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Curating the journey for today's wine consumers
First and only customer engagement platform for wineries
Leading digitally transformation of the $70B wine industry
2019 UC Davis Big Bang! Business Competition Winner

Our Founder

I was inspired by my culture that places an importance in enjoying food to the fullest. With PairAnything, I bring food enjoyment through optimized beverage pairings that ultimately contributes happiness.

The Story of PairAnything

It was 2017, when the Inspiration for PairAnything came about in a session at the Sacramento Entrepreneurship Academy, where our founder serves as the Program Director and Founding Fellow. She was inspired by her culture to help ordinary diners create happiness through the enjoyment of food.

Why PairAnything NOW

As you know, we live in the Personalized Experience economy. Popular, successful companies, such as Netflix, Pandora, Stitch Fix and Blue Apron provide personalized services for what to watch, listen, wear and eat. As each consumer is different, so must be their experience. Enterprises (and the finance market), are vested in this big disruption -  the consumers’ appetite for the Personalized Experience.

The $60B U.S. wine industry is now grappling with their relevance in the Personalized Experience Economy, as well as confronting the Generational Consumer Shift. 

Art of the Possible

To thrive in the new economy, wineries can look to lessons from the companies that have disrupted their respective industries (movie rental, music, clothes shopping, in-home dining) and are outperforming the market. Wineries must deftly compete on the memorable experiences they deliver - not on the wines they sell. And, wineries need to connect with the 75M Millennials who are replacing retiring Baby Boomers to be the largest consumer group.

Our Unique Approach to the Problem

We take a two-prong approach to the universal challenge of enjoying food more. Today’s consumers don’t know enough about wine - to buy what they like, to enjoy with the food they eat. This limited sophistication causes suboptimal foodie enjoyment and wasteful spending. With consumers, we address their food enjoyment challenges with a convenient mobile app to guide their foodie discovery, anywhere and anytime, with personalized wine recommendations to enjoy more and spend wisely. We partner with enterprises who have a vested interest in solving the consumer enjoyment challenge, as is the case with wineries. Additionally, we help wineries address the industry challenges from the seismic collision of the Personalized Experience Economy with the Consumer Generational Shift. Small, family-owned wineries, which make up 97% of total U.S. wineries, are impacted the most, as Direct-to-Consumer wine sales make up around 60% of their total revenue. 

Our Differentiated Solution

PairAnything is the integrated solution that wineries need to thrive in the Personalized Experience economy, by engaging today's mobile-savvy consumers in how they want to experience wine. 


PairAnything was a 2018 prize winner at the UC Davis Big Bang! Business Competition, and is currently a semi-finalist for this year's competition.

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