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🚀 PLANT BASED is the NUMBER ONE trend in food and beverage
🦄 Wahi Nutrition's retail footprint grew by 1400% from December 2020 to December 2021
🏋🏼‍♂️ Launched nationally in CVS HealthHUBs and Life Time Fitness locations in 2021
📈 85% of maximum raise will be used for new customer acquisition.

Our Team


Wahi Nutrition has tapped the NUMBER ONE TREND in food and beverage by infusing all of our beverages with pharmaceutical-grade plant extracts.

We have colored in the white space between bottled water and functional beverage.

Our beverages are curated to support five specific health functions. Our still line offers light flavor and is ideal for hydration during workouts. Launching in April 2022, our sparkling line offers a full flavored experience ideal for delicious hydration throughout the day. It also makes a great mixer 😄.

The bottled water and functional beverage categories are huge and exploding! By combining these categories by infusing plant extracts into water, Wahi has lit the fuse on further explosive growth! This drives our targeted focus on a core demographic of healthy lifestyle consumers.

The beverage space has seen tremendous acquisition activity as large beverage companies outsource their innovation to smaller beverage startups that make a splash. Our highly differentiated, on-trend product and aggressive growth strategy primes us to be next!

Our soft launch allowed us to evaluate the product, packaging, and pricing before scaling nationally. We focused on health-conscious early adopters by launching nationally with retailers like Life Time Fitness and CVS HealthHUBs. With Covid protocols easing, retailers are back to evaluating new products with an emphasis on products that support consumer health.

Wahi surpassed initial launch projections and anticipates “per-store” revenue growth as we expand our marketing activities.

In our first retailer with our first four SKU’s we ranked 4th, 5th, 11th and 13th in weekly revenue when compared to the 66 SKU’s wahiwater was positioned next to including vitaminwater, Gatorade, Powerade, Hint, SuperCoffee and BodyArmor. Simply put, we outperform the national brands!

In 2022 we will launch our own e-commerce platform that will allow for better marketing opportunities to drive online sales. Additionally, we will continue to be available on Amazon, which maintains our same retail margins.

FUNDING GROWTH! 85% of the proceeds from this Series A raise will be allocated toward retail growth and expand the e-commerce footprint to drive revenue. We’ll work to expand into retailers through our existing distributor and broker relationships and are continuing conversations with additional distributors that represent more than 42,500 retail locations.

We are in conversations and/or line reviews with retailers that represent over 45,000 new retail locations!

Our team has proven and extensive CPG and startup experience. Wahi’s founders started and sold their previous business to a public company in 2015. Wahi’s CEO was the former CEO of a national food brand for 17 years and has served in a multitude of other high ranking roles in the food and beverage industry throughout his career. Our VP of Sales has successfully launched CPG products nationwide!

We have a diverse and world-class pool of investors and advisors actively involved with the company. From athlete endorsers to venture capital and board of directors, we continue to expand our key investor network to help bring awareness to our products and expertise to the company.

We're focused on making our current 10 SKU’s a success in all retail, though we continue our journey of innovation by exploring new ways to deliver the healthy function of our plants. Effervescent tabs are an obvious choice to grow our product offering, broaden the consumer base, and offer more portability and sustainability. Tabs will likely launch in 2022. This would bring our product offering to 15 SKU’s, delivering five health functions through three platforms!