You & Sundry

The first social parlor for the LGBTQ+ community

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First-of-its-kind space for the LGBTQ+ community
Purchasing power of the LGBTQ+ community in the U.S. is $1 trillion as of 2018 (via LGBT Capital)
LGBTQ+ executive team
Expansion plans to become the go-to destination for LGBTQ+ locals and travelers.

Our Team

My journey started because of my discomfort, as a queer woman, in barbershops. After hosting a series of pop-ups, I realized our LGBTQ+ community was lacking more than just a place to get a haircut, we needed a haven for self-care, unwinding, and community - without the bullsh*t.

Our Story

First, we hosted barbershop pop-ups

"As a queer woman with short hair, getting a haircut has always been an uncomfortable experience. Once the only barber I trusted moved, it prompted me to create a space where people like me didn't have to worry about being mistreated because of our identity. That's how You & Sundry and our first barbershop pop-up was born." ~ Kim Goulbourne, Founder

Our first pop-up at New Women Space called Scissors & Clippers

Thank you for providing a very crucial service for folks who need a safe space in which to cultivate their best looks. It sucks that it’s so necessary, but it’s incredible to see the void being filled by people who are willing and able to take care of the community in really positive way.” ~ quote from one of our pop-ups

Shot at pop-ups at The Wing (left) and The Phluid Project (right)

Our brand grew quickly in 2018

+ We've done 5 barbershop pop-ups ranging from one day to one month.
+ Partnered with The Wing, Birchbox, New Women Space, and The Phluid Project.
+ Been featured in Timeout, Bustle, American Salon, and Racked.
+ Given haircuts to over 200+ people

Our month-long pop-up with New Women Space

But we wanted to create something more impactful

These pop-ups made us realize that our community lacked more than just a space to get a haircut. And we didn't want to create just another barbershop or salon, but a destination for self-care, unwinding and community - without the bullsh*t. An inclusive space designed for the LGBTQ+ community that offered a little bit of everything we craved.

And that's how the idea for the first social parlor for the LGBTQ+ community was born. 


Our grand vision for the space is reminiscent of a members club such as Soho House but without the exclusivity and with a notable self-care component.

Digital renderings of The Living Room (left) and The Parlor (right)
Digital renderings of The Living Room (left) and The Parlor (right)

For our flagship location we aim to be in an area that’s easily accessible by public transportation and start with The Parlor and The Living Room.

How we'll make money

Our primary sources of revenue will be:

Membership: We aim to have membership tiers which will give members access to the space during member-only hours along with discounts across our wellness offerings, food & beverage and exclusive access to events and other programming. Ranging from $45-185+.

Wellness: We aim to progressively offer a spa-like menu of services for hair, face, nails, and body, and later expand to include a boutique fitness program. Starting at $25+.

Food & Beverage: In the first year of operations we plan to leverage food partnerships while focusing on our creating a well-rounded beverage program that satisfies the coffee critic, the cocktail connoisseur, and those who abstain from both. Ranging from $4-15+.

Estimated projections. Note that these cannot be guaranteed.

How we'll use the funds

The funds we raise will go towards covering our major expenses for up to 12 months. This includes:

+ Building out our space to create the vision you see above and covering rent plus other expenses that come along with having a space.
+ Hiring, training and offering competitive employee packages to our staff.
+ Marketing, ad spend and other customer acquisition costs.

Funding expectations

$100k-$350k: Will allow us to apply for an SBA Loan to supplement our raise and move forward with our vision in phases.
Will allow us to apply for the same loan options as above but with more flexibility in size and lenders. We can then move forward with our vision in phases.
  We would be able to move forward with our vision in phases, without a loan.

Timeline after the campaign

We’ve identified a few spaces, and an architect who is excited to help us bring this vision to life. Once we receive the appropriate amount of funding, we’ll be ready to confirm a space, sign the lease and start the buildout process.

After a rough estimation based on the size of the space and work to be done, we aim to open our doors between Mar 2020 - June 2020.