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2x NBA champion Lamar Odom has partnered up with a Harvard MBA with 20+ years in senior housing
Founder started in senior housing in 2001 while at Apollo, which owned the largest private operator
Twelve of the largest and most influential institutional owners of senior housing are advisors
Two public REITs with 50+ senior housing operators in their portfolio have provided initial funding

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In psychology, there's a heuristic known as the peak-end rule. Put simply, people judge experiences by peak moments and endings. Imagine living your happiest moments in your prime. Now, imagine aging into the loneliest times at the end of your life. Is that how we want older adults to remember their lives?

My mom passed away in 2012. Since then, my dad visits her every day at the cemetery. He's got a routine: he sets up his framed pictures, polishes the stone, trims and waters the grass, and sings five songs before he leaves.

It’s extremely sweet, but he lacks a community of friends and has a hard time enjoying life.

Seeing my parents go through their aging journey is what motivates me to build ZNest. We’re here to do our small part in trying to better the lives of older adults.

Because of my career in senior housing, I was always known as “the senior housing guy.” Almost all my friends have asked me to help them find senior housing for their parents or grandparents. I would say, “Can’t you just use the internet for this?” My journey into finding out how hard that actually is led me to create ZNest.

The 50 largest senior housing operators in the country represent 469,334 total senior housing units. 67% of those 317,302 units are owned and operated by a member of the ZNest advisory board. Our advisors are more than advisors—they’re our beta users, our product testers, and our go-to-market strategy.

Forward-looking projections are not guaranteed.

Rather than launching with the marketplace to compete head-on with the largest referral companies (as many others have tried and failed to do), we’re tackling the cold start problem by solving for our users’ greatest pain point first: chronic understaffing.

After onboarding our first customers to the job board, we’ll collect market data, onboard users to our SaaS tools, and get our foothold to replace referral sites for senior housing operators of all sizes.

Forward-looking projections are not guaranteed.

Our mission is to simplify how families find care for their older loved ones. A huge part of that is bringing senior housing into the digital age and bringing operators of all sizes onto a discoverable marketplace—including smaller mom-and-pop senior homes with 6–10 beds, affordable housing, and other players that are shut out of the largest referral sites, which prioritize upscale luxury developments.

We’re raising a community round because we want to build the best product possible, alongside our users. To us, there’s no better way than giving senior housing operators of all sizes a chance to invest, come along for the journey, and share the upside.