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Invest in Blender Bombs

The world’s 1st superfood smoothie booster. Creating a brand new category!


💸 $13MM+ in bootstrapped cumulative revenue (Most companies have investors by this point!)
💯 Currently 100% female owned; CEO Helen Hall also founded Hustle Smoothie Bar
👍 64%+ 12-month subscriber retention rate. (Most companies hover around 40%)
📧 82K email subscribers and 100K+ cumulative following on Instagram
🚚 Distributed through Amazon, Whole Foods, Walmart, Thrive Market and dozens of other retailers
⭐️ 4.7 average rating, 56K+ customers, 3MM+ Blender Bombs sold online (that’s a lot of smoothies!)
💰Qualifies for the IRS section 1202 QSBS; so your gains are sheltered up to $10MM
🗞 Media buzz - Forbes, Southern Living, Cooking Light, South Magazine, The Dieline

Our Team

When I was a personal trainer in 2017, my clients had no problem exercising, but when it came to eating healthy- now that was a problem. Smoothies are time consuming! So I developed Blender Bombs to simplify the addition of superfoods to their daily routine. It changed their lives, and I made my mission to impact more lives & change communities!


If you’re wanting to invest $25K or more and have more questions you’d like to go over with our team, please set up a call with Helen (CEO) + Caleb (CFO) using this Calendly link:

Where are Blender Bombs sold? Three flavors are currently distributed in Whole Foods Market nation-wide (they just increased our store count by 16%), 1,200+ Wal-Marts, Thrive Market, Amazon, and many other retailers.

Why is it showing the valuation is $25MM when I am investing before $1.5MM is raised? Isn’t it at a 25% discount, meaning an $18.75MM valuation? NOTE: All “reservations” made right now will show up at the $25MM mark because we are still completing he REG CF audit. Once that is done next month, Wefunder will ping you to complete your reservations and you will see the valuation reverted to the $18.75MM number (assuming you make your reservation before we hit $1.5MM).

Why do you need $3.5MM? Glad you asked! The first $1.5MM is to get us through the next year and the initial phase of growth. The second $2MM will get us through year 2 & 3. We plan to raise more money in 3 years.

How did you calculate the current valuation? CPG companies sell for 3-5x top line revenue. Franchises sell for 8-10x EBITDA. When you invest in Bomb Enterprises, INC - you’re investing in our CPG leg (Blender Bombs) and our Franchise leg (Hustle Smoothie Bar). 

Why do Blender Bombs have this effect on people? Why do they work? They have every essential amino acid and every essential fatty acid. These are the building blocks for protein and energy storage. Our bodies cannot produce them on their own, so we have to get them from our diets (and smoothies!) Different plants and seeds give us different amino and fatty acids, so it can be hard to get all of them without eating from multiple sources daily. The Blender Bomb takes that stress away by compiling them all into one simple ball. This is why you need a BB daily.

What is a superfood? A nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being. "She touts Blender Bombs and Bomb Bars as two of the most perfect superfood products."

Next immediate steps once we secure funding:

1) Hire experienced CPG experts. With years of CPG experience and industry knowledge comes the ability to quickly drive sales and improve our growth strategy. Beau Dickerson and August Vega start mid-August

2) SKU rationalization. This means we dive into our sales data and decide which products we want to discontinue so we can focus on what is actually working, and which products we want to sell in retail vs. online vs. in Hustle Smoothie Bar. 

3) Promotions & In-store advertising in our to retailers. Whole Foods Market and WalMart are our largest retailers right now and we are going to take roughly 10%-15% of our sales in those stores and put it back into marketing within the retailers. We believe this will greatly increase our velocity in those stores!

4) Paid marketing. The last few years we have had a tiny, tiny marketing budget which makes it hard to grow fast. We don’t want to grow slow anymore, we want to grow fast. And this requires marketing dollars.

5) Subscription push. We have a 64%+ 12-month subscriber retention rate. Which is insane! With marketing dollars we can spend money to acquire more subscription customers knowing that the majority will stay on the subscription for years to come.

Hustle Smoothie Bar: We practice what we preach, to the point we opened Hustle Smoothie Bar in Charleston, SC to be our "experience center.” It also serves as sales center for all our products where we own the shelves! If you’re experienced in franchising and would like to learn more about how you can open a Hustle in your city, email me at [email protected]

Want to open a franchise? Bring it on! Email me at [email protected]

If you’re wanting to invest $25K or more and have more questions, you’re welcome to set up a call with Helen (CEO) + Caleb (CFO) using this Calendly link: