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Star Power Secured: We’ve got stars aligned, minimizing risks and validating our vision.
Seasoned Team: Our experiences in 300+ productions fuel our expertise and passions.
Huge Market: 90 million U.S. households own dogs. Our movie is tailor-made for them and beyond.
Good Story Sells: Our screenplay debuted as one of the highest-rated scripts on

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Our Team

The movie's story carries universal themes that should resonate with people anywhere in the world, serving as a poignant reminder of the power of self-discovery and finding strength in life's most transformative moments.

Issues with the Hollywood Film Industry

Hollywood studios are stuck in a mindless superhero spin cycle, and many moviegoers crave content that is fresh and inspiring.

It's becoming increasingly difficult to come across something new and unique to watch these days. Well, wait no more.

Our Solution: An Original Movie with a Positive Story for a Global Audience

When I Was A Human Poster

What is "When I Was A Human"?

A feature film based on an acclaimed short film

When I Was A Human ("WIWAH") already has a successful 'prototype,' a short film of the same name, distributed worldwide by Shorts International, the trusted distributor for the Academy of Motion Picture and Sciences.

"When I Was A Human" - Short Film ©2024 AKT Pictures LLC

WIWAH's universal themes connect with audiences of all ages, making it a sound investment with a proven track record.

A film where "Benji" meets "Barbie"

WIWAH combines the classic tale of the underdog 'Benji,' ensuring global appeal for audiences of all ages, with a hint of the recent global hit, 'Barbie's' playful twist on storytelling and its vibrant, bubbly visual style, creating an enchanting cinematic experience that's both familiar and delightfully unexpected.

🐾  Logline  🐾

After a magical twist, Indy, a once-unwanted shelter dog, transforms into a human, embarks on a quest to win back his owner's affection from her sneaky boyfriend, all while rediscovering his true self in a whimsical world that went from color-blind to vibrant cotton-candy hues.

🐾  Storyline  🐾

Indy, the unwanted pup, is running out of his time at the local pound. But he is saved by Kimmy in the nick of time, finding love and security in her family. Well, so he thought: Indy's happy days come to a screeching halt when Kimmy meets Jared, a musician with a questionable scent only Indy can detect. Feeling neglected and fearful of losing Kimmy's affection, Indy eats a Miracle Dog Biscuit granted by a mysterious fairy to be a human. Indy wakes up the next morning from grayscale to the candy-colored world and dives into the adventure of winning back Kimmy's affection from Jared. Unravel the enchanting tale of Indy's transformation, where he learns that belonging and love come from within.

🎉 WIWAH's Got Hollywood Stars 🎉

Based on our successful first round on Wefunder and the strong screenplay, the following amazing Hollywood stars are on board❗️

Danny Trejo ("Spike"& "Dr. Peacock")

Called one of the Greatest Character Actors of all time, Danny Trejo ("Machete," "Heat," "Spy Kids") plays Spike, Indy's BFF, who is more than he seems and holds the key to the whimsical story of WIWAH.

➡️ Danny's incredible career adds major production value to our project

Mr. Trejo's love for rescue dogs is well known in the community and was the primary reason he was one of the first cast members to sign on to the project. He brings his globally-recognized unique persona and extensive industry experience to the part of Spike.

Rebecca De Mornay ("Mrs. Peacock")

Award-winning and internationally renowned actress and producer Rebecca De Mornay joins the cast as Ms. Peacock. Rebecca is known for her memorable work in such iconic movies as "Risky Business," "The Hand that Rocks the Cradle," "Backdraft," and "Wedding Crashers." Her recent work has included guest appearances on "The Practice", "Law and Order" as well as "Hawaii Five-0" and "Lucifer". 

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Molly Quinn ("Kimmy")

Adam Hagenbuch ("Jared")

Alex MacNicoll ("Craig")

Johnny Jay Lee ("Indy")

What Do You Receive as an Investor?

💰We’re offering investors 125% (135% for Early Bird investors) of Principal. = Once the movie starts generating profit, you - as an investor - get paid before we do.

💰Each investor also receives their full proportional share of 50% of the movie's global net profits. Each investor is on equal terms.*

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*Please refer to the Investment Terms for more details. More questions? Let's Zoom❗️

🎁 Perks! Perks!! Perks!!

  • A copy of the original short film of When I Was a Human. (A link will be sent by email.)
  • Access to VIP Portal with behind-the-scenes updates and exclusive content from the film set during shooting

  • A "Special Thanks" credit with your name in the end credit of the movie. 
  • Plus, previous perks.

  • An invitation to an exclusive online event, Live Q&A with the director, producers, and cast (subject to availability). ​
  • Plus, previous perks.

  • An invitation with ONE pair of tickets (2 tickets) to the red carpet premiere and after-party in Los Angeles. (Time and date TBD. Travel & accommodation are not included. )
  • Plus, previous perks.

  • An invitation to JOIN THE PRODUCTION as an extra cast member for a filmed scene. (Travel and accommodations are not included.)
  • Plus, previous perks.

  • An invitation plus one to visit our film set while we're filming WIWAH.
  • Meet & Greet with the cast (subject to availability) and crew on the set during the filming. (Travel and Accommodations are not included. Filming date/location TBD.)
  • Plus, previous perks.

  • A "Co-Producer" credit in the movie's end credits and on IMDb.
  • An invitation plus one to join the cast and crew for the LUNCH PARTY ON THE SET. (Cast subject to availability. Date/location TBD. Travel and accommodations are not included.)
  • TWO pairs of tickets (4 tickets) to the red carpet premiere and the seats in the VIP SECTION and the after party in Los Angeles. Time and date TBD. Travel and accommodations are not included.
  • Plus, previous perks. 

  • An invitation to the Japan Red Carpet Premiere event with a roundtrip AIR TICKET TO JAPAN. (Date/location TBD)
  • A three-night STAY (Date/location TBD) in JAPAN
  • An "Executive Producer" credit in the movie's end credits and on IMDb.
  • Plus, previous perks.

How Does "WIWAH" Make Money?🎬📊💰

Our Business Model 📈

The Movie's Anticipated Revenue Streams

🍿 Targeted limited domestic theatrical release & foreign sales

This strategy not only helps us build up our brand recognition but also cranks up the film's appeal in foreign markets, where we're anticipating some serious cash flow.

🍿 VOD distributions and pay & free TV platforms across multiple markets.

They should provide a steady stream of revenue through licensing deals.

🍿 Other ancillary

  • To ensure long-term profitability, we'll also explore other ancillary avenues, such as home entertainment (Blu-ray), merchandise, and international broadcast rights, airlines, cruise ships.

A Case Study

Dog movie = 💰💵🤑

"Forget about Avengers, Fate of the Furious, and Wolf Warriors. Forget about Ant-Man or Spider-Man or Thor: Ragnarok. In China, Justice League is now in the dog house." - Rob Cain (

A humble little movie with no major talent attached to it and a small prior audience called "A Dog's Purpose" beat out "Justice League" and earned $88 million in China back in 2017, becoming one of China’s 25 top-grossing movies that year.

A movie featuring dogs and positive messaging - just like “When I Was a Human” - has incredible potential to attract the same attention.

Dog-centric Movies Box Office Revenue vs. Budget


Our Team's International Advantage

The data below shows that the success of the movie hinges on the revenue generated from overseas markets.

Film Revenues: 🇺🇸Domestic vs. International 🌏

Our team has a unique edge - we are globally connected to key regions such as Japan, China, Latin America, UK, and EU territories.

The Cost & Time to Make “When I Was a Human”

Our expert production team delivers top-quality films on a lean budget. With connections to Hollywood heavyweights, we secure stellar talent and resources at unbeatable rates, maximizing your investment and keeping costs low.

Where the money goes💰


For as little as $100, we offer you a golden ticket to invest in this exhilarating Hollywood experience and be a part of what could be the next movie and streaming sensation WORLDWIDE! You can put off upgrading your iPhone until next year. (We hear the new iPhone 15 isn’t that exciting anyway.) This exciting investment could change the path of your future!


WIWAH isn't just a movie – it's a movement. That's what's happening as @LAAnimalServices and WIWAH come together to make a difference.

Our movie begins with Indy, an unwanted dog whose days at the local pound is about to run out before Kimmy saves him.

Indy's experience mirrors the journeys of countless shelter dogs, and our joint campaign with @LAAnimalServices allows us to make the public more aware of the welfare of the dogs at the local shelters.

WIWAH and @LAAnimalServices have united with a common goal – to find loving homes for shelter dogs and save as many furry buddies as possible. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook and share.