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Empower Trucking Firms with AI: Streamline Operations, Save Time, Cut Costs and Conduct Daily Audits


of a $1,000,000 goal
$10M valuation cap Future Equity
$500, $1K, $2K, $5K, $10K, $50K, $100K
Yordanos Alemu
As a leading investor, I champion the evolution and modernization of traditional sectors. ZTrucking embodies this spirit of change in the trucking industry, utilizing cutting-edge AI-driven automation. ZTrucking has successfully created an all-encompassing carrier management software solution, integrating critical features such as FMCSA safety monitoring, digital document management, cost-efficiency, and a user-friendly interface. This software allows even individual operators to manage and optimize their trucking operations effectively, making it an indispensable tool for small businesses. One of the key factors in my investment decision is the commendable execution by the founder. From bootstrapping the software to serving recurring customers, the founder has demonstrated consistency and deliverability, offering a pivotal solution for small businesses that rely on this platform. Having successfully passed all stages of software development, ZTrucking is now at a pivotal stage of growth, showcasing its scalability and future potential. In summary, ZTrucking is more than just a concept; it is a market-validated solution currently in its growth phase. This venture represents a transformative approach within the trucking industry and offers an enticing investment opportunity for general investors looking to support a burgeoning, growth-stage startup.


Protecting Small Trucking Businesses: Employing AI for Robust FMCSA Audits and Compliance.
Ztrucking empowers small trucking businesses for efficient & safe operations, benefiting our economy
Leveling the playing field for small truckers with the market's most affordable premium solution.
Software is live, with promising results: 5-star reviews from a recurring and growing customer base.
Bootstrapped to a polished product, not just an MVP. Investment now directly fuels business growth.
Founder with MSc in Computer Science, ex-Google former small carrier owner (5 trucks)
Good growth prospects fits market needs well; SAM exceeds 470K, TAM above 2M.

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