Arqlite is expanding its revolutionary technology to tackle plastic pollution

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♻️We recycle what no one else can: complex plastics, at scale (1 ton per hour!)
🚀46% month-over-month growth on retail channels since our pre-launch in September.
💵Paid to take the waste and paid again for our outputs.
😎Our very first product is Smart: 3X lighter and 10X better insulator compared to mineral gravel.

Our Team

We love challenges and what more challenging than solving the problem of plastics!


Our commitment to you and the planet

You recycle, and that's great, but did you know that most of the plastic you put into the bin still ends up in a landfill? There just hasn't been a way to turn dirty plastic waste into anything of value...until now. That’s where we come in: we recycle what no one else can and repurpose it to create Arqlite "Smart Gravel," a lightweight concrete aggregate and drainage replacement.

And there’s another upside to our business model: we are paid by big plastic-waste generators to process their waste, which is our raw material, creating a second revenue source for our company.

Moreover, Arqlite’s Smart Gravel is just the tip of the iceberg as the team is already working on new products to come using our innovative technology and the vast industrial network developed so far.

The market is also evolving rapidly and new opportunities for revenue are emerging all the time. For example, companies around the world are now able to offset their plastic impact by purchasing plastic bonds. We are currently working towards being certified through the Recycled Materials Standard (RMS).

*1 bag of Arqlite Smart Gravel (0.5f3) = 1451 bottle caps equivalent recycled!

Why is Arqlite Smart Gravel such a great product?

  • Ten times better insulator than mineral gravel, generating significant savings in AC and heating and reducing the carbon footprint of buildings and housing when used as light aggregate for concretes
  • Three times lighter than mineral rock reduces transportation emissions (with three times the volume in each truckload). Its lightweight helps cut installation times in half on french drains and water collection systems, saving labor costs and workers` backs.
  • A greener replacement for lightweight aggregates like expanded clay, which has a high CO2 impact and requires mining extraction.
  • Reusable as growth media in hydroponic operations, representing sizable long-term savings, besides offering a dust-free substrate that keeps systems clean and working for longer times.
  • Great to grow bigger and healthier plants by keeping plant roots healthier. Plant lovers love installed contained at the bottom of big pots and raised garden beds. Check out our happy users:

Our product is already available across the USA from major retailers like Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot, and is coming soon to your local supply center. And, we are already receiving great product reviews on Amazon. 4.5 stars.

Arqlite featured on Spectrum News LA

Take a look at our manufacturing facilities in California and meet one of our #HappyUsers in this great story recently aired on Spectrum News.

How we got to where we are today

Already successfully manufactured and sold in Argentina, where we developed our proprietary technology to repurpose plastic waste (our raw material) and convert it into smart gravel, we are now manufacturing in the USA at our new factory in Los Angeles, California, a ten-times bigger installation.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Our business model has been validated by key investors: Coca-Cola, Cemex, and Arcor. Moreover, we’ve already raised US$3 million through Seed and Series A funding rounds, ramping up the company valuation from US$285,000 to US$12 million in just six years. Now we are ready to take things to the next level by getting the community involved so we can multiply the impact of our business.

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Future Growth

Our combined growth model consists of a combination of self-owned facilities and licenses to take this solution to every city around the world. Revenue streams include a recycling service fee (going up as landfills reach maximum capacity); Smart Gravel sales (with combined markets); a ready mix concrete (coming soon) you’ll see at all major big box stores, using the best Smart Gravel formula for a light, great insulative and eco-friendly cement concrete; and plastic bonds that generate cash just because we are already doing good for the planet.

*This chart includes forward-looking projections that are not guaranteed.

Arqlite is a business investment that checks all the boxes. Check it out!

Products currently available

      *Wholesale prices: 1G $7.99, 0.5CF $12.99, 1CY $90

Our competition (dumb gravel)

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