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Last Funded April 2024


raised from 27 investors


Over $225K in project revenue with 84% YOY Growth *not guaranteed*
Launched a BETA to ~300+ users
️‍ Woman & LGBTQ Founded
Featured in Bostinno, Motion Hatch, & across social media

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Our Team

As entrepreneurs and freelancers, we intimately understand how hard it is to freelance. We've struggled to pay the bills. We've fought for that awesome client. We've struggled to get our clients to pay invoices on time. We want to make sure the pros of freelancing outweigh the cons for a more free & flexible way to work.

Our Deck

We've been freelancers. And we've hired them too. So, we get this problem, first-hand.

There are millions of freelancers out there on a path to burnout. And there are millions of companies out there looking for a better way to on board, engage and connect to their freelance network.

That's where we come in . . . 🎉

As creative freelancers ourselves, we're currently focused on the creative market (e.g., graphic designers, photographers, video editors, motion designers, illustrators etc.). 📸 🎨 🎥

We've seen early-stage traction! With over 300 freelance users, and enterprise users such as Bose, we have processed ~ $225K in revenue and have worked closely with users to enhance our product roadmap based on user feedback.

But don't just take our word for it . . . 🙂

Our special sauce?  Unlike our competitors, we are positioned to own both the freelancer's experience and the experience of the companies that hire them.

  • For freelancers, we aren't just a digitized version of a proposal and scope of work. Coming from, Dan (CTO) used his e-commerce knowledge to build a way for freelancers to get paid faster. With Basil, Scopes of Work aren't just a document. They're a contract, invoice, payment flow, and scope management tool all wrapped in one. 
  • For enterprise users, we aren't just another stale procurement system. With Basil, we're empowering orgs to reshape how they onboard, engage, and connect to their freelance network.

Our vision is a world where freelancing is the nomadic norm, fueled by companies that are able to reward and empower their freelance network.

With our innovative revenue model focused on both the freelancer user and the enterprise user, we expect to process >$109,000,000 in revenue by 2026. 🎉 (not guaranteed)

*forward looking projections not guaranteed*

Our team is uniquely poised to lead Basil as the world's most flexible way to manage the freelancing lifecycle. Together, we represent over 50+ years of experience covering the freelancing, engineering, and legal fields.

We started in 2020 with an early MVP, before launching our first Beta ( in 2022. Now, we're excited to be relaunching as Basil in late-2023. Basil will continue to serve freelancers with all the existing powerful tools they came to love with, while adding on a whole new system for managing the relationships between freelancers and the companies that hire them.

Where are we headed? We're focused on three go-to-market strategies: win high-end creative contractor market, build a powerful enterprise product, and pre-sell to enterprise clients.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Support from our community, friends, and awesome angel network is the key to getting us going faster!

We're asking you all to join us and get a piece of our success. Your investment will make sure we're able to build a foundation for rocketship level growth 🚀.

To put your investment into context, here's what we plan on spending

  • Engineering Team: Paying additional developers to help Dan develop new features, refine the product, and improve the product
  • Marketing: Implementing our go-to-market strategy 
  • Software Costs: Maintain software that helps us run our business operations
  • Misc. Biz Costs/Legal: Making sure we're covered for other variable costs that may arise from operations
  • Founder Salaries: Supporting us as we commit 100% to the business--all three of us work full time on Basil!

. . . and for more context on how far your investment will go:

  • If you invest $100-500, you're helping us pay for software that enables us to run our product/marketing/sales successfully. Helping us hit sales/marketing goals 💰
  • If you invest >$500, you're enabling us to keep our product/platform running smoothly. Helping us provide great user experiences 😍
  • If you invest >$2,500, you're keeping our business afloat month-to-month. Helping us pay all of the fixed biz costs/taxes 🙌
  • If you invest >$5,000, you're helping a "founder in need" by paying one month's salary for one founder. Helping us continue to work on Basil full time 😅
  • If you invest >$10,000, you're helping us pay to build out a killer go-to-market strategy. Helping us reach amazing users & sell them on the value of our platform ✌️
  • If you invest >$20,000, you're helping us pay amazing software developers, helping us reach our product goals, and deliver an AMAZING product 🤓
  • If you invest >$50,000, you will help us achieve our 6-month goal of onboarding over 500+ active users to the platform, while carving out a niche in our market and delivering outstanding value to the freelance creative community.

No matter what you invest, thank you, thank you, thank you!  We appreciate you taking this chance on us. We're trying to grow smart and fast, which means every one of your dollars will go towards building as much value as possible over the next 6-12 months. If and when we succeed, that kind of growth might mean 3X-10X return on your investment down the line. ($100 --> $300, $5,000 ---> $15,000. ) (These are just projections and cannot be guaranteed).

We're so excited to have you join us on this journey and to loop you into all of the thrilling things right around the corner!