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The Superfood Smoothie Booster. Creating A Brand New CPG Category.



raised from 663 investors
 $24.995M  $18.746M pre-money valuation Priced Round
Early Bird Bonus: The first $1.499M of investments will be at $10.65 per share and a $18.746M pre-money valuation
$250, $500, $1K, $2.5K, $5K, $10K, $50K
I invested in Bomb Enterprises because of their ambitious mission to transform the health and wellness space. I love the niche focus and drive to tap into a new market in a unique way. Helen used $300 and turned that into a $3MM business in only two years and along the way she built a rockstar team. We were most impressed by their organic growth so far and ability to think out of the box. I'm excited to support their future growth and expansion.


Female owned and led; Founder. Helen Hall-Leland has 1 prior CPG exit.
$13MM+ in total revenue with zero outside investment.
62% customer retention rate, 24% conversion rate and 24% of revenue is reoccurring subscription.
60 day customer value of $86.
Available at Amazon, Whole Foods, Walmart, Thrive Market and dozens of other retailers.
Pioneering a new CPG category: At-Home Smoothies. Category creators command extraordinary multiples.
The potential to profit while improving and enhancing the lives of other people.
You’re more than an investor, you are one of our biggest assets and a part of our mission!

Our Team

When I was a personal trainer in 2017, my clients had no problem exercising, but when it came to eating healthy- now that was a problem. Smoothies are time consuming! So I developed Blender Bombs to simplify the addition of superfoods to their daily routine. It changed their lives, and I made my mission to impact more lives & change communities!


Brands that solve customer dilemmas have the ability to motivate purchase, deliver TRUE incrementality and create NEW categories.

The Blender Bombs Journey Has Been A NATURAL Progression:

Blender Bombs founder Helen Hall-Leland began her health and wellness journey as a personal trainer. She realized incorporating superfood smoothies into your daily routine was a tasty and convenient way to manage weight, maintain health, and provide the body with the proper nutrition needed to fuel a healthy lifestyle.

Helen noticed the smoothie industry was dominated by lifeless, non-filling, powdery substances, often made with questionable ingredients. Plus, making smoothies at-home was a daunting task for most people. She solved this problem by rolling Blender Bombs in her kitchen and selling them out of her home. Shortly after, she expanded to e-comm and opened Hustle Smoothie Bar.

The love and knowledge for superfood smoothies rapidly grew in the community. Helen quickly learned consumers NEEDED a whole-food, At-Home Smoothie Solution.

Many products and companies add value to categories but true category creators are wholly accretive. It's important to understand the difference between adding value and being 100% incremental.

Our consumers have significant purchasing power, along with a strong desire to eat healthier and more convenient food, without sacrificing taste.

Very, very few companies have created a TRUE Omni Channel business model. The coffee industry is the bellwether. Led by Starbucks, coffee owns consumption points on-site (coffee shop, hotels, etc.), at retail (grocery stores, gas stations, etc), and on web-based platforms. Most brands and categories will never have the customer acquisition potential of Blender Bombs!