The snack + cookie brand on a mission to create a more joyful, inclusive world

Last Funded April 2023


raised from 38 investors


🎉 A brand on a mission to build Safe Spaces for everyone!
🥾 Bootstrapped from a farmer's market stand in '19 to $4.9M+ in sales in '21
🍦 Advised by one of the minds behind Ben & Jerry's, Jeff Furman
🍪 Accepted into SKU, the top CPG accelerator, for their March 2023 cohord.

Our Team

We left our home country of Guatemala looking for our own Safe Space, and we found it, in Austin, Texas. Here we learned that sharing cookies was one of the best ways to build relationships, and that, since we all have happy memories associated with them, it's easier for us to open up and show ourselves as we are.

A Cookie in Time!

The $100B sweets markets is craving innovation after years of neglect. Consumer brand choices have become a part of how we express our values & consumers are mindful of what brands they associate themselves with.

Millennials and GenZ are hyper-aware that in a world so full of options, the choices they make are constantly judged the second they are made public. And they are all public. They are also very unlikely to be loyal to a brand, unless they buy into the brand's mission and values. 

Trends from the past 10 years have focused mission-driven brands into health-adjacent categories, leaving an opening in the snacks category where Wunderkeks® fits seamlessly.

  1. DTC allows the brand to have direct contact with highly engaged customers and nurture them into brand evangelists—while getting all their data, allowing us to understand purchase patterns.
  2. Retail customers are in discovery mode, and their purchases are influenced by their peers, their social media presence, and word of mouth.
  3. Gifting platform customers become enamored of the product, have few price objections, and will repeatedly engage new people at a zero cost.

By 2025, we anticipate that 85% of our revenue will be from retail.

On our advisory team: Jeff Furman, one of the minds behind Ben and Jerry's and currently the president of The Ben and Jerry's Foundation.

Current market trends indicate a huge opportunity:

  1. The category is currently driven by legacy brands offering versioning as their main source of innovation. It is craving a disruptive positioning.
  2. Brands that are successful elsewhere, specially in DTC, are moving into supermarket shelves.
  3. So-called "better-for-you" offerings are on the decline, as customers reject the trade-offs in flavor and quality they require and are savvier about the minimal health benefits they actually offer.