Adùn (Formerly AllIDoIsCook)

Exposing the world to Africa's delicious flavors through quality food products

Last Funded October 2022


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📈 Bootstrapped to $1.5M in revenue with $0 paid ads.
🍲Cooked approximately 26,000 meals since 2019.
🏪Listed products in Phonecia Specialty Foods in Houston, Texas.
🏭 Built out a 2,600 sqft production facility in Houston, Texas.

Our Team

Living in Denton, Texas, the only access to Nigerian food was a store 40 minutes away from me. Many of my friends across the USA had the same problem - "I can't find Nigerian/African food near me.” As immigrants, it will mean the world to us to solve this problem and put African flavors on the pedestal it deserves to be

Why Adùn?

We are exposing the world to Africa's delicious flavors by manufacturing food products delivered directly to customer doors and available in grocers.

Since launching in January of 2019, Adùn (formerly AllIDoIsCook) has shipped over 8,000 boxes, and generated over $1.4 million dollars in revenue, all without raising any capital.

Adùn (formerly AllIDoIsCook) started as a blog to share how to make Nigerian food. We realized so many Nigerians and West African immigrants in the US were dealing with the lack of accessibility to quality African culinary experience.

Adùn (formerly AllIDoIsCook) makes African cuisine accessible for customers by providing a range of quality African food products. We eliminate the burden of prepping ingredients, searching for African flavors and delivering ready-to-eat meals to customers' doorsteps all over the USA. 
Customers can also find the condiments in grocery stores, and Adùn will list its products in restaurant supply stores.

We are making African flavors accessible as easy as ordering from a website, tracking your order via our web app and getting it to your doorstep. We also will have these products in grocers all over the USA.  

Customers purchase their desired Adùn (formerly AllIDoIsCook) meals and products through the company website, and these products can be shipped directly to them. In the near future, we will increase our product offerings to include snacks and beverages.

Adùn (formerly AllIDoIsCook) generates revenue from B2B and B2C channels. We currently deliver direct to consumers (DTC) via UPS and plan to partner with goPuff in the near future. On the B2B channel, we are currently in Phoenicia Specialty Foods and are targeting to have our products be in HEB, Walmart, Sams Club and restaurant supply stores - Restaurant Depot and foodservice companies like Ben. E Keith, Sysco etc. 

In our first official year of operation - 2019, we did $109k in revenue, that number tripled in 2020, and in 2021 we saw a 150% growth in revenue from 2020. 2022 has been off to a great start and we can't wait to break more records this year! 

With this raise, we will build the capacity and operational strength to fulfil grocery orders, fulfil D2C orders and explore multiple channels of distribution. We will also invest in hiring talent, marketing, adding more tech enablement to our processes and branding. 

With our Pre-seed raise, we are projecting to generate $2M in annual revenue, sell 40,000 products, fulfill 12,000 orders, have 4 B2B customers, and be listed in 6 grocery store locations. With global attention on African Culture/Music/Food/Art/athletes, we have found the missing link is in access to the cuisine, and we are solving that.

 We have big dreams to someday IPO and this is the progression of our roadmap up until that point. 

The food industry is broken because of the glaring absence of the amazing flavors of an entire continent. Almost everyone has a Nigerian friend; you can now enjoy their favorite meals shipped directly to your doorstep! 

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