WithCo “With Company”

Functional mixes using fresh juices & real botanicals. Mix with spirits or soda

Last Funded May 2023


raised from 77 investors


💰 Over $6m in revenue in 3 years
🏈 Served in NFL, MLB, & NHL Stadiums
🚛 Distribution deals with the 3 largest Spirits and 2 Grocery Distributors in the US
🏢 Carried in CVS across 8 states and 1700 TARGET locations launching in March 2023

Our Founder

We knew that creating cocktails and mocktails at home and behind the bar is time consuming, costly, and far too complicated. We knew that fresh ingredients cocktails were something we desired in our life and knew others desired the same. For us, we started this for the aspect of helping people drink "with company." Which is what WithCo stands for.

Welcome to WithCo. We're glad you're here. Let us take you on a journey.

WithCo is one of the first mixes on the market that is free of preservatives, additives, concentrates, or "natural flavoring." 

Our mixes are made with only the freshest ingredients possible. Why? Because fresh simply tastes the best. Packed with functional ingredients like lavender, rose, ginger root, bee pollen, and more. Now, you can feel good about what you consume.

We launched our mixes into the market with a focus on at-home consumption. Which paired well for us during the 2020-2021 Pandemic as at-home consumption sky rocketed. 

Since then we've created a larger format bottle which now plays a roll behind bars in the likes of stadiums, hotels, and hospitality groups. 


Joshua Ellis and Bradley Ryan here, the Co-Founders of WithCo.  We set out to find a product on the market to help us create bar-quality cocktails at home using fresh ingredients that were free of preservatives, additives, concentrates, and "natural flavoring."

We discovered that none exists. So, with Bradley's mixology background and bar-operations mind, they set out to create the first fully fresh ingredient, bar-to-bottle mix using only fresh juices and real botanicals.

We've taken all the prep work for you — The measuring, the muddling, the chopping. All you have to do is add ice, a splash of liquor or soda water and give it a stir.

WithCo stands for With Company. For us, it's always been about bringing people together. We created a simple way for you to return to the ritual of connection with cocktails, conversation and community.

What began as a backyard birthday party sparked an idea to create cocktails with real ingredients and sell them online, in stores, and behind bars. 

Throughout 2020-2022 we experienced tremendous growth and began building out our team which is now filled with our Co-Founders, Operations Director, Sales and Customer Service, Warehouse and Logistics, Sales Reps and Brokers. 

We now have over 6,000 sq. ft. of office and warehousing in Nashville Tn. 


Let us dive a little deeper into the product itself. Our fresh ingredient mixers current come in 3 different sizes. Our 4oz sampler kit bottles, 16oz white bottle, and our 750ml bottle (similar to a traditional liquor or wine bottle).

16OZ Bottles

Online, Amazon, Grocery & Retail

Our 16oz bottle is our flagship product that comes in 7 flavors. Each bottle serves 10 drinks. Excluding the Old Fashioned which serves 32 cocktails per (16oz) bottle.

750ml Bottles 

Bars, Restaurants, Stadiums, Hotels, Venues, and Casinos

Our 750ml bottles serve our B2B partners. Ideal for high volume, speed and ease, consistency and profitability at every pour, we're helping raise the bar.

Non-Alcoholic Industry 

An interesting aspect of our product is that it not only serves in the liquor space but as well as the non alcoholic space. 

The non-alc industry is one of the fastest growing trends in beverage. With more people turning to sober or lower abv. lifestyles, WithCo is becoming part of this international conversation. 

Many of our mixes pair with soda water giving it way to fresh ingredient, botanical non-alc beverages at home and behind bars.


Now, let's dive into the numbers. Here, we'll share historical growth, current sales channels, and many of our current partnerships.

Over the last 3 years, we've experienced tremendous growth leading us from our living room to out growing 4 different warehouses in the span of a year and hiring over 10+ employees and industry experts. Our growth has been through direct to consumer, liquor store distribution, hospitality and grocery.

We are focused on 3 major points of sales and distribution which combine a structure of a spirits company paired with a CPG (Consumer Product Good) company. We are doing this through Retail (Grocery & Liquor Stores), Online (past and future customers), and Hospitality (Bars, Restaurants, Stadiums, Venues, Hotels and locations that focus on high volume cocktail programs.

A large part of our business comes from partnering with organizations and we've been blessed to work with some incredible companies across sports & entertainment, hospitality, and retail. 


The retail landscape has drastically changed over the past few years for up-and-coming food and beverage brands. Now more than ever, "Better-For-You" products are taking priority on the store shelves.

Why? Because consumers are desiring better products with clean nutritional panels and transparent ingredients. 

This goes for the cocktail mixer category which has historically been inundated with high calorie, high sugar, "naturally flavored" cocktail mixers. 

Until now.. 

Our retail pivot last year led us to one of the biggest partnerships a young, growing brand could dream of.  TARGET with 1700 store launch in March of 2023.

With the help of our 2 grocery brokers we have entered conversations with some of the biggest retails in the US. Our focus in to gain traction in all the natural stores first while doing regional test in the larger national accounts. 

These will not all happen in 2023 but this has created a very scalable model for us to grow year over year.


WithCo was born behind the bar before it ever made it's way into a bottle. So, it's only natural that we're finding demand behind the bar again. 

 Post pandemic, the need for a batched cocktail mix has never been needed more. With high turn over and staffing issues, WithCo creates a simple 2-part cocktail to create speed, ease, consistency, quality and profitability for any beverage program. 

Largest Pain Points behind the bar:  Speed & Ease, Consistency, Quality

Our mixes create a "Bar Program in a Box" to the bar or restaurant. Allowing them to solve all of their problems while creating a profitable beverage program. 

The largest problem hospitality industry, it's within high-volume

From bars, restaurants, casinos, stadiums, resorts, theme parks, and venues the ability to scale into these bar programs is endless. 

So, how do we get in front of these bars and restaurants?

National Accounts like Hyatt, Hilton, Marriott, Buffalo Wild Wings, North Italia, Cheesecake Factory and restaurant groups alike, review their beverage menus every year to make changes, updates, reviews, and look for ways to create consistency and efficiencies in their programs. 

WithCo's team has identified the top beverage agencies that work directly with these major hospitality groups. 

In addition, with the WeFunder raise we will be hiring a Director of National Accounts to focus on this area of the business.

Official Cocktail Partner of the Tennessee Titans

Every stadium we speak to is desiring a better beverage program. They understand that fan experience if the most important part of the game experience.

From games to concerts, WithCo is helping stadiums, arenas, venues, and organizations create elevated, profitable and fan-focused beverage programs.

The weeks following our announcement with the Titans has led to over 10 stadium conversations with sports organizations looking to elevate their beverage experience using WithCo.


Reason #1 WithCo is disrupting a market that has dominated market share for years by creating value in multiple different channels. Ready to drink and mixers are some of the fastest growing categories in beverage and WithCo is at the forefront with unprecedented growth.

Reason #2 From 2017-2019 we sold $300,000 in sales.  From 2020-2022 we have surpassed $6M in sales. In 2023 revenue alone will reach $5MM in annual sales.

Reason #3 WithCo is prepping to scale into national distribution and we've secured support through the 3 largest distributors in the US.

Reason #4 We are growing our retail distribution to sell into over 2,500 locations by the end of 2023, 5,000+ stores by 2024 and over 10,000 locations across the United States by 2026. We're focused on Natural Grocery chains such as Whole Foods, Sprouts, The Fresh Market, Target, Publix, etc.

Reason #5 We're helping stadiums, arenas, venues, and organizations create elevated, profitable, and fan-focused beverage programs. Currently pending more than half a dozen professional stadiums across NFL, NHL, NBA, MLS, and MLB with many more in the funnel. This channel has the opportunity to drive the largest sales multiple when it comes to us exiting the company. 

How did we calculate the current valuation? CPG (consumer product goods) companies have multiples ranging from 3-5x top line revenue while beverage and spirits companies have multiples as high as 15x top line revenue. Our current valuation of $17mm is made up of a 3.5x multiple on 2023's projected revenue


1) Hire an experienced Director of On Premise  This position will focus on securing more placements behind bars. "On Premise" is an industry term for anywhere that serves our product behind their bar. This professional will focus on chain restaurants, hotels and casinos, and professional stadiums and venues..

2.) In House Marketing Team : We need support across our digital marketing efforts. From social media management, brand & design, PR, and other digital outlets to reach more customers and increase revenues.

3.) Retail Marketing:  As we secure a big chain placement, we need to make sure it is selling through (not just sitting on the shelves). There is always a competition for shelf space the brands that perform best at retail will be the ones that stick around.


The beverage industry is one that often ends in acquisition. Emerging brands enter the space, grow their footprint through distribution channels then sell the company at a higher multiple. 

Our plan is to follow a similar path. Beverage multiples are often factored in on gross revenue and we've seen multiples range from 4X revenue up to 14X revenue. 

Let's review a few companies that have exited in the beverage space.

Here is our 4-year forecast 

A final message from the founders and the team that makes up the WithCo family.

We have poured our hearts and souls into building this company. We like to say that entrepreneurship is the ability to see a vision in the future and wake up everyday to make that dream a reality. That is the story here at WithCo.  

This is more than a company to us, this is a legacy. This is our chosen path and one we do not take lightly. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our company, our vision for the future and our pursuit to help people gather, one cocktail at a time.

A message to all you future investors

For the past few years of growth we’ve not had a plethora of dollars to spend; we’ve grown with hard work and dedication. That drive remains ever strong, and with your support we can’t wait to push to the next level.

We understand that you are choosing to believe in us. We plan to steward your money well and put it toward things that have been aligned in this pitch above. 

Thank you, 

- WithCo Team