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Last Funded April 2023


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$3M in revenue in last 12 months
Created over 10 million pleasure moments and counting!
Available in over 1,000 Target stores nationwide
First Latina-founded brand in Target's sexual wellness aisle

Our Team


Welcome to Clean Intimate Care

A BIPOC-owned and sexologist-led intimacy company that is normalizing sexual wellness.

Despite the growing demand for sexual wellness solutions, 95% of intimacy products in the market are made with toxic ingredients and credible sexual education is still lacking.

Bloomi's purpose is to help millions of people #getinthemood with clean, inclusive, accessible products as well as content that affirms, educates and inspires. We want everyone to make informed decisions about their bodies and enjoy more satisfying sexual and intimate experiences.

Available at Target!

In March 2022, Bloomi developed a full collection of intimacy products and is the first Latina-led brand to launch a brand in the sexual wellness aisle at Target.


People are Craving Connections

Healthy intimate connections are vital to our quality of life, mental health and overall wellness. Yet, 80% of people say they are having unfulfilling intimate experiences.

Low Libido

One primary driver of this is low libido, which is most often caused by fatigue and high stress. Over one third of people experience low libido and they are searching for natural solutions to improve it. The secondary issue is having little sex education and not knowing where to find clean, simple solutions. However, most product on the market contain toxic ingredients.

Toxic Products

Products in this category are highly unregulated and can negatively impact health. Most contain ingredients or materials that should not come into contact with intimate skin (e.g. fragrance, glycerin, harsh preservatives) and can cause irritation, yeast infections, increase risk of STIs, and other issues.


Bloomi is making intimacy mainstream


In partnership with top intimacy experts, we created the industry's first and only standard to develop products without toxic materials and ingredients.


Bloomi was founded by a Latina sexual wellness expert, and is led by an inclusive team. Our solutions consider the needs of diverse bodies.


We've launched plant-based essentials in mass retail (incl. Target) and seamlessly integrate product education into the shopping experience.

Essentials Collection

Our Essentials collection is a line of plant-based intimate care products for all bodies, that help increase pleasure before, during and after intimate moments.

This accessible line includes six formulas and three devices for those who are curious but new to the sexual wellness category.

Intimate Talk, a Sexology Blog

We've partnered with top intimacy experts including sex therapists, sexologists, and physicians to overcome the intimacy crisis as well as cultural taboos about sex. Intimate Talk is an educational destination that normalizes conversations around sex with content that affirms, educates and inspires. Some popular guides include -

How do you increase sexual satisfaction?

How do you master the art of self-seduction?

How do you make time for pleasure?

How do you choose the best toy(s) for yourself?

What intimacy questions to ask your partner on date night?


Clean Standard

Our products are developed by award-winning intimacy experts including our Co-Founder, Rebecca Alvarez Story. Based on feedback from our community, we create #cleanintimatecare solutions that are extensively tested and made with the highest quality ingredients.

For example, our lubricants are 510(K) cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and one of few organic, clean lubricants in the country. Our toys are made with medical-grade silicone, not "body-safe" silicone or other ambiguous terms that don't disclose the materials.

Thoughtfully Made

We proudly and intentionally make sustainable, very high quality products at accessible price points. Our products are ergonomic, easy-to-use designs that consider various hand sizes, body sizes, and abilities. We also prioritize sustainability and take pride in our eco-friendly packaging which is made with recyclable sugarcane, recyclable plastic, and treeless cartons that are compostable.


We take great pride in our bilingual (Spanish and English) products. Our labels, packaging and product information are printed in both languages to provide intimacy solutions to an even larger community.

5-Star Ratings

Our bestselling collection continually receives high ratings for helping customers explore their bodies, improve intimate connections, and overcome their sexual wellness challenges.


Easy to use! The 3 settings were perfect! The sizing is perfect! I love it so much. I cannot wait to try more products from this amazing company. Btw thanks for selling it at Target, sometimes I prefer to see the products in person than online. My expectations are met. Literally it makes my night so much better. It's me time.


I have PCOS and I’m currently in fertility treatments. These things have caused me to have no libido. For years I have felt like I’ve lost myself and I will never be able to feel the same way before all these struggles. I feel so lucky to have found this product at Target. It’s has changed my intimate life with my husband for the better. I feel like myself again, and the struggles I’ve had before are behind me. Thank you, a million times thank you.


Hi! Okay so, I’m 26 years old and I’ve never had an orgasm before this vibrator. I bought it after extensive research, mostly because I loved the color and thought it was the cutest vibrator I’d seen, and I was a big fan of the medical grade, non toxic everything. I care quite a bit about my "little lady" and this was the first time I wasn’t nervous about a toy being on/in her.


I am a sex educator, and a woman who has a very sensitive pH. I usually don't use lubes because they throw my pH off, but this lube was incredible! It is odorless and so slick that it is barely noticeable. I will be recommending to all of my clients.


Tailored Experience

Using intimacy products has been shown to increase sexual satisfaction, relax the body, and help you feel happier. In less than a year, Bloomi has created over 10 million pleasure moments with our products.

Our WeFunder campaign we provide the resources to continue this trend by building a system that tailors the shopping and learning experience. We want to help customers build their own sexual wellness routine with personalized product bundles and custom content recommendations.


High Growth

We are onto something special!By investing in Bloomi now, you get to participate in our upward trajectory alongside angel investors and VCs. We proved product-market fit in 2022, and are excited to invest in growth in 2023 and beyond.

With the capital raised thus far, Bloomi developed and launched our Essentials collection. Since then, we have grown 9x in just one year and are on track to make $69M in the next 4 years (not guaranteed).

We've Been Featured in Univision, Entrepreneur, Glossy, Forbes, and more!


As a Latina-led and wellness brand, our story deeply resonates. We have a community of over 500K across platforms with engagement rates that are 3X the industry average. We've also earned over 40 million media impressions to date.

Viral Reach


Intimate Wellness is a booming $125B industry with 12.4% CAGR by 2026 with reduced stigma around sex and sexuality driving exponential consumer demand for intimacy solutions. Today you now see several retailers entering the category and VC funding continues to increase every quarter.

Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

The impact of the pandemic has shown that in uncertain times consumers will prioritize wellness and self-care above all else, providing a unique and timely opportunity for us. We anticipate this trend continuing to grow.


Getting to $69M

With your investment, we plan to bring high-quality intimacy products to millions of people and are on track to reach $69M in the next four years (not guaranteed).

Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Our founders believe that generational wealth-building opportunities should be available to everyone, so we invite you to join us. Current investors include strategic VCs, well-known angels, and successful founders with exits.

You Can Be Part of Our Growth!

Join our mission to create beautiful intimacy products for all bodies. Together we can create millions of pleasure moments that inspire healthy conversations and build love.

We also believe you should own the companies you love and show with. This is your opportunity to invest, build generational wealth, and be part of a progressive company. Let's do this!