Last Funded May 2022


raised from 1,192 investors


💸 $17 MILLION in lifetime revenues. $5.6 MILLION run rate.
⭐️ Over 3,600 customers, which includes 85 Fortune 1000 companies
💰 Reached profitability with Gross Profit Margins of 80% - YoY average order size increased 77%
💡 Repeat Founder/CEO - Prior Exit of $172 Million (Purch) - CEO of the year by Utah Technology Council

Our Team

Our Pitch

After a successful exit with a startup Internet media company that grew to over 100 million monthly Internet visitors, our founder, Jerry, looked to emerging technologies for his next company. With his love for building things and the potential of 3D printing for changing lives, it was a perfect fit. He thought it would be an easy process to get started and to hire the expertise needed. He and the other co-founders were wrong. 

It took a few years to match quality 3D printing with existing technology and equipment, build up expertise, and identify the correct markets.  Now that the startup years have passed, we are ready to scale for the masses. This is why we are doing this Wefunder project.


  • WhiteClouds will fabricate 3D point-of-purchase "Kona Bus" displays for Kona Brewing Big Wave Beer (Anheuser-Busch).  Each bus display is 4'x4'x2'.
  • WhiteClouds renews annual contract with Heart of America as supplier of inspirational 3D letters for classrooms across America.



What makes us unique from most other additive manufacturing companies is that WhiteClouds uses 3D printing and other 3D fabrication technologies to fabricate the finished end-product, NOT just creating parts, prototypes, and knick-knacks.

3D Printing Technologies

Leading the 3D cloud services market for finished end-use products, with one of the largest 3D printing farms in the world, every product is personalized with Next-Gen 3D technology. We use multiple 3D printing and other fabrication technologies to create these extraordinary end-use products.


The Healthcare industry is a perfect demonstration of how we have used new technology to innovate procedures and save lives.  For example, a model brain-with-tumor based on a patient's personal MRI or a veterinary model used in pre-surgical planning for a dog with angular limb deformity.  We even assisted by providing a model for surgery on an endangered rhino at the Brookfield Zoo.  Our hinge-and-slice models allows for examining specific areas of interest in more detail by evaluating various slices of the organ.

WhiteClouds Healthcare 3D Printing in the News

Our character models are often employed at trade shows or other “in-person” type experiences. WhiteClouds utilizes advanced 3D printing technologies along with traditional 3D manufacturing processes to create original, high-quality character models. One of our recent statues debuted at San Diego ComicCon in November 2021 - a 7-foot replica of a toy action figure of a Captain America Ironman suit.

In the Architecture industry, our work projects have varied from a 38-foot metal Bear Down signage for the University of Arizona, 3D-printed architectural models, 3D-printed raised-relief topography models of any terrain across or under the world (and solar system), to exquisitely detailed 18-foot dioramas of college campuses and museum properties.

Nothing pulls in visitors more than a unique, larger-than-life 3D physical display at an event, convention or trade show. 

It is often hard to visualize a 3D object, like a plant or factory model or a large piece of equipment or machinery based on 2D imagesa.  It also might not be practical to transport a 20-ton piece of equipment to each convention.  Now, with modern fabrication technologies, models are created in less time, are more affordable, more accurate, much lighter and manageable, and have a higher level of detail than ever before.  Models with cutaway views, take-apart features, interactive features, moving parts and advanced lighting scenarios allow a customer to create immediate engagement and a long-lasting impression.


In 2021, our focus has been on scalable growth and diversified revenue streams. Our production queue in Q4 2021 was our largest ever, by almost 50%. 

As we began 2020, our main company goal was to get to annual profitability. We started strong with February producing our largest profitable month in the company's history, but then COVID hit. Even with COVID, we did succeed in hitting a goal of reaching positive EBITDA (Earnings before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization). We were also really pleased with reducing our cost of goods sold and improving our gross margin.  Our positive EBIDTA trend continued for 2021. The chart below demonstrates our improvements over the last 6 years:


Here are a few of the major brands who have used WhiteClouds’ service and technology to personalize and specifically tailor their 3D models and displays.


The sky's the limit with the core markets of our business, in terms of demand, growth opportunities and potential exits. 

"VC checkbooks, meanwhile, have been wide open. In the past year, VCs have invested over $600 million in at least 45 startups devoted to 3D-printing technology or making products with 3D printers, per Crunchbase data."
Crunchbase - September 2020
"3D printing continues its industrialization journey despite the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is supporting the battle against the COVID-19 pandemic."
ReportLinker.com - August 2020


Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

In early 2021, we began testing the e-commerce consumer market for one-of-a-kind projects that combined our skills, expertise and uniqueness. With our passion for Space and recent achievements on Mars, we started with a 3D-relief, tactile Mars terrain topographies. We achieved our funding goal in less than 12 hours. This is only the beginning, and a prime example of how new technologies can bring exclusive products to the masses in the fast-growing market of decor. We currently have many more products in development.


We fabricate really cool stuff.  People like to talk about it, share it, and browse our website.  Our social presence has a very loyal following, and with our new content creation activities, we only expect that to grow.


As you can see below, 3D printing companies are earning sky-high valuations compared to revenues. Demand is only increasing year by year and technology advances in 3D fabrication continues to improve.

We have never been more optimistic about our future. Some really exciting things are happening. Your investment will be instrumental in catapulting us forward in this 3D world!!!