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Last Funded March 2022


raised from 1,059 investors
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First-of-its-kind (and profitable!) media platform - Check our recent updates below!
7 (now 9!) movies & shows produced, one winning an Emmy
1000%+ Y-O-Y surging Producer Fee growth - this is the key that unlocks Voyage's future/scale
New podcast division yielding 6-figure revenues after only 3 months

Our Team

We believe great stories can come from anywhere, and that everyone deserves a fair shot!

Round **Closing** Updates

Since we opened the fundraise, our team has been hard at work, delivering these outstanding results:

  • 2 new movies produced since we launched the raise! Click to watch the Glasshouse Trailer
  • Voyage's 1st Lifetime Movie airs Saturday, January 15th at 8pm EST! Click here for more info
  • Major deals announced on a new movie, and our 2nd TV series! Click here for more info
  • 4x Apple top 100 podcasts in release, and a newly minted partnership to access over 3 million listeners!
  • 1st Podcast advertising revenue came earlier than projected!
  • Community growth in 2021 higher than projected!

The Big Idea:

Voyage is revolutionary new way to create original content for the over $2.6 trillion global Entertainment & Media industry.

Nov 4 Update: Click here for press on our latest movie deal on Deadline!

The platform opens the historically closed Hollywood, and liberates storytellers by providing access to world-class producers and the information previously held only by studios, distributors and talent agencies.

In 2017, we successfully built and grew our "Incubator" that connects storytellers and producers to create film and TV. 

In 2021, by connecting these storytellers & producers with our new "Audience Platform", we've found our new big idea. 

We are proud to unveil our bigger, bolder vision that leverages our community of storytellers, producers and now audiences across film, TV, podcasts, books, music and video games, and built on our newly minted audio-drama podcast division.

Update: Breaking Bad's Dean Norris on working with Voyage Media:

"Wattpad with Podcasts"

With our fast-growing listening audience, Voyage now joins companies like Wattpad (connecting writers and readers, acquired by Naver for $600 million) and podcast studios Wondery (acquired by Amazon for $300 million) and Gimlet Media (acquired by Spotify for $200 Million).

“Our new audience platform,, has given Voyage a whole new flywheel… a wonderful way for our storyteller clients to share stories with over 600 million listeners worldwide, a new advertising revenue stream, a way to test stories in the market and create traction, and ultimately a new way to share stories with the entertainment industry for the home-run paydays of movies and shows.”
  - Nat Mundel, Founder & CEO

Why Are We Raising Money?

This fundraise is an opportunity for the crowd to buy stock in our company before strategic investors and before mergers and acquisitions. 

And with all our Key Performance Indicators skyrocketing, the time is now.

Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed

Our Audio Drama Podcast Division Is Taking Off: We suspected the Audio Drama Podcast business would be a smart play for Voyage, but we didn't know just how quickly it would soar. While in Stealth Mode, we produced and released 3 audio dramas, all of which hit 'top 100' podcast charts on Apple, and started growing an audience network in the 10s of thousands. The division is already yielding mid-6 figure revenues and we are on pace to beat our own estimates:

Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed

The proceeds from this raise will be used to build our bold new future without risking working capital, and enable us to invest in new technology, the capability to exploit the whole new revenue streams podcasting presents, and ramp up the growth of our community of storytellers and audiences.

Our vision is to, by 2025 achieve a $200-300 million dollar valuation, by growing our storyteller-user base to 2.4m and producing 600 podcast episodes, 12 movies and over 100 television episodes every year. And with an audience of 100 million!

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed

By 2025, we map net profits at $21 million on gross revenue of over $58 million.

Our profit margins are so high because of our underlying financial model:

*We make money during the development of content. For all other studios in the world, development is an expense/liability, yet at Voyage, development is an income stream. These revenues are described in the chart below as "Incubator Revenue" and "Incubator Net Income".

*Not only do we make money during development of content, we also share in the content's upside with producer fees, profit sharing and ad-revenue. this is indicated in the chart below as "Producer Fee & Ad Revenue", or what we refer to as 'gravy'. 

Forward looking projections cannot be guaranteed

The Market

Voyage is well positioned to claim its unique piece of the over $2.6 trillion global Entertainment & Media industry.

Our business model lies where emerging trends in the market converge:

Forward-looking projections cannot be guaranteed.

Hear From Celebs Performing In Our Podcasts:

In a few short months of 'stealth mode', our audio drama podcasts have major celebs signed on. Dean Norris (Breaking Bad), Jonathan Frakes (Star Trek), Ethan Suplee (Wolf of Wall Street), Lili Taylor (American Crime, Ransom) & Michael Emerson (Lost) to name a few...

Watch Our Founder Discuss Our Bold New Vision:

Head of Originals & Head of Podcasts on Upcoming Releases:

Hear from Investors & Members of our Community:

In The News:

"Be Generous. We think of this as being generous with one’s spirit, time, knowledge and purpose. We think the industry at large is quite stingy in these areas so we seek to create a friendlier and more open path)..."   Read The Full Article
"Voyage Media launched its podcast production division with three new podcasts: scripted thrillers “Otzi the Iceman Must Die” starring Ethan Suplee (“Remember The Titans”)..."  Read The Full Article
"EXCLUSIVE: We’ve learned that Salt filmmaker Phillip Noyce is set to direct Alive Day, a feature adaptation of Samuel Hill’s military taskforce novel Six Days to Zeus: Alive Day..."   Read The Full Article
"Voyage Media, the industry's first incubator of original film and television content, today announced it is launching its eagerly anticipated podcast production division..." Read The Full Article

Why Invest Now:

Voyage has reached an inflection point and this is likely the last time we will raise money from the crowd. Our skyrocketing growth across all key performance indicators is now intersecting with massive industry trends, and we believe that the next 3-4 years will find us a very attractive acquisition target. Now is the time to get in.

“If you believe in the power of story to shape and change the world, if you believe that decentralized platforms will continue to take over industry after industry, and if you believe in our track record of doing what we say we’re going to do, then please join us as an owner!

We built Voyage to be a part of your story. Tell it.”
 -Nat Mundel, Founder & CEO.