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Woohoo Rides: The First Party Vehicle App


reserved of a $50,000 goal
Future Equity
$5M valuation cap
$100, $500, $1K, $5K, $10K


Investors are Kevin Lin, Co-founder, Twitch, and Sabrina Farmer Sr. VP, Google,
30% gross margin with plenty of room for more opportunities and products to weave in
The founder, Julie Green, has a decade of experience in the industry.
Established a rapidly growing online community of over six thousand party bus owners/operators.

Our Team

Woohoo Rides: The First Party Vehicle App

WooHoo Rides connects party vehicle operators and revelers to transform ordinary journeys into extraordinary experiences. Hosts create listings for all kinds of party vehicles. Customers explore hundreds of unique vehicles that were once difficult to find and books them for rides.

Problem: When it comes to party vehicles, it is hard for riders and providers alike to connect to each other.

Party buses, limos, pedicabs, art cars, carriages, party boats and aircraft are vehicles that wow both passengers and onlookers. They bring delight and excitement to every occasion. However, vehicle hosts and passengers struggle to connect.

Furthermore, the host market is fragmented and they struggle to market themselves, often relying on word of mouth. That's where WooHoo Rides comes in. We provide hosts a platform to connect with customers, helping them overcome these marketing challenges. With us, hosts aren't alone; they're part of a thriving, connected community that's driving the industry forward.

Solution: Imagine a place on the Internet where you can find all sorts of party vehicles to be driven around in and enjoyed with your friends in a marketplace much like AirBnb but for unique and unusual vehicles. 

We call this platform Woohoo Rides! Owners of these unique vehicles can advertise them on our website for free. Those who are looking for a fun ride can easily choose from our wide network of party transportation providers and book their dream ride. So, say goodbye to the old, hard way of finding party rides, and blast off to a universe of fun with WooHoo Rides!

What is WooHoo Rides?Say hello to WooHoo Rides, a one-of-a-kind platform revolutionizing the party transportation scene. 

We've spent the last year working on the Minimum Viable Product, and have been researching this market gap, testing our concept and building communities since 2018. 95% of our users report they would use our service, and 100% reported they would recommend us to a friend. This awesome feedback comes from a survey of hundreds, and ten years of research and active participation in the industry.

We're excited to be the first to bring a product like this to market. Our platform is easy to use, fun, and practical. Plus, we're opening up new ways to get around, including unique rides like art cars, golf carts, boats, aircraft, and pedicabs.

Our brand is all about joy! We deliver joyful experiences - whether it's a party bus ride with your crew, a swanky limo ride, a sightseeing pedicab tour, or more exotic experiences people have in art cars, party boats, aircraft or carriages. Plus, we provide bespoke reservations for corporate clients and large parties. With WooHoo Rides, every journey is tailored to your needs, making every ride a memorable experience!

The WooHoo Rides ModelOur primary revenue generator is facilitating party ride reservations. For each booking, we make 30% in gross revenue. With the average cost of party bus rentals standing at $400, we effectively earn a gross revenue of $120 per transaction. Each host can have multiple bookings within a 24 hour period. This income is split between a 15% cut from the host and a 15% service fee levied on the customer. This model enables us to offer our services at prices significantly below industry standards. Going forward, we will provide extra services and products to our hosts, such as insurance solutions and logistical assistance.

Our marketing strategy harnesses the power of social media to spread the word about our hosts' unique vehicles. We employ sophisticated tools such as AI, SEO, and analytics to optimize visibility and reach our target audience in the right places at the right times.

And let's not forget about growth. We have a network of hosts spread out all over the country. We know how to break into new markets, and we have the added advantage of being the only game in town. So, with WooHoo Rides, we're not just promising a fun ride, but a smart, successful business model too.

Our Market

This is a booming industry worth an amazing $16 billion each year with 12% growth annually, just in party bus business alone. It's fueled by a wide range of people and events, like festival-goers, wedding and party planners, conventions and conferences, proms and graduations, corporate events, and group travel. Basically, any big, fun gathering you can think of!

Our primary target customers are festival-goers—a $26 billion annual market. We prioritize this group because they are familiar with our rides, value experiences, are early adopters, have disposable income, and are proficient in social media use. In addition, there are many other market segments on both the host and customer side.

What sets us apart?

We're focused completely on party vehicles, which makes us a unique marketplace.

But it's not just about the vehicles. We're all about building communities around our concept. We use network effects to create a culture, not just a marketplace.

Woohoo Rides is modern and innovative. We will use social elements and gamification to make our app more engaging. Plus, we're using AI and web3 technology to focus our marketing, and offer unique perks and travel offerings to both customers and hosts.

Our competitors are behind the times and do not resonate with current market trends or do not focus on party vehicles. We're a vibrant culture and a brand that's exciting. With WooHoo Rides, you're not just booking a ride, you're joining a party!

Our Growth: Ready to take off!

Since WooHoo Rides' MVP debut in 2022, we've experienced consistent growth. Word of mouth drove our initial expansion until January 2023. Our subsequent online marketing strategies from January to February 2023 boosted engagement, contributing to an 18% average monthly growth in live listings.

Our online communities have swelled to 7,000 members, with listings across nine states and daily additions. We initially focused on New Orleans to validate our concept, which was met with demand from other cities. Now, we're targeting expansion into the 25 most populated cities, aiming to be well-established in these markets by 2025.

Join us on this journey!

Be a part of WooHoo Rides. It's more than an app. It's a movement to make joyful experiences more accessible and affordable.