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Smart home appliance for making infused gummies, chocolates, and hard candies. Patent pending



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 $15M  $13.5M valuation cap
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Minority woman co-founder/Chief Innovation Officer
Functional Candy Market is $20B and growing
76% of Americans consumer at least 1 supplement every day
Alpha+ prototype built, output tested, and independent lab-verified - Utility patent-pending

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Elevating DIY Sweets with Infusion Innovation.

Beuhi™ is taking a new approach to how botanical-infused gummies, chocolates, and hard candies are created. Consumers can choose to infuse their creations with any number of market-available botanicals and nutraceuticals.

National Institute of Health

Consumers are faced with:

  • Inconsistent dispersion, dosing, and timing 
  • Lack of trust and transparency in the ingredients and products 
  • Infused with cheap or unreliable botanicals  
  • Unpleasant aftertaste and texture 
  • Lack of consumer control over what they consume
  • Limited lifestyle options (i.e. kosher, vegan) 
  • Intimidating and hard-to-navigate products

The Problem is Making Headlines

Journal of American Medical Association (JAMA): Quantity of Melatonin and CBD in Melatonin Gummies Sold in the US

University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy: Non-Prescription CBD Product Labeling Largely Inaccurate, Study Finds

The Denver Post: Tests Show THC Content in Marijuana Edibles is Inconsistent

The Washington Post: That Weed You Bought Might not be as Potent as Promised…

Calgary Heralds: Faulty THC Levels Turning up in Legal Cannabis: Health Canada

USA Today: Sports Supplements with Botanicals Often Contain Mystery Ingredients, Study Finds

Commonwealth Magazine: Marijuana Content Labels Can’t be Trusted

Law Street Media: Zarbee’s Sued For Misrepresenting Melatonin Content in Products

Beuhi™ is the smart countertop appliance (patent pending) that will create gummies, chocolates, and hard candies infused with the user’s supplied nutraceuticals, dietary & sports supplements, CBD, and cannabis – controlled by app-based secure smart technology for guaranteed consistency and desired botanical dispersion in every bite.

  • Hardware: Elegantly designed countertop appliance, safe, secure, and easy to use with consistent and reliable output. Universal reusable infusing pod for user-supplied botanicals. 
  • Subscription: Includes proprietary formula pre-filled candy-making ingredient pods offering a variety of natural flavors and textures, transparent nutritional information, customer-selected add-ons (dried fruits, nuts, candies) & finishers (sprinkles, nonpareils, dusting sugar).
  • App: Secure control over the Beuhi appliance, e-commerce, formula management, journaling, data analytics, curated music, and video experiences with the online community (recipes, education, social).

  • The infused confectionery products designed for health & wellness or sports nutrition are typically infused with nutraceuticals (vitamins, minerals, proteins), botanicals, CBD, cannabis, and or, energy-boosting ingredients. 
  • This segment attracts consumers focused on dietary supplements and nutritional intake, who are seeking reliable, consistent products with natural ingredients and label transparency. 
  • This consumer is willing to spend a premium on infused confectionery products to help improve physical and mental health

Why Target the Cannabis Consumer?

  • The cannabis-infused market has a compound annual growth rate of 16.5% and is expected to grow globally to $37.11B in 2032.​
  • According to MJBizDaily, the cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the U.S. by revenue growth, exceeding the chocolate, global opioid market, Starbucks North American sales, as well as the salty snack industry. ​
  • Cannabis usage continues to shift toward personalized cannabis products as consumers become more educated and discerning; they seek craft cannabis products, becoming less price-sensitive and more benefit-driven.​
  • Cannabis consumers are shifting away from smoking/vaping due to the health risks and non-discreet nature of consumption. ​
  • The demographics driving growth are affluent (women-focused), 30 - 75+ years old, who are experienced or new to cannabis or CBD, and are health and wellness conscious.​
  • Initial marketing spend will be on established legal U.S. cannabis markets (medical and or adult-use).​
  • Since Beuhi™ is not a cannabis company, it is not subject to the same regulatory hurdles that our cannabis competition must address, allowing Beuhi™ an easier path over the competition to reach the consumer.​

Their strengths: numerous brands and product options that offer a commonplace solution and often consumer-recognized established brands. ​

Their weaknesses: inconsistent dispersion in mass-produced edibles, limited flavors/ingredients, no botanical infusion choices, products are intimidating and hard to navigate, subject to numerous local, state, and federal cannabis laws and regulations including how to market to customers. 

Beuhi™ intends to diversify its revenue through 4 verticals:​

Appliance (online/retail)​

Canisters (subscription/retail) ​

App (e-commerce & data revenue share)​

Curated Experiences (marketing/sponsorships/revenue share)

Crafting Cannabis Culinary Artistry

In the dynamic realm of cannabis innovation, Beuhi emerges as a beacon of change, captivating enthusiasts and tech geeks alike. Beuhi stands out, not merely as an appliance but as the crescendo in the symphony of cannabis culinary innovation. I recently covered Beuhi in detail, so I'll keep this short.

What makes Beuhi truly exceptional is its ability to transform the messy endeavor of crafting cannabis-infused edibles into a precise and streamlined experience. The ingenious cartridge system ensures not only consistency in dosing but also bids farewell to kitchen chaos.

This device, poised to set a new benchmark in DIY precision, allows users to select from a variety of flavors and products, simplifying the infusion process with pre-filled ingredient cartridges. It's more than just a kitchen gadget; it's a narrative of how technology can elevate our cannabis experiences.

Beuhi™ is seeing increasing demand in the form of social growth, content reach, general and media interest, and direct feedback.

An independent research company surveyed 200+ cannabis edible users, resulting in a 93% likelihood (likely to very likely) to purchase the appliance at a median price of $418.50.​

The survey confirmed the key items that influence the cannabis edibles consumer are:​

  • Quality​
  • Consistency​
  • Flavor/texture​
  • Ability to choose potency​

On Amazon alone, consumers spend $8.5M a year on the top 3 cannabis decarboxylation and manual gummy makers. In addition, consumers spend ~$10M a year on an at-home cocktail maker with pod ingredients.

Our seasoned executive team, blending marketing and sales leadership, with operational and financial expertise, drives Beuhi's innovation and strategic vision. Their collective experience and success enable them to craft forward-thinking strategies for sustainable growth, setting industry benchmarks.

Our advisory board, featuring leading figures in consumer product goods, finance, marketing, and the cannabis industry, provides insights and guidance to ensure Beuhi™ not only foresees the future but also shapes it.

Together, this combination of talent and leadership provides Beuhi™ with both competitive and differential advantages that position Beuhi™ to capitalize on opportunities, overcome challenges, and create lasting value.

The following proforma financials and sources and uses are based upon a total capitalization of $5.5 million.

The purpose of the WeFunder raise is to take the existing alpha prototype and engineer a "Production Intent Prototype" with an IoT App. Once the "Production Intent Prototype" is developed, we will need to address: 1) the Supply Chain, 2) Manufacturing, 3) Fulfillment, and 4) Logistics. Including this current offering, to have the potential to become revenue-generating and profitable within 20 months, we will need to raise $3.5 million of funding (debt or equity) and have a debt or credit line of $2 million for inventory financing.

Beuhi has engaged the accounting firm of Mongio & Associates CPA LLC which has prepared a CPA Review of our financial statements and Gittleman & Company, P.C. to be our tax accountants.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.
Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Q: How do you pronounce the name?

A: It’s pronounced, “bowie”.

Q: Will I be able to use water-soluble botanicals for my creations?

A: Yes, no problem at all.

Q: Can I make candy without infusions?

A: Yes, 100%. Beuhi™ is an automated candy-making appliance.  

Q: Are the candy canisters recyclable?

A: Yes. Beuhi™ believes in sound environmental and recycling best practices

Q Can I use my ingredients, like sugar, sprinkles, and nuts, or must I use Beuhi products only?

A: All the candy-making ingredients used will be enclosed within the Beuhi™ pods and formula specifically to work with the Beuhi™ appliance.  You will be able to add your own insert/fill/ingredients by adding to the tray before inserting into the appliance as well as use as finishers after your creation is finished and removed from the Beuhi™ appliance.

Q:  What is the total time required to make a batch of candy?

A:  On average the time it will take to create each batch ranges between 45 minutes to 1 hour, depending on what you are creating.

Q: How many candies can be produced in a single batch?

A: You will be able to make 35-140 pieces of candy depending on which of the 4 cutting mechanisms (provided with the Beuhi™ appliance) you use.  

Q: Can I purchase botanicals directly from your marketplace?

A: Beuhi doesn't provide or sell botanicals for infusions. However, the Beuhi App is planned to give you access to numerous brands and products, allowing you to order directly from those brands or retailers.

Q: Will you offer sugar-free, vegan, and gluten-free options?

A: Yes. Beuhi is constantly working on new formulas, flavors, and lifestyle options and plans to include those options within its subscription offering.

Q: How can I determine the correct dosage for my candy? How much of the botanical should I add to the canister?

A: The Beuhi™ App is planned to include a precision infusion calculator. Simply follow the on-screen instructions, and respond to several prompts (utilizing information typically found on the botanical's label), and the Beuhi™ device will guide you on the precise quantity of botanical to place in the universal pod for accurate botanical dispersion.

Q: What security measures does Beuhi have?

A: Beuhi™ is designed with security at its heart.  The device will only work when paired with your smart device.  Inside the Beuhi™ App, you will have control over a myriad of security features from the control and operation of your device, to the ability to insert Beuhi™ Pods and the opening or closing of the tray access panel.

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