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Zencastr is an all-in-one podcasting platform focused on podcaster success

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raised from 890 investors
$33M valuation cap Future Equity
$100, $500, $2.5K, $5K
Founder and General Partner Kickstart Fund
Kickstart is proud to be the lead investor in Zencastr. We love the deep technical ability of this team and the bootstrapping DNA that got them to the point where we first invested. These are creators building for creators. They have worked very hard to build an incredible suite of products. From high-quality recording to translation to hosting to the ability to be found and market your podcast. Their best-in-class set of tools allows creators at all levels to create amazing work, increase engagement and monetize. Now its time to really go to market!


Backed by Kickstart Fund
Zencastr is already a dominant player with 15% of active podcasters using our platform
More than 30,000 passionate creators actively use Zencastr
The Podcasting Industry is projected to grow to more than $150B by 2030!
Podcasting Advertising was the fastest growing marketing channel in 2021
Record, Produce, Host, Analyze and Monetize. All In One Podcast Platform
Seasoned team of startup veterans, technologists and marketing experts
Some of our larger customers include Spotify, Adobe, NPR CBS, Netflix and many others

Our Team

Why Zencastr?

The podcasting industry has grown at an exponential pace over the past two years and experts do not foresee a slowdown – Acumen Research predicts it will be a $150 billion industry by 2030.

Demand for podcasts and technology advancements in podcast creation, such as the addition of video, are accelerating investment from advertisers and brands as they find new and innovative ways to reach new audiences.

With thousands of customers, Zencastr has become the preferred platform for creators to create, grow and monetize their podcast.

It's been an incredible journey so far, but we're not stopping - we see a tremendous need in the market to expand monetization opportunities for creators.

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