Back To Space

Buy a piece of the moon - on Earth! Meet Apollo Astronauts. Compete for ride to space.

Last Funded October 2020


raised from 101 investors


Strong Team— we've collectively founded 31 companies, creating over $13B in wealth.
The Lunar Landscape Experience (LLE) will be world's largest map over 25,446 square feet!
Depending on funding, LLE could be complete in 2020, and will begin generating cash almost immediately!
LLE will be an explore-able map with Augmented and virtual reality.

Our Team

As a serial entrepreneur, I can attest to the fact that fewer and fewer American kids are becoming engineers.  The result: Our corporations are struggling to find engineers to fill slots.  Our impact will fix this problem. Back To Space has two objectives: 1,) make money, and 2.) create a game-changing impact.

The Story of Back To Space

Danielle Dallas Roosa, granddaughter of Apollo 14 command module pilot Stuart Roosa came up with the concept three years ago.  The goal then, and still is to have a for-profit platform that entertains and inspires a broad interest in space, engineering, and science.  People think there is a lot of that, but unfortunately, the trend shows just the opposite. The US is quickly falling behind the world in the production of engineers.  Our country's strength is the technology we produce, and now, we cannot find young talent to fill the job requirements.

Danielle reached out to serial entrepreneur: Michael Gorton

In the summer of 2017 Michael Gorton began looking at the concept.  As a serial entrepreneur who has built significant companies, he agreed to join the team under the following two conditions: 1.) He must be allowed to create a business model capable of creating significant shareholder value, and 2.) The end result of the company must have a significant impact. Back To Space does both.

Lunar Landscape Experience

World's largest map

In a few months, we will begin construction of a Guinness Book of World Records - scale map of the Moon. It will in fact, be the largest map on the planet. Like everything else, the Lunar Landscape Experience will inspire, and generate income for our stakeholders. Scale of 1 foot to 12 miles. 180-foot diameter, 25,447 square ft will be poured in reinforced concrete lasting for hundreds of years. Visitors will be able to walk on it and explore the features and surface. Embedded in the Moon, using GPS positioning, will be Augmented reality (software) that will be regularly updated so visitors can explore landing sites and see what the Moon really looks like from where they are standing. Lunar rover competitions for schools around the world. LED lighting will be installed to give us the ability to host Blue Moon, Harvest Moon, eclipses with Blood Red Moon and other Lunar festivals. Lunar rover competitions will be hosted for schools around the world. Students will navigate obstacle course from their home school room. Back To Space will sponsor regular rocket launch and landing competitions on the Giant Lunar Map.

In the artist rendition below, you can see the scale of the map.

Our Team

We created the Group One Ambassador concept in 2018

In the summer of 2018, the company was ready to begin operations.  We signed up three Apollo astronauts:  Walt Cunningham - Apollo 7, Al Worden - Apollo 15, and Charlie Duke - Apollo 16.  They agreed to work with 25 high school aged kids focused on "Exponential STEM."  The kids had to be smart in STEM curricula, but they also had to be diversified in their interests AND great communicators.  Their job is to inspire kids their age through the concept: If you can see one, you can be one.  The Group One Ambassadors have done several interviews of prominent people in space, including NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine, Apollo 16 Lunar Module Pilot Charlie Duke, Apollo 8 and 13 astronaut Jim Lovell, NASA mission patch designer Tim Gagnon  and several more.

We researched and found the best TV producers

Clearly, the best known and loved space movie is Apollo 13.  Christopher Cowen was one of the young researchers on Apollo 13, who went on to produce Magnificent Desolation (IMax), From Earth to the Moon (HBO miniseries) and several other award-winning programs.  Chris brought in Hayma Washington, former chairman of the Television Academy, and executive producer of The Amazing Race.  We have worked with these two giants to create a TV show that we are now taking to the major networks.  Our current goal is to select a TV network for the program in mid-2020.

In October 2019 we launched our Digital Platform

As of January 1, 2020, we are in the 10th week of a YouTube series called Space News Flash, which we have been releasing every Monday morning.  In the 10 weeks, we have had over 500,000 views.  We recognize how competitive this sector is, but we also know how to create good content that is entertaining and consistent.  We have managed to develop collaborations wand partnerships with Aviation Daily, SpaceFund, Universe Today and a few others.  Growth through marketing and collaborations is our primary goal over the coming year.