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AI, rewards and gamification to simplify chronic disease management for patients and their families



of a $50,000 goal
Future Equity
 $3M  $2.4M valuation cap
Early Bird Bonus: The first $50K of investments will be in a SAFE with a $2.4M valuation cap


Closed deal with pharmacy chain, integrated with ERP for payment and meds delivery for best UX
Support from lead investors with great pharma and biotech experience to close $180k pre-seed funding
Our pilot is Going Live! It will provide us with key proof-of-concept data and initial revenue
Our amazing team! We add over 60yrs experience in healthcare and over 25yrs in loyalty programs

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AI, rewards and gamification to make chronic disease management simpler for patients and their families

As you go over these slides, I invite you to think of those you love that struggle to properly manage their chronic conditions. On how, your investment will help us grow faster than we could on our own, and reach millions of patients to help them change their lives and that of their families.

I'll tell you about the problem we solve, how we solve it, and our progress so far. Right between the video and the highlights section, there's a tab to ask questions that will get directly to my inbox, please feel free to ask anything, I will be happy to answer.

Thanks for your interest in VITia, I look forward to having you as our shareholder!

- fernando

Fernando Siva, CEO

The problem

Properly managing their condition is a challenge to any patient suffering a chronic condition, eventually leading to treatment dropout altogether. 

Statistics are staggering. Almost 1 in 6 Americans experience complications for not following doctors’ recommendations, causing a massive $290B in losses to the US healthcare system.

A complex problem. Its root causes

During my tenure in big pharma, I could not find a solution to help patients change their behavior, but it was not until my wife was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis that I made it my mission to solve this problem. 

We’ve learned that there are several reasons why patient struggle; cost of drugs, side effects, lack of motivation, access to treatment, poor patient-doctor communication, and poor knowledge about condition and medications.

Our solution

At VITia we are delivering the most complete approach to help patients manage their condition, by attacking the four root causes that we’ve learnt to have the greatest impact.

Please let me show you how in the next four slides:

How VITiaCARE works

Health literacy, helping patients better understand their conditions and how their treatments work.

  • Patients, or their approved caregivers, input health information
  • This is used to provide them with daily tasks and their doctors with key data

2.  Communication, fostering meaningful conversations with doctors and connecting with community. Patients invite their doctors, family members and caregivers to connect.

  • Everyone is aligned on care needs
  • Patients, family and caregivers get tailored tasks, and
  • Doctors get key data for follow up visits

3.  Access, simplifying reminders & refills, particularly for patients on multiple drugs,

  • Patients input their prescriptions.
  • Will get reminders when it’s time to take their drugs and/or to get refills.
  • Can order and pay for their drugs in the app

4.  Motivation, through gamification and providing incentives, in the form of VITia Points, patients are rewarded for healthy habits and following doctor’s recommendations.

In summary, patients get rewarded for all actions leading to improve their health!!

Value proposition

Inspired in frequent flyer programs, we are working to create a coalition, just as they partner with hotels, car rental companies, restaurants and other travel-related products and services, we will partner with bio-labs, eye & ear care retailers, caregiver agencies, etc.

Patients will benefit from a wide array of services, where they can both earn and redeem their VITia Points.  Aligning incentives of all healthcare players!

Today, we are starting our coalition partnering with a pharmacy chain.

Our competitive advantage

Our competitors have only focused to solve one of these problems, not being sufficient to help patients change their behavior.  Our holistic approach is the difference.

Our Business Model

We are a B2B2C model, we get our users from our customers (pharmaceutical and insurance companies, and healthcare systems) and from our partners, those members in the coalition I mentioned before, like the pharmacy, bio labs, etc.

We will also approach users directly through patients’ and doctors’ associations and through social media. 

How we make money

VITiaCARE is free to users (patients, their doctors, and caregivers) and we want to to keep it that way.

We have two sources of revenue:

  1. From customers, pharma, and insurance companies. We help pharma increase their revenue by improving adherence to their medications, and insurance companies to limit expenses of disease complications related to non-adherence. They pay a monthly fee per patient and an annual fee for aggregated patient data.
  2. From Partners (pharmacies and other healthcare companies), to increase loyalty to their products and services, will pay us a commission on sales and a fee for VITia Points awarded to patients.Business intelligence for customers and partners

Total Addressable Market (TAM)

Conservative numbers project Patient Support Programs (PSPs) to a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.3% from 2023 to reach $18.3B in 2030 (Grand View Research) and loyalty management market to grow at CAGR of 17.5% to reach $22.8 in 2028 (Markets and Markets). Extrapolating these numbers for U.S. and Latin America we estimate the combined market will reach $52B, making it feasible for us to reach $150M in revenue!

A strong team with complementary abilities

Solving such a complex problem, requires great expertise, I cannot do it alone.  I’m thrilled to introduce you to my amazing team:

  • Alex, our CTO, one of the sharpest minds I know, a mathematician and computer science engineer with deep knowledge on loyalty programs and proven results in growing customer base at Aeromexico Rewards.
  • Kasia, our CMO (Chief Medical Officer) she has a rare combination of sound scientific knowledge with great marketing acumen in the US and globally, with great success in global launches under her belt.
  • Cesar, CFO, a leader in financial operations with great expertise in public markets and managing financials of loyalty programs. He's dealt with large problems in public companies, and helped moved ahead successfully.
  • Jes, VP of Patient Support, with over 12 years helping patients to better manage their chronic conditions, helping patients reach 92% adherence in our previous venture.

Hands-on Advisor

Among our team of co-founders we are also proud to have Tati among us, our US Strategy Advisor, with over 15 years in healthcare with hands on experience in the US market, and successful product launch experience.


We are launching a paid pilot with at least 120 patients from our partner pharmacy chain.

The pilot will not only bring our initial revenue from commissions and VITia Points, but also provide us with key data to bring customers, new partners and be the basis to launch a study in the US with the Latino population, as we adapt the platform the differences in health systems.

Our Wefunder round

We are raising $124,000 on Wefunder to further develop our product and boost marketing efforts to reach 1,000 patients and $6,000 in MRR by month 9.

With a $10,000 burn rate, funds will give us 12-month runway, our goal is to put VITia in a position where we are able to raise a $1M seed round with a minimum $10M post-money valuation

Our goal: move fast to profitability

We have three major milestones:

  1. Launch our paid pilot
  2. Gather data to perform analytics
  3. Bring revenue from new customers and partners to reach at least $6,000 to $9,000 MRR.

Our aim is to be in a position to raise anywhere between $500k to $1M round by Q1 2025 and keep expenses under control to reach profitability next year.

Note: future projections are not guaranteed

Why VITia, why now?

Join us in this exciting journey!

The interaction we've had with users, customers and partners makes us confident that we will transform patient care, but we cannot do it alone, and need to move faster, this is where you come in, by completing this pre-seed round we will have the resources to both launch a powerful marketing campaign to communicate our results and to incorporate the main upgrades that our pilot users tell us we need.