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WeShape's software delivers a personal trainer like experience without the cost!

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$11M valuation cap Convertible Note
Backing WeShape was a no-brainer for me. In fact I jumped at the chance to invest in a company built by Tyler and Katie Bramlett. For years I've been watching in awe as this dynamic duo somehow always manages to stay way ahead of the curve and implement the next new innovation before anyone else even thinks of it. And now that they are taking their proven business-building track record into the massive but largely ignored market of personalized exercise plans to help women of any fitness level feel amazing in their body, I'm convinced it is a golden opportunity to get in on the ground floor of something exciting.


$58 Cost Per Acquisition $251 Lifetime Value & we are improving every quarter :-)
We have a proven product, proven acquisition strategy and great numbers. We Are READY TO SCALE!
We launched WeShape in December 2021 and are on track to do $1,100,000 in sales in our first year!
My Co-founder and I have been on the Inc. 500 list 3 times with our top 3 year growth being 1977%
WeShape has over 1 million organic social media followers and growing FAST!
My Co-founder and I have generated over 200M in revenue in the health and fitness space!
The digital fitness market is set to grow by 33.1% EVERY YEAR through 2028!
We are on a mission to help women feel amazing in their body and rebuild self confidence :-)

Our Team

Back when I was a personal trainer, my clients always loved their results. But most people can't afford a personal trainer. And despite the rise of digital fitness, one-size-fits-all digital fitness programs don't seem to work either :-(

There needed to be a way for normal people to get an experience that felt like having a personal trainer but without the cost. So...

Finally a digital fitness product that creates customized, at-home workouts that meets your individual needs!

This is a BIG opportunity because Digital Fitness as a sector is growing FAST. And customized fitness is gonna grow even faster!

WeShape is in a unique position because the other Digital Fitness companies aren't affordable and require thousands up front :-(

WeShape even takes the time to solve the motivation problem too! In fact...

And WeShape isn't just an idea. We launched in December of 2021 and have been growing ever since! Just look a the growth in 2022...

WeShape was able to get traction and optimize the acquisition and customer satisfaction for scale using our proven model...

We developed this model after having 10 years of experience in selling fitness products online. As co-founders, we've sold over 200 MILLION in health and fitness products online and are using these skills to scale WeShape!

WeShape is even on the path to hit profitability in Q2 of 2023 and to continue scaling from there!

The above slide contains future projections which cannot be guaranteed.

We hope you decide to be a part of the WeShape team by investing!

The above slide contains projections which cannot be guaranteed.