A pending $1.3 billion contract has Vuba poised to become a global driverless transit leader

Last Funded May 2021


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Vuba's driverless vehicle and guideway network provides a disruptive and profitable city transit solution
Improve billions of lives through faster, safer, sustainable transport.
World-class team with advanced designs and proven autonomous vehicle control technologies
Vuba has strong momentum and a straightforward path to unicorn valuation status

Our Team

20th century urban planning and transport solutions have failed. Cities are becoming more gridlocked, unhealthy and unsustainable while urban populations continue to grow. We MUST stop this trend and invent new revolutionary approaches to sustainable urban mobility. It is our moral obligation to build a healthy vibrant world for future generations.

The Vuba Story

Paul has spent 15 years developing innovative aircraft designs as an aerospace engineer and working with a number of startup companies. Most recently, he was COO for a company in the automated transit space. Paul knew he wanted to combine his previous experience with his passion for helping people – in particular, the people of Rwanda, the country where he met Phionah.

Paul Klahn, Peter Muller and Phionah Nyangoma

Peter, originally from South Africa, has spent two decades focusing on driverless transit. Peter and his company, PRT Consulting, are well-known internationally as top experts in the field.

Vuba: global team, global solutions

After deciding to work together two and a half years ago, they are now forging ahead with their shared vision of using driverless sustainable transit to provide mobility and jobs for people in need. Vuba, in partnership with the Government of Rwanda, is pursuing a city-sized driverless transport system in the capital city of Kigali, which is expected to be a $1.3 Billion project. This project alone is projected to increase Vuba's valuation 49 times from $8.1 million to 400 million.

Vuba Team

Urban Transportation is a Massive Global Problem That Vuba Solves

It’s clear that 20th century transportation solutions are failing. Cities worldwide have become terribly congested and blanketed in smog. Our planet is at risk of catastrophic climate change due to CO2 emissions and the use of fossil fuels. More than a million people die every year from traffic accidents, and many millions more are seriously injured. There is no question – we MUST develop new solutions to create a healthy and sustainable future. Vuba provides smart solutions to these massive global challenges.

We MUST create new solutions for urban mobility.

Vuba gets you there quickly!

Imagine requesting a ride via an app (or at a kiosk), and within a minute or less a driverless electric vehicle arrives at a nearby station to pick you up. Riding smoothly above traffic on an elevated guideway, you are taken non-stop to your destination: quickly, quietly, safely, using electricity from renewable sources. No fossil fuels, no air pollution, no CO2 emissions. Freely flowing transport, with no backed up intersections, no rush-hour congestion, no traffic accidents. Just quick, reliable urban transport at affordable prices.

Vuba provides an elegant solution for Smart City mobility.

Vuba provides an elegant public transportation system woven into the tapestry of your city, providing increased quality of life AND a profitable business model.

Profitable public transport for healthier, sustainable cities.

Help us create a healthier, sustainable world through Smart Mobility solutions.

How it works

Urban Operations

Medium Size Elevated Station

Station incorporated into a building

Mall station

Computerized Control System

The control system we are using has been operating driverless PRT vehicles in public service flawlessly for over 5 years.

Efficient Transportation System

A Multiple Benefit Value Proposition

Vuba operates under a narrow elevated guideway, taking passengers non-stop to their destination. We reduce congestion on existing streets while completely avoiding pedestrians and road traffic. Through the use of precision computer control, a single guideway can handle the same amount of traffic as six lanes of surface street.

A Vuba PRT system can reduce a city’s transport-related CO2 emissions by millions of tons over the life of the system. At the same time, we also eliminate other forms of air pollution and noise pollution, providing an enhanced quality of life for urban dwellers.

Installation of small columns instead of large road beds means quick construction and minimal environmental impact. Since Vuba typically uses existing rights of way, we avoid expensive land purchases and disruption to existing infrastructure. Hence, Vuba deploys a capital-lite model of urban transit. The costs of deploying the system is expected to be half the cost of building new roads and 1/5th of the cost of light rail. This, in combination with low operating costs due to solar powered and driverless vehicles transforms transit business economics. Instead of losses and negative returns, Vuba can deliver transit profit margins of 50%+ and returns on invested capital of 15%+.

Our elevated system reduces wear and congestion on city streets, and helps reduce the need for more parking space within the city.

We help increase property value and free up real estate for other more valuable purposes.

While standard modes of public transport require expensive subsidies, Vuba makes money

A single PRT vehicle can take 20 cars off city streets

We Make Money from Developing & Operating The Vuba System

The Vuba business model has mechanisms for both short-term revenue and long-term recurring revenue. Early revenue is attained through project development/management and sales of proprietary technology. Long term recurring revenue results from ongoing operations and maintenance of the system, and profit sharing from the project Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV - the company running the project). The business is expected to be profitable from the deployment and sale of the first Kigali PRT system segment

Sources of revenue


  • December 2018 - Letter of Support - Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority
  • January 2019 - Letter of Intent - Rwanda Development Board
  • April 2019 - Met President Kagame, President of Rwanda
  • May 2109 - Met with 4 ministers, mayor and senior officials - agreed to move forward
  • June 2019 - Delivered Pre-Feasibility Study
  • August 2019 - Delivered Financial Model
  • October 2109 - Engaged local tech partners
  • November 2019 - Delivered grant funding analysis
  • March 2020 - Rwandan Government commits to help fund project through equity investment in Vuba
  • July 2020 - Large Engineering/Procurement/Construction (EPC) Consortium expresses interest in funding and building Kigali PRT Project
  • September 2020 - International investment firm intends to finance Vuba and the full Kigali PRT Project (see letter of intent)
  • October 2020 - Presented proposed Special Purpose Vehicle $1,3 bill Financing Terms to Rwanda Minister of Infrastructure (positively received)
  • October 2020 - Agreed to terms for the formal, independent Kigali PRT Feasibility Study (International consulting firm with audited financials and transportation model) to be funded by the Government and completed by June 2021.
  • October 2020 - Identified two potential Kigali PRT pilot track locations: 1) Green City Kigali with FONERWA Green Fund and 2) connecting two bus ranks to downtown Kigali 
  • October 2020 - Established relationships with East African Finance Leaders including Rwanda Reserve Bank Chief Economist; Rwanda Stock Exchange CEO; Bank of Kigali CEO; Development Bank Rwanda CEO and two African funds
  • January 2021 - Invented unique high-speed switching system - a substantial improvement over established technology
  • Februry 2021 - CEO Paul Klahn in Rwanda meeting with government decision makers and stakeholders including Ministers and advisors to the President as well as potential Rwandan investors and industry partners
  • March 2021 - "Utility Patent Pending" for high-speed suspended PRT switch (see Updates)

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