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Invest in Yaupon Brothers American Tea

America's ONLY native tea leaf, Yaupon, and the best tasting tea in the world!

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I'm backing Yaupon Brothers American Tea because I believe they can disrupt the American tea industry with this amazing native plant, which is America's only caffeine source. The tea market in the USA is a massive opportunity for growth and innovation since there are virtually no domestically-produced caffeinated tea products, and the category does not see many new or exciting products with this kind of potential for growth. Here in the American South, agriculture is a dominant industry and is primarily concerned with growing non-native monoculture crops. This has led to large-scale consolidation and major supply chain failures in recent years. In Florida, the once-mighty citrus industry has been crippled by a bacterial disease and production is at its lowest levels in many decades. As a native crop, Yaupon has evolved to thrive in our climate. It has few pests, doesn't need fertilizers or pesticides, and offers attractive unit economics for farmers and producers. From being named Whole Foods' #1 food trend this year to innovating in an industry that has been unchanged since the Boston Tea Party, there's a lot of upside about which to be excited. Yaupon is going to change the landscape of the American tea market, and create significant jobs and economic growth in the process!


Potential to disrupt a $13B imported tea industry with 100% American Yaupon - America's First Cup.
Yaupon is Whole Foods #1 Top Ten Food Trend 2023, and Bon Appétit Editors name it a top herbal tea.
Yaupon is a regenerative, sustainable, and organic crop, and it only grows in the Southeast U.S.
Yaupon is America's only domestic caffeine source. It's consumption pre-dates coffee/imported tea.
Forbes calls 2023 "The Year of Yaupon"; Washington Post votes Yaupon 'IN' on 2023 'The List'.
Mission driven company that seeks to uplift socially disadvantaged farmers with a profitable crop.
We have 80,000 acres of Yaupon under company management with plans to scale as the company does.
Planted 100,000 Yaupon trees last year; will increase the number of trees planted yearly as we grow.

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Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed.