Anthony’s Cookies

We are a 22 year old gourmet cookie company based in San Francisco

Last Funded April 2021


raised from 153 investors


To become a part of a proven company with solid growth.
Strategic partnerships with brands such as Straus Creamery, Four Barrel Coffee, Valrhona Chocolate and Central Milling.

Our Founder

It was a suggestion from a friend to make some money while I was in college. I believe they were just joking at the time, but it was enough for me to go home and start my goal to make the best tasting cookies around.

Building for the future, one chip at a time.

It all started with a simple idea

Anthony's Cookies started with a simple idea, making the best gourmet cookies around! Countless rounds of r&d lead to some of our signature flavors like cookies and cream. From the beginning Anthony worked hard to perfect his craft and began selling his cookies to friends and family. The reception was great so he began selling his great tasting cookies in his community. When the time was right he took the necessary steps to open his first retail store in San Francisco and the rest is history.

San Francisco - 2009

In 2009 we opened our first retail store on Valencia St. in one of San Francisco's Mission neighborhood. This location served as our retail store and manufacturing hub for retail and wholesale channels. While this store was opened in an up and coming neighborhood, it was several blocks from what many considered to be the "hot spot." This store quickly became a destination for customers as they had to travel farther to grab one of our fresh baked cookies.

Berkeley Store - 2017

With the success of the San Francisco store we found the need to expand and open our second location. The concept behind this location was to greatly expand the manufacturing capabilities for future growth while expanding our retail presence. A simple retail location would have been easy to find but this property took some work to track down. We started with a blank canvas and built out the entire location to our exact needs. Working with architects and kitchen designers we were able to build the Berkeley store to serve as our launch pad into the future. This location primarily serves as a manufacturing facility for our dough and cookie production. Also working as a retail location the public can come in to purchase our products and watch the magic happen! The rear third of this store serves as our shipping and receiving area which also has enough room for a full size truck to back up and pick up product. In the end this building has the space and resources to produce dough, bake, and distribute our products for several retail locations, wholesale accounts and e-commerce sales. We feel everything is now in place to grow the company exponentially.


Each year we bake more and more cookies to meet the demands of our customers. While it was not always easy to keep up with demand, the last few years have really shown us the possibilities of all the systems we've put in place. Long before the Berkeley store we would have to close the San Francisco store for a day to produce cookies for large 10,000 and 15,000 cookie orders. We've always worked with large local companies who place orders throughout the year for special events but since the Berkeley store opened we've been able to produce for these large orders with ease. In 2017 our revenue was just north of $601,000 and then jumped to $727,000 the following year. We feel we'll be able to expand on our work to take every aspect of the company to the next level. 

Our Vision

With our two stores opened and operating we're excited for the next steps! There are six key areas where we're looking to grow with the help of this campaign.

- Plan and build the next two to three retail stores in the Bay Area.

- Develop and launch our new website and e-commerce platform. 

- Procure equipment to reduce any future production bottlenecks.

- Acquire a refrigerated vehicle to further develop the hub and spoke model.

- Work with wholesalers to carry our line of gourmet products. 

- Hire key staff members to help grow the business.