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Introducing Zivolve - Smart investments made easy for the everyday investor

Last Funded May 2022


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Next-generation mobile platform that maximizes profits and lowers investment risks.
Zivolve provides advanced trading technology for the everyday investor and trader.
Daily recommends stocks and ETFs powered by its proprietary AI engine.
Empowers users to make smart investments like a Wall Street insider.
Founded by a serial entrepreneur, savvy investor, and former senior Financial Advisor.

Our Team

We want to help our users reach their financial goals through lucrative investments. We believe that our technology can assist them make educated decisions while managing their risks. Zivolve acts as an intelligent assistant; it provides the data that empowers our users to generate a steady ROI.

Zivolve: The Next-Gen Smart Investing App

Zivolve, the next-generation app for smart investments. Zivolve helps you maximize profit and lower risks. Try it now, available on the App Store.

Zivolve leverages AI to offer practical solutions to everyday investors who typically don't have the time nor expertise to identify profitable investment opportunities. 

Zivolve is now from Apple and Google Play stores. Try it for 30 days as we continue to enhance it with new features. 

Zivolve's functionalities are carefully chosen to solve our users' challenges. We are happy to share some key features that are scheduled for development. However, we always welcome our investor community to collaborate with our development team to bring the best solutions to our customers. 

With Zivolve is gaining momentum every day, we are thrilled to have helped thousands of people gaining financial independance. From a bee keeper to a savvy trader, everyone wins with Zivolve.

Zivolve has tremendous opportunities for growth. With a market size of over 60 million users, we expect over 5 million downloads* in the next years, driving a rise in the value of your investment. (*These projections are not guaranteed.)

Your investment value has a potential to grow up to 10X within the next 5 years. A $1,000 investment could become a $10,000 gain*. (*These projections are not guaranteed.)

The capital raised will primarily be used to further develop Zivolve. Our primarily focus is always going to be enhancing our user experience, and to provide our users with the best knowledge we possess and curate from the industry. The second priority is dedicated to promoting and marketing Zivolve to attain our 5 million download goal by 2023. 

Why Ziggurat?

The founder of the company started trading on his generic personal brokerage account in 2013 and soon realized its limitations in terms of the due-diligence support. He was looking for an edge, a complete set of tools and technologies providing him with an easy-to-use investment intelligence as well as an advanced technology that could help him to consistently gain profits and minimize his risks.

What he was looking for wasn't available, hence he decided to develop it. Zivolve was born under the umbrella of the Ziggurat company. Ziggurat plans to become the most advanced and comprehensive company that provides trading and investment technology for everyday investors and consumers with a major focus on personalization, intelligent decision making, and risk management.

These technologies include AI, predictive analytics, NLP, EdTech, Biofeedback analytics, and more.

Our vision:

Harnessing the investment intelligence to better serve our customers. our team is committed to building and delivering the most advanced, simple-to-use intelligent investing and trading assistant tools and technologies. Our core competency is to apply innovation to solve real challenges that investors are facing every day.


Our mission is to deliver the world's most intelligent solutions for our users so they can make better decisions when investing in the stock, ETFs, and crypto markets. We want to continue to build a series of platforms focusing on intelligent decision making, risk management, education, training, and hands-on coaching, all through knowledge-based intelligence that in the past would only be available to institutional traders on Wall Street.

Current Product Development Plan

Our current goal is to focus on building a robust product, leveraging the patented framework of Zivolve that encompasses both intelligent trading and risk management capabilities.

Zivolve 1.0 (Beta version)

This version focused on screening and finding the best investment and trading opportunities for the short term in the stock and ETF markets. The best and frequently used features are top picks and screeners.

Zivolve 2.0

The current version of 2.0 is now available for download. This version is focused on enhancing the risk management and monitoring including finding personalized opportunities based on risks, alerts and notifications, next-day predictions, top picks of the day for next trading day, fast and smart Q&A. Our users can get answers for investment and trading questions, instantly! 

With an intelligent screener, our goal is to create the most intelligent feature, powered by AI. The screener provides the knowledge and insights that are actionable for our users.

Main accomplishment: 

  • Our next-day buy or sell predictions are up to 70% accuracy through AI. We are working on increasing its accuracy to 80% for the next release. 

Zivolve 2.5

We are working diligently to ensure the development of new features. 2.5 is planned Q2 2022. Our focus is to launch the advanced notification system and will communicate more about it as we make progress. We consistently update our customers and investors on the latest developments through our eNewsletters. Be sure to visit www.zivolve.com, sign up to receive our updates.

Zivolve 3.0

Trade execution through an easy-to-use gateway will be the first integration with a brokerage firm enabling our users to complete their investment and trading within Zivolve. Following its success, our gateway will be connected to most of the brokers’ APIs.

Main benefits:

  • Bypassing the pattern day trading (PDT) rule
  • Removing the cognitive load or barrier of getting flagged

Zivolve becomes a stop-shop trading and investing mobile platform, enabling users to conduct transactions without leaving our app.

Zivolve 4.0

Due Diligence Toolbox - As a next step in the decision-making process, this is a major feature enabling personalization. Our users told us that they wish to be connected to market experts so they can receive their opinion on the fly. This feature can be managed by third-party independently or licensed professionals, freelance experts who can be vetted and made available for consultation.

Main benefits:

  • Picking opportunities
  • Due diligence on demand
  • Live chat with a market expert

Zivolve 4.0 will also provide a portfolio risk management capability. A simple wizard will facilitate users’ portfolio optimization in just a few clicks.

Main benefits:

  • Real-time and actionable risk management
  • Portfolio optimization (removing losing holds or positions and adding high potential opportunities)

Zivolve 5.0

Feedback and Diagnostics system - Using users’ historical decisions, Zivolve will help them prevent the same mistakes to happen again.

Main benefits:

  • Diagnose trading and investment behavior of users
  • Identify patterns that prevent the same mistakes to happen again
  • Repeat successful decisions and thought processes.

In addition our users will benefit from the personalization and the guardrails preventing them from repeating previous mistakes. We will also provide an around the clock support. 


Zivolve basic version is currently free. Its premium version is priced at $9.99 per month. Visit www.zivolve.com for more information.