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Join us in launching an English-language streamer for US Latinos!

Last Funded February 2024


raised from 164 investors


Launching A+, an English language streaming platform for US Latinos
Addressing the US Latino streaming consumption of $4 billion annually
Developed a tech-driven crowdfunding platform for creatives; 90% success rate and over $1m raised
Hundreds of content hours secured with hundreds more in development for A+

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US Latinos are 20% of the population, buy 1 out of every 4 movie tickets, yet get as little as 2.3% of leading roles.

According to Nielsen, Latinos only get 2.3% of leading roles in TV and only 5.1% of leading roles in film. Almost half of those roles  are negative stereotypes.

We have found innovative ways to close the gap

We’re creating a fully integrated ecosystem where Latino filmmakers can crowdfund for their projects, we help co-produce them and then stream them directly to Latino audiences via our new streaming platform, A+

US Latinos are the biggest consumers of media

Not only do they buy 1 in 4 movie tickets, but  they also stream the most content.

We launched a crowdfunding platform to help our clients get their projects funded

Our rewards based crowdfunding platform provides FREE automated coaching to users so they can raise more funds. Our platform has nearly 90% success rate, with over $1 million raised for close to 100 projects from 9,000 unique contributors!

And now we're getting ready to launch A+ a streaming platform for US Latinos where our stories can thrive!

US based Latinos consume streaming $4b annually worth of content, but have no dedicated streaming platform. With our existing studio and client base, we are positioned to be a leader in this space.

Here's an example of the content we will host on A+

We have created a pipeline of filmmakers and our content acquisition costs will remain low compared to other streaming platforms while incentivizing filmmakers with a generous revenue share program.

We're unlike any other streamer

How we're using the funds

We are lean and powerful. With the funds raised during the campaign we will be set up for success.

We have a clear plan to profitability

We already have thousands of pre-sign ups for our launch in November. Based on this interest, the industry size and competitors in the space we have crafted a clear path to launch and scale A+

Note: Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

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