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The First Twin-Hub Electric Motorcycle!

Last Funded May 2022


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⚡️ 300-mile range powered by a custom removable and recyclable battery unit.
🔋 Working with multiple Battery & Manufacturing partners on cutting-edge tech.
🦺 Advanced safety features make the Electrocycle™ one of the safest bikes ever built.
⚙️ Innovative twin-hub drive gives the Electrocycle™ a feel like no other.

Our Team

We believe it is time to produce an electric motorcycle that is safe, stylish, and affordable.

Our Story

Zaiser Motors was born when our two co-founders Chris & Anthony were looking to buy a new electric motorcycle in the fall of 2019 and were deeply dissatisfied with what was available on the market. They both realized that they could build something more affordable, technologically advanced, energy-efficient, and safer than anything on the market today. 

These core values prompted us to reexamine how we currently build motorcycles (combustion or electric), and what the Zaiser Motors team could bring to the table when building the all-electric motorcycle of the future. In nearly two years of R&D, we finally have an answer.

Starting with a first principals design approach, we have come up with our very own lineup of Electrocycles™  — Our own trademark, which will embody excellent craftsmanship, technological innovation, and uncompromising safety.

⚡️ Our Purpose: Drive Human Connection Through Clean Technology. ⚡️

Riding a motorcycle is deeply personal, and at the end of the day, building a revolutionary electric motorcycle comes down to human beings riding them and the connections shared between them. Zaiser Motors not only has the opportunity to drive innovation but foster a community as well.

All-electric motorcycles should know no compromises —We ride traditional motorcycles frequently and know for our product to succeed it has to be as good, if not better, than whatever our grandparents were riding. 

Our first Electrocycles will have more innovations in safety, propulsion, sustainability, and comfort than any other bike on the market simply by using many available technologies in a first-of-its-kind configuration.  

What Is Next? 

As we modernize our transportation infrastructure globally, we need to create a new fleet of all-electric vehicles. We need to engage everyday riders in the discourse and foster a community of shared interests and passions. In order to succeed, we need to pick and choose wisely which traditions to remember and which to forget. 


Zaiser Motors is gathering early-stage investments to design, manufacture, and distribute the world's first twin-hub Electrocycle. Our initial funding will be used to finalize, test, and optimize a production-intent design of our Electrocycle. After that, we will raise production ramp funds and begin manufacturing. 

Our initial target price is between $20K - $25K for The Silhouette and $8.5K for The Arrow — By 2028, we expect to realize margins of ~30%. 

However, please note that these numbers may change once we start production.

These are only forward-looking projections and can't be guaranteed.

The Electrocycle Platform

After bringing in our new director of design Jordan Renfro, we decided that the Mark I Electrocycle needed a re-design. Splitting the original bike into two separate models, one being a through and through touring bike, and the other an accessible street bike for younger riders. Both models share over 60% of their components, keeping build costs across the platform low and allowing us to hit two developing markets in the electric motorcycle space. 

The Silhouette 

Our flagship model —  A 300-mile range and 120MPH top speed means you'll be prepared for most (if not everything) the open road can throw at you. Featuring our unique twin hub design, this bike will be loaded with every bell and whistle you could need on a grand tour. Starting at $25,000, we want the Silhouette to become synonymous with Uncompromising safety, effortless style, and most importantly only the finest build quality for your next cross country trip. 

The Arrow 

The Little Brother — While The Arrow is a bit smaller, it still packs a punch. Coming in at a 160-mile range and a 100MPH top speed this will be a true Electrocycle. One however that, instead of touring the wide vistas and open roads, might be more suited for weaving in and out of traffic in the concrete canyons of a city near you. Still brimming with tech we want to offer this bike as an affordable option to enter our Electrocycle platform — We want to bring The Arrow to market starting at $8,500.

The Zaiser Design:

Our design ethos distinguishes us from other electric motorcycle manufacturers, as we respect the high economic, human, and environmental costs we pay for two-wheeled transportation.

We intend to redefine the design criteria for electric motorcycles. Zaiser emphasizes sustainability, the right to repair, and safety. By doing so, Zaiser has distinct advantages over any electric motorcycles currently being produced.

Zaiser Motors aims to be able to recycle most (if not all) of our components within the first 10 years of our production timeline. We want our batteries and motor components to be a 'net gain' environmentally instead of a loss. 

Our Batteries will be removable and replaceable to keep up with rapid development cycles within the industry, further extending the lifespan of each vehicle. 

We believe a core element in established motorcycling culture is the ability to work on a bike yourself. Because of this, we plan on adopting the 'right to repair' philosophy regarding our service infrastructure. Assisting our customers with basic repairs and servicing to keep the spirit of motorcycling intact in the electric age. 

Our Electrocycle models make use of many existing safety systems, years of electric motor innovations, and aerospace quality composites for safety, speed, and style. These features, plus our first-of-its-kind twin hub powertrain, make Zaiser the safest and most rider-oriented electric motorcycle available.

Twin Hub Motors 

Our unique twin-hub-powered Electrocycle lineup stands out from other electric motorcycles available today. We believe that numerous benefits far outweigh the engineering challenges in regards to adding a hub motor on the front and rear hubs of our Electrocycle. 

Safety is drastically improved through our stabilization and power assistance systems, and true traction control will give the Electrocycle model line a planted feel like no other bike in its class. 

Additional benefits of this technology are its power output, efficiency gains, and a high degree of modularity. Zaiser has been developing our very own system of interchangeable power plants that can be modified to fit multiple Electrocycles (and other vehicles) in the future. 


A key innovation for Zaiser will be the interchangeability of its battery units. To ease routine servicing, empower our customer base, and extend the lifespan of all of our Electrocycles is the key to true sustainability. 

We also recognize that the current EV charging infrastructure is lacking in two critical areas: Fast charging / Supercharger sites and at-home charging. If you live in an urban downtown area, it is currently difficult to find a place to plug your EV in overnight. 

This is why:
#1 We will be fast charging compatible.  
#2 Our batteries will be removable and can be charged in your home. 
#3 Within the first 10 years of production, our goal is to be able to recycle our batteries entirely.

We plan to achieve these goals by encouraging modularity and replaceability within the industry. We also plan on investing in emerging technologies such as solid-state, and organic composite materials. 


A 300-mile range is quite a claim, but we are ready to back that up.

By moving the powerplant out to the wheels and shedding weight, we are confident that we will have the flexibility to achieve a 300-mile range on the Silhouette Electrocycle. Freeing up space in the center of our bikes will allow us to fit larger battery units without compromising aesthetics or aerodynamics. Additional improvements consist of efficiency gains thanks to our new twin-hub cooling system and ultra light-weight composite material implemented during manufacturing. 

These benefits alone give us the '50-mile-edge' over current over the ~250-mile industry average, however, we anticipate rapid advancements in battery technology in the near future, making this goal very attainable for Zaiser.

Safety Features

We believe our safety systems should be as unobtrusive to the rider as possible. Only called upon when truly needed, and present when it really counts. 

Our all-wheel-drive powertrain configuration alone paves the way for new systems such as true traction control and auto stabilization, but we aren't stopping there. 

We plan on integrating innovative new tech from the automotive and motorcycle industries into one cohesive package. From lidar sensors and haptic feedback units in our handlebars to other accident avoidance technologies, our lineup will be packed with exciting tech that has never before been present on one singular vehicle in this way. 

Sound (or the lack thereof) is one of the main concerns with electric vehicles, particularly in motorcycling sound plays a crucial role in safety. Our Electrocycles will not be silent — with its modern and integrated cooling system there will be ample opportunity to fine-tune exactly what our prototype will sound like on the road.  

Market Adoption

We at Zaiser believe three main principles will lead to the success of our first line of Electrocycles: Culture, Community, and Events. 

As an emerging electric motorcycle manufacturer, we want to be able to fully utilize any locations we build to their maximum potential — as opposed to "dealerships" we envisage stores that will act as gathering hubs for a community. A place where we can offer training and certification courses, and host events that further the connection between the Zaiser brand and its core customers. 

Motorsports and specifically racing fall squarely into these three categories, and we are keen to help drive innovation within the electric motorsport space. Racing and Motorsports have always been key drivers of vehicle advancements and innovations, and we believe the new era of electric bikes will be no different. 

Our initial go-to-market strategy focuses on urbanites who want a clean escape pod from the city with enough power to safely take them on an adventure and back.

Zaiser will build an Electrocycle that is more exciting, cheaper to build, safer, and better for the environment than anything available today. 

We hope you will join us on our mission to electrify this fantastic class of vehicles, and we can’t wait to see the technological leaps and innovations your investment will enable our team at Zaiser to make over the coming years.