Protecting Workers: Trusted AI Robotics Transforms Safety and Efficiency in $1.2 Trillion Market.

Last Funded February 2024


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$4M+ funding raised, including $2M+ R&D funding from US Defense.
The US Air Force and Army are using our technology.
Beta release of Patent Pending GENIE: for efficient labeling & creation of ML models for Robot Teams
Upcoming release Patent Pending FALCON: Trusted AI for Robot Teams to Detect-Decide-Act in real-time

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Future of Robotics - Innovation meets Humanity!

We Make Robots Work as a Team

Remember the robots from our favorite books and movies? Well, AvaWatz is turning those fictional dreams into a reality by making robots work together seamlessly, tackling challenges in unpredictable, unstructured, and harsh environments. These intelligent robot teams now perform dangerous and high-risk jobs, bringing a paradigm shift in human safety. 


Imagine a world where robots go beyond their predefined tasks. AvaWatz is rewriting the narrative, addressing the real-life challenges that automation struggles to tackle. We're stepping up where tedious, high-risk, and time-sensitive tasks persist in human hands. 

Humans Are Still Performing Far Too Many Tedious, High-risk Tasks

Consider the mundane, tedious, and risky jobs humans still have to perform across industries. Think about airport inspectors manually checking airfields for debris – a risky job with huge implications if something's missed. That's where AvaWatz steps in to redefine automation - transforming dangerous works with AI-powered robotics that adapt, work in teams, and make on-the-spot decisions. Human safety risk is reduced as robots step in, allowing workers to focus on more meaningful, strategic, and rewarding aspects of their roles. 




Robots Solve Complex Problems Through Teamwork

Our AI solution turns robots into a dream team, tackling challenges that go beyond what one robot can handle alone. Picture this: a team of drones working in tandem with ground robots swiftly clearing debris from runways in record time. This is the power of the AvaWatz platform. Our decision intelligence platform enables air and ground robots to collaborate and execute complex tasks in challenging environments. These teams of robots can now tackle tedious, repetitive, and unsafe missions, such as runway debris removal, managing post-storm recovery, or fighting a wildfire in unpredictable outdoor environments.

HOW IT WORKS: Detect-Decide-Act

AvaWatz AI platform facilitates a Detect-Decide-Act cycle with high-precision vision/perception, group decision-making, information sharing, and team navigation. Currently, it takes many hours for a ground crew to clear a runway, but with AvaWatz, we're working towards reducing that time to under 30 minutes. Imagine the impact on airfield operations, with more landings and increased profits.

*Drones shown in video are pre-market prototypes and not currently available on the market.

Airfields are one of many opportunities across industrial sectors. While our pilot prototype detects and retrieves hazardous debris from airport runways and taxiways, our AI platform can be applied to an expansive spectrum of tasks across various industries.

Collaboration is our core product and core company value. Investing in our community is key for AvaWatz. That’s why a portion of our revenue shall be donated to support efforts for endangered species monitoring and debris pick-up along our coastlines.


The platform services address high-precision, real-time decision-making and autonomous robotic teamwork in challenging conditions like bad weather, low light, and no GPS. AvaWatz has developed a set of patent-pending AI software tools to enhance the performance of machine learning (ML) models to achieve this. AvaWatz will make these tools available for licensing to organizations wanting to create their own specialized ML applications for real-time sensing, data fusion, and distributed decision-making.

Q1 2024, Launch and market GENIE, the first product under the TRUSTED AI Suite, which helps create high-performance vision and perception AI models efficiently. GENIE is available now for beta customers. 

Q2. Release FALCON, the second product in the TRUSTED AI Suite. FALCON ensures real-time evaluation, correction, and strengthening of AI models during runtime, enhancing transparency, explainability, and reliability. 


We Plan To Help Companies Meet The $634 Billion Demand For Solutions Coming By 2026

The AI market is projected to reach a staggering $1070.1 billion by 2027, experiencing substantial growth from its estimated size of $454.12 billion in 2022 (source). Early market demand for smart airports, ground transit assets, and surveillance total $634 Billion by 2026 (sourcesource). 

Demand for robots has been fueled by investments in new vehicle production capabilities, the modernization of industrial areas, and the growing utilization of service robots all around the world. The Collaborative robots, or Cobots segment, are the fastest-growing segment of the robotics technology market. (source).

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Forward-looking projections are not guaranteed.

Our unique advantage sets us apart—we make existing robotic hardware more efficient by turning them into cooperative teams through our software and thus turn competitors into cheerleaders. Our platform enables robotics producers to deliver increased value to customers without raising production costs. By emphasizing collaboration among multiple robots, we boost customer retention, satisfaction, and industry referrals for all types of robotic manufacturers, including drones, autonomous vehicles, and assembly line solutions.


Tried, Tested, and Ready!

AvaWatz isn't a distant dream; it's a reality. Our platform is fully prototyped, pilot-tested, and approved for operational environments. We've collaborated with the U.S. Air Force, Army, and DHS, building credibility and meeting the unique operational requirements of our clients.

Our ongoing product R&D with our U.S. Air Force, Army and DHS establishes our credibility for meeting our customers' needs. It also helps customers confidently and quickly adopt our platform. Our DoD contracts also prepared us to meet unique and challenging operational requirements companies need when using our solution.

*Drones shown in video are pre-market prototypes and not currently available on the market.

In Q4 2023, the US Army awarded the contract for DARI, a safety warning & avoidance system for a tethered unmanned aerial system with a ground vehicle robotic team. 

In Q1 2024, the commercial version of ARWEN will be released to early adopters. ARWEN handles security and surveillance for a number of use cases; the first rollout is for identifying ‘soft targets in crowded places.’ 


Invest In The Future Of Robotics, Today 

Invest in AvaWatz for a future where we revolutionize dirty, dull, and dangerous work without risking human lives. Our combination of artificial intelligence and cutting-edge robotics creates Robot Teams that excel in unstructured and unpredictable environments. With proven success in airfields, safety, and surveillance missions for the US Air Force, Army, and DHS, AvaWatz is at the forefront of this transformative journey. 

Join us in this journey to reshape industries. Invest in AvaWatz today!