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Building the World’s FIRST All-Electric Outdoors-Vehicle Manufacturer

Last Funded January 2021


raised from 999 investors


Outdoor powersports is booming with record growth, and a transition to EVs is inevitable.
We are currently the only 100% fully electric vehicle company for the outdoor powersports industry.
Patented magnetic torque-tunnel motors produce 2X the torque in 1/2 the size of other motor brands.
Aiming to be the Tesla of the $10B outdoor powersports industry.

Our Team

The outdoor powersports market is growing rapidly with a transition to fully electric vehicles inevitable. Volcon products will allow people to enjoy the outdoors with fun, reliable powersports vehicles that provide an enhanced riding/driving experience while minimizing the impact on the environment.

It's time. We are building the world's FIRST all-electric outdoor powersports company.

In a world that is aggressively moving towards an electrified future for all vehicles, thanks to Tesla, there is one segment that has lagged behind the automobile industry—outdoor powersports.

Today’s off-road vehicles are bulky, unreliable, and overpriced. So, we made Volcon, which is better designed, reliable, and affordable. Our mission is to make the highest quality off-road vehicles in the world... and they’re completely electric.

CEO Andy Leisner is a former world championship, motorcycle-racing competitor who brings 25 years of executive experience in the powersports industry to this role. He was previously Senior Vice President, and Managing Director of Bonnier Motorcycle Group, the world’s largest powersports media company. He has also been a three-term industry-elected Board Member for the Motorcycle Industry Council, the industry trade association group for all powersports in America.

COO Bruce Riggs is a past SVP and COO of Compal Electronics' Smart Device Group as well as SVP and GM of Quanta. He has experience with tier-one domestic and international electronics manufacturing and operations. He is a past chairman of the IEEE1625 Battery Standard.

The company is based in the emerging EV tech hub, Austin Texas where Tesla, Hyliion and Ayro are located. Volcon also has a partnership with pioneering electric motor developer and manufacture, Linear Labs.

Volcon is an innovator in the powersports industry introducing advanced
frame materials, a powerful, all weather, electric drive train, and
leading lithium battery chemistry to deliver on our commitment to quiet
enjoyment of the outdoors.

The Volcon vehicles are built in Central Texas, using a domestic chromoly frame, IP protected hub and frame-mounted motors, and Tier 1 battery and battery management components with proven reliability in off-road applications. Our development and production facility in Round Rock, Texas showcases electric vehicle technologies, a build-to-order production model, and accessory, configuration and charging options to fit the vehicles to your needs.

For Work. Forget big, bulky trucks with all the bells and whistles (and the price tag that comes with them). Volcon’s sleek, lightweight, all-electric UTVs provide a cost-effective, sustainable alternative that doesn’t break the bank. Volcon is making work fun again.

For Play.  The great outdoors is a place to escape. To adventure. A place to push you to your limits. And get things done. At Volcon, we design and build the most extraordinary electric vehicles that are transforming the way you think about and experience the outdoors. From hunting and fishing to adrenaline-seeking adventure and farming, our high-quality, USA-made electric vehicles are durable enough to take your journey or task to the next level.

Much of the farm equipment on the market today is bulky, unreliable, and overpriced. The same can be said for today’s off-road vehicles.

Carrying heavy loads and hauling cargo across acres of land can be an expensive, time-consuming task. And with 1100-1300 moving parts, internal combustion engines break down so often that the maintenance and upkeep can cost as much as the vehicle itself.

We started Volcon as a way to solve these problems for outdoor workers with the performance and versatility to wow outdoor enthusiasts, as well as an ultra-reliable engine made up of just two-moving parts. And the market is booming. 

One of the biggest advantages of an electric powertrain is torque. There is no need to build engine RPM or spool up turbocharger-boost pressure. And electric UTV has full torque anytime and all the time.

Electric motors are compact and lightweight and can be placed in differing locations within a vehicle to change handling characteristics and payload capacities. Electric vehicles have a design advantage with the ability to place motors anywhere. They are not limited by putting a 1000-pound internal combustion engine and transmission under the hood.

At the heart of any eclectic vehicle is the propulsion system. Volcon is one of the first companies to utilize the patented magnetic torque-tunnel motor technology developed by Linear Labs which delivers twice the torque in half the size of other leading motor brands. This technology was awarded the esteemed Frost & Sullivan's New Product Innovation Award for 2020.

With the money raised in this offering, we will continue to aggressively build on the Volcon brand to solidify our spot as the only 100% dedicated electric vehicle manufacturer in the powersports industry. The development of our line of vehicles will accelerate, manufacturing capacity will increase and we will continue to expand the Volcon team with qualified professionals. 

Our capital raising roadmap includes a planned NASDAQ IPO either in Q3 of 2021 or in Q1 of 2022. Depending on market conditions, these plans are subject to change.  

Volcon vehicles don’t live in concept labs and pitch decks, they live in the dirt, the sand, and the deep woods. Our roadmap features a vehicle lineup focused on the largest growing segments of the powersports market to become the future of outdoor work and adventure.

In early 2021, riders will experience the power of silence as the Grunt begins shipping worldwide. We invite you to join us as a visionary partner by investing in Volcon today, as we define the powersports experience of tomorrow.

We have the grit, passion, and determination to move the world towards a more sustainable future where all adventure is clean, quiet, and safe. Our collective mission is to enhance the outdoor experience while reducing our environmental footprint. We want to allow adventurers and workers alike to enjoy the outdoors with peace of mind for generations to come. It’s time to take your journey to the extreme. Join us! What're you waiting for?