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↗️ 2023 Revenues Projected to Grow 198% YoY (not guaranteed)
🧾 FY 2022 Revenues of $246,000
🥳 Over 3300 loyal customers have voted to select our 1st location
⭐️‍‍‍‍‍ F‍ounded by an experienced chef who worked at top-tier restaurants‍ ‍

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Help Us Secure Zeitlin's 1st Storefront!

Welcome to Zeitlin's Deli - where our passion for authentic Jewish food meets the heart of Chicago. Our dream? To serve the city's best bagels, challahs, babkas, and knishes in our first brick-and-mortar. 

Dive into our story and see why investing in Zeitlin's is investing in a tastier future for Chicago.

Imagine a world where everyone enjoys the authentic taste of bagels and other Jewish ✡️ delicacies.

Our upcoming store is not just a business; it's a mission to spread the love for bagels and Jewish food far and wide.

It will cater not only to the farmers market enthusiasts but also to a broader audience seeking our deli products on weekdays and more regularly.

Finally, Chicagoans will have the deli and bagels they deserve!

And it’s not just us.

Believe it or not, since day 1, the Zeitlin's team has been working from a rented kitchen and selling at Farmers Markets. But that's all about to change.

That's right: We're finally ready to open our first storefront in Chicago. Customers need us beyond weekend Farmers Markets.


Ok, but why Zeitlin’s in particular?

1. People love our bagels!

We've managed to sell 1,500 bagels within a single hour at Farmers Markets!

2. They actually voted for us to have a store!

3,400+ of our consumers went online to say that they want us in their neighborhoods.

(Vote is still going! Numbers are from early September)

3. Most of them want to pitch in!

1,200+ of those voters said "Yes!" when asked if they would collaborate on a crowdfunding campaign to get the store.

We would be happy to invest in your store. We have no doubt that it would be successful.

Zeitlin's Delicatessen: Elevating Chicago's Bagel Experience Since 2020

Note: Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Our Hometown, Chicago is the Ideal Market to Launch our Flagship Store

Our physical store is more than just a place to buy bagels. It's a hub of culinary innovation, a center for community events, and a beacon for food lovers across Chicago.

Chicago has many Delis, but our customers say these places are missing a special blend of East Coast with a Chicago twist that they can find at Zeitlin's.

Blueprint for Zeitlin's First Brick-and-Mortar Deli

Total Sqft: 2,000

Projected Sqft Distribution: 

  • Dining/Consumption Area: 30% - 610 sq ft. 
  • Hang Out: 10% - 203 sqft. 
  • Kitchen: 60% - 1,220 sqft.

We plan that our dining area will seat around 7-10 tables, with 4 customers per table.

  • Big base of followers: +5,000 Instagram followers & +4,500 newsletter subscribers.
  • Benefits/Perks for investors to be redeemed at the store.
  • Working with Synagogues and Jewish organizations.
  • Press and media.
  • Foot traffic at Farmers Markets.

  • Weekdays: Availability to produce and sell during weekdays.
  • Broader menu + beverages: It will allow us to expand our menu and serve high-profit generating beverages.
  • Catering: Bigger Visibility and accessibility for meetings, presenting menu choices, arranging tastings, and more.
  • Wholesale: Major production and distribution capabilities.
  • On-demand delivery: Easier to deliver to nearby neighborhoods.
  • To-go option: Perhaps the most important function as it will account for a significant portion of our sales.

We're not just waiting for customers; we're actively reaching out. From our strong online community to collaborations with Jewish organizations, every strategy is a step towards making Zeitlin's Deli a household name.

Introducing the World's 1st Bagel Bond

Invest in our dream and watch your investment grow, either in cash or in the form of mouthwatering bagels!

  • Flexible Investment: Whether you're starting with $250 or going up to $10,000, we've got a place for you.
  • Tasty Returns: Enjoy a 5% annual compound interest over the next 5 years.
  • Choice of Rewards: Fancy some delicious Zeitlin's food items instead of cash? Convert your returns and get up to an increase of 15%!

How much are we looking for?

Use of Proceeds:

  • 10% towards COS & OPEX
  • 15% towards Equipment & Inventory Acquisition
  • 67.5% towards Build Out Coverage/Rent
  • 6.5% Wefunder Fees

We're aiming to have 1000 people support us with a minimum investment of $250. Will you be one of them? 

Every dream needs believers. Every vision needs visionaries. Be the wind beneath our bagels. Invest in Zeitlin's Deli and be a part of a delicious revolution.

If you have any questions, please ask us before purchasing your bagel bond at [email protected].