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The Personal Training Marketplace - CRM Software and Mobile App

Last Funded March 2020


raised from 96 investors


300 Personal Trainers On WeStrive (month 1)
Average Projected Customer Value (Personal Trainer) at $458
Personal training is a $9 Billion industry
Full Suite Tools with Cross-Device Integration (Website and Mobile App)
Empower individual trainers and small fitness groups to establish and scale their business online
First-to-market platform to sell fitness programs through an in-app marketplace
Ability to Scale to 100,000+ personal trainers

Our Team

I created WeStrive because I saw a huge lack of technology for personal trainers to run their business and connect with exercisers. To solve this problem, we've created an unbeatable experience for exercisers and a CRM platform that trainers don't just want, they need. WeStrive will revolutionize how they build their business.

WeStrive is the ultimate platform for personal trainers to build, operate, and grow their business.

WeStrive helps trainers save time, provides clients with an exceptional experience, and supplies the tools for trainers to increase revenue.

iOS  -    Android    -    Trainer Online Portal

WeStrive is offering an opportunity to invest in the rapidly growing fitness industry. Currently, trainers struggle to run their online business and are forced to utilize Do-It-Yourself tools like PDF's, Excel documents, PayPal, and randomly texting clients screenshots of their workouts. They are left unorganized, stressed out, and exhausted. WeStrive transforms their business by handling billing, client management, program creation tools, and more.

"I joined WeStrive because it's 3 apps in 1. I don't want my clients to have to download 3 different apps on their phone. WeStrive handles billing, program creation, client management and more. It's going to save me so much time"
- Phil Catudal, Celebrity Trainer, NASM-Certified 

Personal Trainer Journey

In a nutshell, personal trainers have a difficult time building, operating, and growing their personal training business. WeStrive provides them with two incredible revenue streams and a social platform for them to connect and work with exercisers.

To summarize the current personal trainer journey, trainers typically don't even know where to start when it comes to Building their business. This typically leads to them utilizing a lot of DIY (Do It Yourself) tools and just throwing things together. After trying and failing, most personal trainers quit. WeStrive steps in by providing the easiest-to-use On-boarding and creation tools in the industry. We show you how to build a training business and guide you every step of the way.

Once a training business is established, trying to manage and Operate it is even more difficult. Personal trainers try to utilize PDF's, Excel, Notes, Venmo, YouTube, PayPal, and more to run their business. The process is all over the place which leads to hours wasted on the trainer's side and a terrible User-Experience for the client. WeStrive solves this by providing program-creation tools, client management software, a billing platform, Client progression tracking, and so much more. It's a no brainer to go with WeStrive.

When it comes to growing, other trainer management software is just software. Trainers have one revenue stream, add their clients, and that’s it. WeStrive wants to actually see our trainers grow and we provide the tools to do so. We offer the only universal mobile app that allows trainers to manage their business on the go and that allows clients to workout/track progress from their mobile phones. On top of that, WeStrive also hosts the first-ever fitness program marketplace. Trainers can take all the programs they've created over the years, sell them to anyone on the planet, and discover a brand new revenue stream.

Trainer Tutorial Video:

The Business Model

WeStrive generates revenue in two ways (for now). The first business model is through a monthly subscription and transactional fees collected from personal trainers. The second business model is our marketplace for personal trainers to sell fitness plans within our mobile app.

Business Model #1: Private Online Training (Subscription Model)

Personal trainers pay monthly to work with individual clients through our online platform.

Estimated Revenue Per Trainer: $32/Month

  • Monthly Subscription
  • % of Sales
  • Transactional Fees

Business Model #2: Marketplace Model (In-App Purchases)

Personal trainers upload fitness plans to the iOS & Android stores for exercisers to purchase.

WeStrive earns 10% of each iOS sale and 30% of each Android sale.

  • Programs are sold anywhere from $1-$150
  • Exercisers can purchase as many plans as they want
  • Brand new revenue stream for personal trainers

Client/Exerciser Journey

In addition to being a platform for personal trainers, we've created a best-in-class mobile app and experience for the personal training clients and exercisers on WeStrive.

Exercisers have three ways to workout on WeStrive:

What truly differentiates WeStrive from other personal training platforms is that we have the ability to provide new clients to our trainers. Instead of making the platform only for private clients who already have trainers, we've provided additional tools that exercisers who currently don't have a trainer can use. These trainer-less exercisers have the ability to contact/apply to work with trainers from within the app.

Exercisers can search through thousands of fitness programs on the marketplace (Business Model #2), workout with their private trainer (Business Model #1), or use our free workout journal tools to train on their own. Providing a basic free-model for our platform will ultimately lead to more app downloads, increased program sales, and new clients for our trainers.

Revenue Projections

The driving force of our revenue is our trainers. The more trainers we bring to the platform, the more each revenue stream will flourish. 

The below are future projections and cannot be guaranteed.

Competition & What Makes Us Unique?

Marketplace: We are the only marketplace for personal trainers to sell their fitness plans

Mobile: Our 5-Star App has more benefits than our users could ever dream of. We know our exercisers are working out from their obviously we put a lot of effort into making it the best experience possible.

We Listen to our audience: We built this app to solve a need and we have listened to both trainers & exercisers to improve our solutions. Every feature on the website and mobile app was based on a suggestion from a personal trainer, exerciser, or gym owner.

Dedication: Our founder has dedicated every penny he's earned into WeStrive and has spent every single day for years dedicating himself to this platform.

Universal: Our mobile app is completely universal for the trainers/clients on our website/app. Follow workouts, track your growth, and communicate with friends all from the website or app.

Opportunity: Unlike our competitors, we've already started expanding into other business models besides just private training (example: social media app, marketplace).

Social: We are the only social media fitness app to connect exercisers to trainers. In regards to our social channels, we already have a solid following on Instagram and are steadily growing our other channels.

Market Adoption

Unique Outreach:

Podcast    -    Blog    -   Networking

Referral Program: Personal trainers all have huge networks of other personal trainers. Through our referral program, our trainers will get paid to encourage their trainer friends to sign-up for WeStrive.

Social Integration: We request permission and then use different Instagram user’s photos to represent the 1700+ photos/videos on the app. We create unique graphics for the exercisers and, typically, they’ll post about us and how excited they are to be featured in an app. For example, every time you see a photo of Dumbbell Bench Press in the app, it will be a specific Instagram user that represents that photo.

Trainer Marketing: Personal trainers are already promoting WeStrive on their social media feeds for both marketplace plans and private training. We provide trainers with a free landing page and many of them have already added that to their profiles.

    Our Story (Where We've Been)

    In the summer of 2016, we received our first big lesson on how to properly find & work with a development team. We tried to launch our first app and partnered with too small/too in-experienced of a team. Our founder used his own finances to develop the first app (June 2016 image below) and the app launched almost a year late after countless months of late-nights and struggles.

    We fixed this problem by moving to a larger city (Los Angeles) and partnering with an incredible tech team (StartupSoft). We began with hundreds of designs for a new app (August 2017 image below) and after months of work, we finally launched our MVP (June 2018 image below). We featured over 350 personal trainers and they loved the app but we learned a new lesson on listening to our customer's needs.

    The app was a marketplace for personal trainers to sell their fitness plans. The marketplace is what every trainer wants but not what they need. While every trainer loved the app, they needed a platform to build and grow their business. We are still utilizing the marketplace in our fall launch of the new platform, but the private training system is what our trainers desperately need. 

    Progression of the WeStrive Platform from our initial idea until our 2018 MVP

    The Vision (Where We're Going)

    Today we are a SaaS platform and a mobile app...tomorrow we'll be the ultimate community for personal trainers and exercisers to connect and train. Our vision starts with online/in-app training and leads to years of strategic partnerships, in-person training, and so much more. Every few months we have a long list of updates we're releasing based on feedback and requests from hundreds of trainers and exercisers. 

    We'd be honored to have you join us on this journey. Ask any questions you would like, we're more than happy to answer them!