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Blinking Owl Distillery

Beloved brand with international acclaim has big growth opportunities

Last Funded December 2022


raised from 138 investors


Our spirits are in HUNDREDS of bars, restaurants and retailers worldwide.
We are the real deal with a stunning facility, acclaimed restaurant, and commitment to quality.
Well crafted reputation: multiple awards + medals earned by nearly every product in our line.
Heaps of Press: Featured in Forbes, Fortune, Eater LA, Whiskey Advocate, Bloomberg, and many more.
Strategic licensing + production deals in the works with a major US + International portfolio
Majority of funding + ownership by amazing women.
Co-Owner Kirsten Vangsness: Criminal Minds Star, has a broad fan reach of millions and is just FUN
LOI signed for potential new Blinking Owl restaurant/bar licensing deal in a brilliant location.

Our Team

With a bootlegging heritage, founder, Brian Christenson, dreamed to carry on his family's legacy by providing “good spirits” to his very own neighborhood. Drawing from the craft cocktail and the farm-to-table movements and rising interest in craft spirits, the husband and wife launched Orange County, California's first distillery in 2016.


The essence of Blinking Owl Spirits continues to shine through our thoughtful RESTAURANT. We offer distillery tours, a menu with hyper-fresh + local ingredients  highlighting our spirit profiles. With items such as our hand ground organic California rye grain (also used in our whiskey) in our artisanal pizzas along side show-stopping cocktails and tasting flights, it is no wonder why we are a highly sought after destination.

With a much anticipated launch in Q4, we are finalizing negotiations for a licensing + production deal with a renowned company that is committed to quality and sustainability. Their prestigious portfolio, international sales force and bottling/branding capability opens a streamlined route to market for nearly every state as well as major international markets.

*Government relief income not included. Web and Direct to Consumer (DTC) bottle sales are included in restaurant revenue.

Industry-wide craft spirit distribution sales were hard hit by the pandemic. However, our sales are finally returning to pre-pandemic revenues. The addition of our restaurant has catapulted our revenue with not only food + beverage sales, but consumers are buying a record number of bottles at our facility. While we've experienced some profitable months, consistent profitability is hoped by year end. 


1. Anticipated licensing deal beginning in Q4 2022: increased distribution/ case sale profits to become our largest revenue stream by 2024.

2. Anticipated increased contract distilling revenue beginning in Q3 2023: we'll have greater capability for contracting by adding equipment to handle the volume.

3. Kitchen + patio upgrades exponentially increase service + event capability: private dining areas, better coverage for cooler months, and upgraded kitchen space will enable us to increased dining capacity, to-go capability and expansion of hours of operation.