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Boaz Bikes

Revolutionary eco-conscious micro-mobility company moving people more safely

Last Funded September 2021


raised from 4,003 investors
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🚀 Mobility As A Service (MAAS) is the fastest growing market
🤔 Lead investor is a VC who invested in early Lime
🧑🏾‍💻👩‍💻Black-Founded and Female-Founded Business focused on increasing equity for our communities
🤑 Currently have 3 City permits with plans to operate in 10+ cities by the end of 2021
🛴 Currently running a secret pilot that's showing amazing results
📈10%-20% increase in month over month revenue for the last 8 months
🤩All-Star team team with big wins in the micro-mobility industry
💰TigerMark insurance allows investors to get investments returned under qualifying circumstances

Our Team

The last 5+ years in the transportation industry has taught our team a lot. The world is shifting towards smart cities and Boaz wants to be a part of the shift. The avg car ride in a downtown city is less than 15 mins/2 miles. Uber would cost ~$8 while Boaz would cost ~$3.25. We've developed a more cost efficient & safer way to move people around.

Revolutionary eco-conscious micro-mobility company moving people more safely

We were first in the sit-down shared scooter market and now we've designed our Model 3 vehicle which will be the next phase of micro-mobility scooters (patent pending). We believe our Model 3 vehicles will be the most durable and safest scooter on the market. Funds from this raise will help us send vehicles into production and roll them out into the markets in early 2022.

This offering is insured by the TigerMark Insurance policy. Learn more here.

(To view our new patent pending Model 3 and you don’t mind signing an NDA email us at [email protected] and in the subject line say ‘Model 3 viewing’)

Boaz is a good choice for your dollars.

Besides wanting to change the world and leave it better, our founding team collectively has more than 20 years in the transportation industry.

Boaz is a Black-Founded and Female-Founded business with Emil Nnani and Christiana Winfrey both having built ride-share companies from the ground up before Boaz. Winfrey also helped Uber grow into a Multi-Billion dollar business. Our lead investor is an early investor in Lime scooters, so you can be confident that the best minds in the industry believe in what we're building.

The company is projected to do $150K in monthly revenue in May, $250K in June (as the weather warms up), and $750K in July (w/ the deployment of our new fleet into 2 new markets!)

Our current valuation is only 3.5x our projected Annual Revenue for 2021 (~$10.4M) while an overseas competitor just raised at a 14x multiple of yearly revenue.

Boaz Bikes is actively prospecting VC’s for a series A round within the 3rd quarter this year.

The scooter game is changing, which is why we’ve designed a bike like nothing you’ve ever seen before. Safety is our #1 priority and a Boaz Bike has features you can’t find anywhere else.

Our first WeFunder allowed us to increase our Detroit fleet and launch our secret Dallas pilot, but there’s more work to be done. With our applications being approved in cities across the country, we’re positioned to move and grow fast with your help.

This round of funding helps us send our new Model 3 vehicle into production and will allow us to order 2000+ new vehicles to expand into more cities and bring on at least 5-10 owner operators who desire to bring Boaz to their city. This round of funding will help us to $3M+ in monthly revenue before the end of 2021, which positions us to raise a Series A round at a higher valuation this year.

The world is changing and we’re more than up for the challenge. Boaz Bikes has put many new practices in place to ensure the health of our staff and our riders.

Boaz Bikes is revolutionary in the micro-mobility space and we want to take you along for the ride. Are you ready to grow with us? You can invest today with as little as $250. This will be your last chance to own a piece of Boaz Bikes.

We are aiming to build the first crowdfunded unicorn so time is precious. If you have questions, please send us an email at [email protected]