here: