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AI powered film incubator. Turning ideas into distribution-ready projects.

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$900k raised (angel & bootstrap funds)
Built by award winning industry pros from film, music and multimedia.
7.5k+ sign ups in first 48 hours (exclusive beta).
Patent-pending "PIN" technology (project intelligence & networking).

Our Team

By the time I turned 12 in Utah I realized that I had no connections or access into the entertainment industry- so I gave up. Now, looking back on my 3 decade career in entertainment I realize I need to give creatives like my younger self the belief and the platform to make their own opportunity.

Fund the AI powered film incubator that empowers content makers.

We The Project is an entertainment development platform for content makers to shape and grow their ideas into distribution-ready projects. Developed by industry professionals with over 200+ years of combined experience in commercially successful films and music. We remove the hurdles and guesswork along the creative journey. 

The entertainment industry is a $2.3 trillion business that is undergoing unprecedented change. The rise of streaming services and a call for greater representation in stories and talent has increased demand for new content exponentially. But after nearly a century of exclusion, a massive problem has been created. Minorities and underrepresented communities now lack the experience or connections to create distribution-ready projects and are missing out on today’s opportunities.

Their creative journey is overwhelmed with questions:

We The Project is an all-in-one content development platform with its own revolutionary PIN technology (Project Intelligence & Networking). It’s the smart content pipeline that’s sorely missing between independent content creators and distributors (studios and streaming services).

There are over 50+ million content creators. 48+ million are independent and still trying to break through- particularly female and creators of color. For them, the entertainment industry is currently a confusing maze of closed doors, procedure, and legal requirements with no clear path for securing distribution. 

We The Project removes this pain point with our patent pending PIN technology (project intelligence & networking)

Our technology maps out a project's direct path through the development journey.  It identifies production needs, uncovers team deficiencies and then offers up the solutions to fill them- including direct lines of communication to established industry pros (Direct Connect feature).  

Project creators will save precious time and money knowing that every investors & distributor requirement has been addressed along the way 

We also automatically organize these vital records and our project analytics into a complete professional package that makes it easy for buyers and distributors to say yes.

    We The Project is the smart content development and distribution pipeline that’s sorely missing between independent content creators and distributors.

    Already gaining early supporters in the industry.

    And growing!

    We The Project isn't just for creatives- it is an ecosystem that creates benefits for the entire entertainment community including talent (aspiring and established pros), fans, and investors.

    How the entertainment community supports and also benefits from the ecosystem.

    Every site user will have a unique opportunity to support, financially invest in, and join projects that connect with them

    We The Project offers seven revenue generating services including IP registration, Direct connect, crowdfunding, dealmaking, and premium services.

    The content market is booming and indie content continues to surge. Spending on Independent content is almost twice as much as Netflix and the five major Hollywood studios combined. Global indie spending is increasing 25.3% year over year.

    Tech development of our platform began in 2019. That same year we were selected for the Forbes’ 30 under 30 summit.

    We’ve successfully released our first closed beta with Over 7000 users accounts created- and are working closely with our community and advisory board to iterate on the next version of the site. We're working with industry leaders to create a smart roadmap to providing real content development solutions.

    You recognize that we are building the foundation for the most powerful independent content development pipeline in the world. We're looking for like minded visionaries who support the build out of this entertainment ecosystem and are excited to grow this media juggernaut with us. 

    You want to help discover and launch the careers of the next generation of diverse stars and influencers. We will be a powerful connector between underrepresented content makers and the real economic impact opportunities they need.  An investment in We The Project is the beginning of an exciting future in opening the doors to the entertainment industry for millions of creatives.

    You want to see more unique and independent projects succeed. Our entertainment ecosystem is a democratized system that will enable fan favorite projects to become more discoverable and gain access to buyers.

    More than a job site. We are building the entertainment ecosystem that empowers every filmmaker and musician in their creative journey. 

    Our team is comprised of award winning industry veterans who bring over 100+ years of combined experience in the entertainment industry - as well as thought leaders in marketplace, technology and more.