Invest in We’re So Dead

A Comedy-Slasher Film for the Service Industry


of a $124,000 goal

120% of Principal + 50% of Gross Proceeds

Film Financing Agreement
$100, $500, $1K, $5K, $25K, $50K


Bitchy Waiter, and other influencers, can help reach an established audience of 5M.
We secured a $25k product placement deal that helps fund the film w/o affecting the investor pool.
We're well-positioned for self-distribution to avoid sharing profits with third parties.
You'll be an INVESTOR and have a financial stake in a restaurant film OWNED by restaurant workers!
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Our Team

Everyone industry deserves its own fun, scary movie that's made just for them. This will be ours.


"We're So Dead" is a big, fun slasher-comedy FOR the service industry BY the service industry. Influencers, bloggers, and creators from the restaurant business have come together to create the next iconic restaurant film.

Every community deserves their own scary movie that's made just for them. This will be ours. We're inviting everyone to come together to laugh, cry, and scream "DON'T GO IN THERE!"     

Ashley has to work Christmas. It’s DEAD. In more ways than one. The staff dreads being there and the customers are HELL. Worst of all, a killer is on the loose! A killer the servers call KAREN!

Her co-workers disappear to do bad things like drugs and each other. They fall victim to cruel but hilarious murders plots and painful one-liners.

As is the case on most shifts, Ashley must do everything herself. It's up to her to save the restaurant by getting this killer customer to finally CLOSE OUT.

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We're a scrappy group of filmmakers who found "temporary" homes as servers and bartenders. We're hoping to give back to the industry that shaped us with the next iconic restaurant film.

The Bitchy Waiter has been the voice of the service industry for over a decade, fostering a tight-knit community. He partnered with Shift Drinks Comedy to produce high-quality, server-life comedy films.  You've probably seen a few.

We've paired with YouTube and Tik-Tok influencers. We wanted to cast actors and personalities who found success outside of the Hollywood system! 

(Here are a few and we hope to cast more)

Aaron Goldenberg is a content creator with over 1 million Tik-Tok and IG followers. His platform gives voice to the LGBTQ community. As an actor, he's appeared on Lifetime, Netflix, BET, HBO, Amazon and more.

Ethan Trace is a Tip-Tok influencer and content creator with nearly 3 million followers. He’s a voice actor, cinematographer, musician, and his acting credits include Etowah Ridge, Twitchers, and Christmas Wish.

We've dealt with unemployment, understaffing, pissed-off customers, and death. We were thrown into public sooner than most, then called lazy and entitled. 

They're a special breed: kind and nurturing but bad-asses with raunchy senses of humor. Basically, they're the perfect characters to survive a horror movie!

What is Distribution?

Traditionally, it's how filmmakers are able to reach the masses by partnering with a distributor who collects 30% of the profits, on average.

But we already have the masses. It's you guys, the Bitchy Waiter Page, and all your friends! This sets us up nicely for self-distribution.

Why Self-Distribution?

1) If we control our promotion and distribution, we have power. We don’t have to sell distribution rights.

2) We won’t have to pay out third-party companies and can retain 100% of our movie.

3) We maintain complete control over marketing, pricing, and complete viewing experience. We get to choose when and where it goes up online (for VOD or streaming) and have the right to barter and negotiate.

4) We don’t have to wait for contracts to be finalized, or for content cycles or distribution cycles. In some cases, this process can take up to 15 years for investors to see a return.

5) Should we ultimately decide to partner with a distribution company, we’ll have the leverage to choose a reputable one and negotiate a fair deal.