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Remote Monitoring Software that Detects Early Heart and Lung Disease Before it’s Irreversible

Last Funded May 2022


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💸 $150M Potential ARR from Current LOIs (not guaranteed)
💸 Opportunity of all potential academic and industrial partners within our network amounts to $1.8B
🌎 TAM of ~$55B for Remote Physiological Monitoring & ~$100B for Employer Wellness Market
❤️ VIRONIX outperforms standard-of-care in detecting/triaging Heart Failure, COPD & Asthma Flare-ups

Our Team

Heart and lung disease deterioration events are leading causes of global death/morbidity with a price tag of $100s of billions in hospitalization, treatment, lost productivity, and mental illness. It is well known that early intervention at home constitutes the best opportunity for real global prevention and increased quality-of-life.

Why Vironix?

Throughout the 20th century, healthcare was all about acute care. When you got sick, you called a doctor. As the century progressed, infectious diseases decreased and chronic illness became the most common cause of death. But healthcare never really evolved beyond its acute, treatment-based model of yesterday.

Today, cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the leading cause of death globally. An estimated 17.9 million people died from CVDs in 2019 – representing 32% of all global deaths and one death every 34 seconds in the US alone.

At Vironix, we believe this is preventable. Using our technology, patients and doctors can detect and intervene early on heart and lung disease while they still have time. So far, we’ve completed a paid beta and POC and signed MOUs for patient monitoring and SaaS contracts representing a $150M ARR. We also have strong clinical efficacy data, peer-reviewed publications, and partnerships with the best R&D institutions in the US.

In Twelve Years Half of All Americans will be Living with CVD

The soaring rates of CVD not only take a heavy toll on the lives and wellness of Americans, but healthcare expenses are overwhelming national and corporate budgets. Treating the advanced stages of chronic disease is just too expensive for everybody. Thus there is an urgent need for early detection and proactive intervention on cardiovascular health degeneration. If addressed at the right time, this can positively impact all sections of society.

The money spent on direct medical services, follow-up costs, prescription drugs, and home health or nursing care for CVD well exceed that of any other disease. Moreover, the indirect costs of CVD such as productivity loss in the workplace and at home have damaging consequences. CVD & respiratory illness put enormous financial pressure on the patient, while seriously impacting quality of life due to the constant risk of death and persistent anxiety.

Meanwhile, Americans pay the world’s highest health-related taxes. Overall, US health expenditures have soared over the past 50 years, and the taxpayers’ shares have grown substantially. This trend seems likely to continue. US healthcare spending reached $4.1 trillion in 2020 – accounting for 19.7% of GDP – while public expenditures on healthcare (taxpayer dollars) accounted for nearly 50% of all spending.

Finally, the annual cost of preventable heart and lung disease to employers and health insurance providers is over $400 billion. The average premium for employer-sponsored family health coverage increased 22 percent over the last five years and 54 percent over the last ten years.

Our Preventative Solution

The expensive and intensive treatments of the past do not have to become a reality for many Americans. Scores of early and moderate-stage patients can actually bypass these setbacks with a proper diet, sleep, and medication.

That’s where Vironix comes in. Our AI-enabled, therapeutic monitoring software tracks disease progression to help patients and caregivers identify recurring health deterioration episodes. If detected, these can be managed early and are readily addressed in the home with the help of:

  • Remote physiological monitoring
  • Chronic care management
  • AI-detection of heart and lung failure

Profound Detection and Early-Stage Intervention from the Comfort of the Patient’s Home

Vironix is an incredibly easy, fast, and accessible way to monitor the onset of illness. This kind of monitoring prevents mild illnesses from progressing to severe illnesses, which account for a large portion of healthcare spending.

Our AI-enabled therapeutic monitoring software collects, analyses and interprets data in real time. Our medical devices such as spirometers, pulse oximeters, blood pressure cuffs or weight scales enabled through APIs are driven by intelligent and advanced technology – yet it’s surprisingly simple and intuitive.

At the same time, Vironix offers disease-specific solutions while taking into account a patient’s other diagnoses. We use machine learning algorithms to collect data on patients and to identify statistically significant deviations from normal health. In short, Vironix tells people when their body is getting sick before their body tells them (in less pleasant ways).

What Makes Vironix a More Effective Preventer of Chronic Disease?

Our Technology:
Therapeutic monitoring focuses on specific medical conditions instead of trying to diagnose everything at once.

Our Methodology:
Our devices are simple and intuitive with superior adoption. Results are generated rapidly and in real-time.

Ahead of Our Time:
We use a mix of proprietary machine-learning and clinical models that outperform standard-of-care. Our models are trained using accurate, real-time data collected during disease progression (versus medical records) and are globally representative.

Doing all three of these things right is extremely hard, which gives Vironix strong competitive protection (and a truly unfair advantage).

The Science Behind Vironix 

Our positive results are backed by 6 years of clinical efficacy data from top scientists and research institutes. Vironix collaborated with Oxford University and other institutions to conduct comparison studies between Vironix prediction methods and the current standard-of-care. The following results are based on the study of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Asthma, and Heart Failure:

Our algorithms outperformed panels of specialists (pulmonologists, cardiologists, etc.) in identifying exacerbations and triaging their severity in hundreds of clinically and statistically diverse patient scenarios. Vironix's superior diagnostic accuracy and triage accuracy means we can send people to the right place for the care they need. Our next closest competitor is WebMD, which reaches 56 percent in diagnostic accuracy.

** Note that Vironix's AI products evolve and improve every day. The above figures include peer-reviewed algorithm performance and clinical efficacy data spanning 6 years of our research. Vironix's current AI capabilities incorporate methods from the above studies, but our products implement a broader and more advanced set of prediction models and user workflows.**

We’re Young… But We’re Already Attracting Key Players in Healthcare!

Established in April of 2020, Vironix has made significant headway having completed a beta test and a proof of concept. We’ve also signed Memorandums of Understanding with the Vancouver Clinic in Washington, Landon Pediatric Foundation, and established Letters of Intent with Bodimetrics – a leader in deploying multi-parameter devices to streamline the collection and analysis of vital signs and health trends. This opportunity alone grants us a potential annual revenue opportunity of $150 million.

Our pilot patients have shown statistically significant improvements in symptom severity, quality-of-life, and medication adherence with a 73% trial compliance. We also saw a sizable increase of 35-40% retention for patients using our mobile app. This drastically outperforms other mobile apps across healthcare and other industry verticals, and has twice the adoption we assumed in our revenue calculations.

According to our estimates, the complete market opportunity of all potential academic and industrial partners within our network amounts to $1.8 billion. But considering the global applications of the product, we are merely scratching the surface.

Competitive Edge: Our Targeted Approach to the Individual Patient’s Needs

Our API-leading software has a complete edge over other products in the market. Not only is our technology scalable across geographies at low cost, it can be programmed across diseases.

Additionally, because our API handles chronic care management and therapeutic monitoring in addition to normal remote patient monitoring, we help providers generate more revenue than any other remote remote monitoring product on the market.

Moreover, Vironix’s condition-specific focus on respiratory gives us an early mover advantage. This feature provides targeted and comprehensive monitoring as opposed to a more generalized approach to physical health monitoring. Unlike regular APIs, Vironix encodes the complete patient experience. When asking patients about their health, the entire logic and sequence of the questions they receive is customized for that individual.

This makes it simpler for companies to apply our technology to their products or build custom software into ours which, in turn, increased the industrial use cases of Vironix exponentially.

We Own Our Intellectual Property

Using our patent pending early detection technology (USPTO: 63/316,078), we not only make predictions but encode the patient experience with preventative care software. As a result, we’ve successfully gathered clinical patient data indicating that our solution improves health. We’ve also published peer-reviewed studies with the best academic research institutions in the world.

Business Model: Subscriptions… Our Aim to Accelerate Vironix’s Growth

We generate revenue through multiple streams – none of which require upfront payments from patients or physicians:

Vironix recruits and administers its product to physicians
(we act as a remote monitoring arm of the doctor). This model generates $100-$400 per patient, per month through established health insurance reimbursement CPT codes which then gets shared with Vironix so as to eliminate any risk on the physician or upfront investment of capital or time.

We directly bill wearables companies and institutions
with existing patient facing software in a B2B2C fashion . These folks use our cloud algorithms in their existing products to give their customers a doctor in their pocket free of charge.

We're also unlocking massive growth opportunities by transitioning from end-to-end SaaS sales to device and premium monthly subscription sales. Users will not only get the additional features they've been asking for bundled with wearables, they'll also become a part of the Vironix ecosystem. Although Vironix is being tested in other markets, we're currently focused on scaling our presence in the US and unlocking the massive potential of a $8.47 billion market.

Our Projected Revenue

*Forward looking projections (not guaranteed).

We Have Decades of Clinical and Product Experience

Our multi-disciplinary team and world-class partnerships comprise top physicians, technologists, healthcare entrepreneurs, and data scientists with past successful exits, large professional networks, and numerous peer-reviewed publications.

We also have R&D partnerships with Oxford University, Duke University, and Kaiser Permanente to name a few.

We’ve Won Over Doctors, Accelerators, and Institutions

Vironix is on its way to dominating global markets. We have a growing user base, and people around the world are highly receptive to remotely diagnosing their symptoms using Vironix. 

Featured in Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid national and regional air time on cable news networks:

Here's what Pulmonologist, Dr. Nicholas Wysham had to say about Vironix AI:

“Get In” on a Market Experiencing Explosive Growth

HealthTech investments more than doubled in 2021, and this interest isn’t going anywhere as the healthcare industry faces mounting pressure from patients to swiftly adopt affordable and innovative tech solutions. The majority of the deals in 2021 were early-stage, indicating room for growth in this space.

Cardiovascular diseases are ubiquitous and cost the global healthcare market billions. Thankfully, research suggests people are taking their health and wellness much more seriously, especially in the past 2-3 years. Meanwhile, the global cardiovascular diagnostic testing industry generated $6.87 billion in 2020 and is estimated to reach $15.43 billion by 2030 (growing at a CAGR of 8.3% from 2021 to 2030).

Now is the IDEAL time to INVEST

We’re raising capital to roll out our product to our existing network of 300,000 prospective patients. The next step in this process will be pilot execution and continued product development. Our go-to-market strategy is to aggressively bring these invaluable healthcare products to patients, providers, and global institutions.

We're excited to give our users and supporters investment access on the ground floor. Together, we're bringing Vironix to the mass market, giving more people the opportunity to diagnose early and act quickly – not just those affluent enough to visit clinics for treatment by specialists.

Here’s what our lead investor, Larry Yuhasz, had to say after he decided to invest in Vironix:

“I am a big believer in Remote Patient Monitoring technology to extend the reach of clinicians, and also the application of AI to improve the capacity of monitoring and detection to improve prevention and treatment outcomes. Vironix has made significant strides in this area. Combined with their experienced leadership team and support from a variety of clinical advisors, I am confident in their ability to execute and grow value. They already have in place both research that supports their clinical efficacy and pilot sites that demonstrate real-world implementation. Additional funding will help to expand their functionality and further their capacity to tap both revenue streams they currently are pursuing, and additional ones they see on the horizon.”

By investing in Vironix right now, you’ll participate in the upside alongside VCs, financial institutions, and professional investors. You’ll also get some exceptional perks!