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Invest in Zeehaus

Patented platform to help achieve homeownership through sharing equity and nonprofit tokens!



of a $95,710 goal
 $14M  $11.18M pre-money valuation Priced Round
Early Bird Bonus: The first $50K of investments will be at $0.86 per share and a $11.184M pre-money valuation
$500, $1K, $2.5K, $5K, $10K, $25K
Eve Wells
Zeehaus is tackling one of the biggest issues facing our communities: housing affordability. I invested in the company because I believe in their mission to make homeownership affordable and as well as in creating a transparent, fair, and digital way to invest and co-own an owner-occupied home that is not possible today. Existing crowdfunding offerings and real estate investment opportunities offer similar business models to seek money to buy properties (which lacks transparency), turn them into rental homes, and distribute dividends, but that always requires significant overhead in management and servicing of rental or Airbnb properties. I believe Zeehaus co-ownership model and technology will lead to a new movement to disrupt how real estate ownership and investment should be done, as right now it is no longer possible for many younger buyers and people serving our communities to purchase a home. An innovative solution in creating a new ecosystem for buying 5% of a home is the solution since buyers need to give appreciation to investors in exchange for lowering housing payment. For real estate investors, this model enables investment in residential homes transparently without having to worry about where your money is.


Zeehaus enables fractional ownership to lower housing costs for teachers & first responders
We turn a property into affordable home by our patented sharing equity between buyers and investors
$1.6M raised from ~2000 investors & $12M in committed funds from CIBC Bank for property purchases
Combining investment & owner-occupied home lets us earn recurring service fees without managing them
~$1M revenue in the pipeline with the 50-unit condo community to be constructed in San Francisco
We have revenue-share partnership to start our platform in Taiwan with significant revenue expected
Investors can get nonprofit housing tokens that will fund property purchases & solve housing issues
Click & Invest with transparency (which most investments are lacking) & help buyer at the same time

Our Team

We wanted to make homeownership more affordable again. The founder could not purchase his own home due to skyrocketing home prices. Now, high mortgage rate is making buying and investing in real estate even more difficult.

Invest in a mission that creates affordable homeownership through end-to-end platform and digital asset!

Why Zeehaus?

We aim to solve one of the biggest problems facing our community: housing affordability.

Zeehaus is an innovative real estate platform with a focus on affordable homeownership, helping buyers achieve homeownership by purchasing 5% equity & lowering the monthly payments in exchange of sharing 95% of home equity with investors.

Are you ready to disrupt the world of real estate? Look no further than Zeehaus – the groundbreaking platform that empowers us to turn a property into an affordable homeownership. With our proprietary technology, we're reshaping the market and inviting you to join us.

Zeehaus is the first and only platform that enables investment in owner-occupied homes ("equity sharing property"), using our simple, secure, and patented platform.

  • Each equity sharing property has a keyholder (homebuyer) 
  • Investors do not need to worry about tenants not properly maintaining rental or vacation properties or investing in real estate funds that lack transparency.

We are loved by local communities, governments, nonprofits, and social impact investors, as we are creating an innovative and digital solution to the housing crisis.

The Status Quo is Broken – Let's Fix It Together

The current real estate market is riddled with challenges. Sky-high mortgage payments and the exorbitant 20% down payment requirement prevent most aspiring homeowners from achieving their dreams. Existing solutions like down-payment assistance and lease-to-own programs do not address the issue with high monthly costs, leaving a void in the market.

Zeehaus steps in as the catalyst for change. 

A win-win proposition: We're here to bridge the gap between eager homebuyers and forward-thinking investors. By purchasing 5% equity in a house, buyers not only unlock affordable homeownership but also benefit from reduced monthly payments.

Existing Affordable Housing Solutions are Not Enough

The government is investing significant resources and money into different models: down-payment assistance, lease-to-own, and below-market-housing, with limited success.

Housing Problems our Communities are Facing

It is Time for Drastic Change and Bold Innovation

Future generations and people serving the communities will likely not be able to catch up to increases in property prices and housing costs. We believe that buying and investing in a portion of a home is the best & likely only way to make homes affordable, as property value will continue to appreciate and the population will continue to grow in the next 10-20 years while incomes from middle-class and low-income earners will not catch up.

The Solution: Combine Investment Property with Owner-Occupied Homes into One and Integrate with New Nonprofit Housing Digital Tokens!

  • Solution to housing crisis is to enable young people to afford to buy a home. Building more apartments or homes without a path to ownership is not enough!
  • We are building a new ecosystem and rolling out a digital token to solve our housing crisis. (tokens will be issued by a separate nonprofit entity, Zeehaus Foundation)
  • All money raised from our nonprofit housing token will be used to fund equity sharing homes, and 100% of profits will be used to end homelessness and other affordable housing projects.

While sharing equity among friends and family is nothing new, Zeehaus takes it to a whole new level. We have revolutionized the co-ownership process, creating a streamlined and secure digital platform that connects homebuyers with multiple investors. It's a breakthrough approach since creating a scalable, simple, and fair ownership process requires an end-to-end integrated solution and digital platform.

Our Secret Sauce: Property Managed by Buyers

Uniquely differentiated from other real estate platforms, Zeehaus earns recurring service fees without having to manage the property physically as each equity sharing property is an investment and owner-occupied home (homeowner is responsible for property upkeep) at the same time, thus enabling Zeehaus to scale an efficient business model with our patented technology!

Our platform takes care of complexities such as legal documents, funding, ownership management, and property sale.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.


Other fractional ownership platforms or real estate companies focus on buying rental or vacation properties, leasing them out, and collecting rents & management fees while taking on responsibilities of significant labor, overheads, uncertainty, and costs in property management and maintenance.

More importantly, none of them helps buyers or makes homeownership affordable. 

In fact, they make it less affordable.

Many platform have tried fractional ownership, with a few co-ownership platforms, and there are many REITs and rental platforms. No other entity has dedicated the necessary time, determination, and resources to develop a sustainable way to solve our housing crisis.

There are also many asset-backed tokens, but it will be hard to find a utility token that is backed by real estate (since that generally means a token is a "security").

Our nonprofit housing tokens are "more stable" even though it is not a Stablecoin.

David vs. Goliath: Together, We Can Prevail

The housing market is under siege by large equity funds gobbling up residential properties.

These behemoths, like Blackstone and other real estate investment giants, are driving up prices, taking away limited housing inventory, and diminishing opportunities for aspiring homeowners. 

Zeehaus stands as a powerful shield, protecting the dreams of countless Americans by reshaping the landscape of affordable homeownership.

The Millennial Market

With millennials leading the charge as the largest group of homebuyers today, the demand for affordable housing has never been greater. Gen Z is following close behind, eager to make their mark in the real estate market. 

Zeehaus is perfectly positioned to meet these needs and seize the enormous opportunities that lie ahead.

We're focused on the colossal US residential properties market, valued at a staggering $8.6 trillion. By 2027, this figure is projected to soar to $12.2 trillion! 

With our innovative platform and forward-thinking approach, you can be at the forefront of this incredible growth.

Approved Patent: Patent for equity sharing technology and buy-own-sell process was granted in 2022 by the US Patent Office. Patented technology also includes our “Click & Invest” model for investors to purchase “shares” of residential properties.

*Image is from actual Zeehaus patent page from Google Patent site:

Our Business Model

We expect to realize a variety of revenue streams leveraging our proprietary equity sharing platform throughout the entire lifecycle (10 years is the typical ownership term) of the property purchase, recurring service revenue, trading of property shares, and sale of properties.

The new digital token will be managed by a separate nonprofit and not part of Zeehaus entity. Zeehaus, however, is poised to benefit from the real estate funds from the token sale.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

We provide a true sustainable solution to housing crisis!

In our first focused state, California, one million more middle-income buyers can afford to buy a home using our homeownership model!

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Our Traction & Roadmap

Our platform has already made waves in San Francisco, and we've also tested a property in the vibrant market in Santa Fe, NM.

Partnership with Banks: Our go-to-market approach is working with banks and lenders to fund property purchases. This way, we are able to access the needed capital quickly to help teachers and first responders get a low-interest rate loan and grow our business and then secure funding from token sales and real estate investors.

~$1M revenue in the pipeline: With the first 50-unit community expected in San Francisco, this partnership is estimated to bring ~$1M revenue over the entire ownership period.

Disclaimer: This model is future projection, not guarantee.

Partnerships are at the core of our strategy. We're actively collaborating with local governments, banks, nonprofits, and social impact ventures to raise awareness about our innovative platform and ownership model. We believe that we can efficiently scale our operation and help a significant number of homebuyers and properties!

Moving forward with building more affordable housing: We are on our way to significant growth as we are working with community leaders, banks, homebuilders, and sustainability investors to construct our groundbreaking equity sharing communities around San Francisco and surrounding areas.

Looking ahead, our expansion plans include communities such as Los Angeles, Dallas, Seattle, Phoenix, New York, Oregon, Nevada, and Colorado. 

Stay tuned as we bring our transformative vision to these dynamic markets.

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Please check out our platform at and see how we plan to leverage our unique technology and business model to shape the future of real estate and help make homeownership affordable again!

Investor Perks

No-fee real estate investment: Zeehaus equity investors will have opportunities to invest in ownership shares for properties posted on without a fee!

  • Invest $500, receive no-fee property investment on for 1 year
  • Invest $1,000, receive no-fee property investment for 2 years
  • Invest $2,500, receive no-fee property investment for 3 years
  • Invest $5,000, receive no-fee property investment for 6 years
  • Invest $10,000, receive no-fee property investment for 10 years
  • Invest $25,000, receive no-fee property investment for life

In addition, we are giving early Zeehaus investors utility tokens (subject to listing of the token on a major crypto exchange) for a very limited time, as only a small number of tokens can be given away since we need to maintain the asset-backed economics of the tokens:

  • Invest $500, receive 100 nonprofit housing tokens
  • Invest $1,000, receive 250 nonprofit housing tokens
  • Invest $2,500, receive 700 nonprofit housing tokens
  • Invest $5,000, receive 1,500 nonprofit housing tokens
  • Invest $10,000, receive 3,500 nonprofit housing tokens
  • Invest $25,000, receive 6,000 nonprofit housing tokens

Don't Miss Your Chance to Shape the Future of Real Estate

Zeehaus is not just a company – it's a movement. We’ve meticulously crafted a business model that is legally sound and financially promising. With our cutting-edge technology and unwavering commitment, we're poised for explosive growth.

By becoming an investor in Zeehaus, you gain exclusive access to a variety of revenue streams throughout the entire lifecycle of property ownership. 

It's time to make a difference. Join the movement to create sustainable & affordable homeownership!