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Invest in Vironix Health Inc.

Vironix remote therapeutic monitoring detects heart and lung disease early


💸 $150 million Potential ARR from Current LOIs (not guaranteed)
🎓 2021 Mass Challenge Accelerator Alum & ✊ Certified Minority Controlled Enterprise
🤝 R&D collaboration & advisory board seat with Oxford University
❤️ VIRONIX outperforms standard-of-care in detecting/triaging Heart Failure, COPD & Asthma Flare-ups
📜 Patent Pending on early detection technology (USPTO: 63/316,078)
🏆 2022 most promising tech company founded & managed by Indians in the U.S. - Silicon India
📖 Peer-reviewed publications and Invited Talks with Duke, Kaiser-Permanente, & Oxford
💪 APIs raise wellness, scale globally, & grow revenue for caregivers

Our Team

Heart and lung disease deterioration events are leading causes of global death/morbidity with a price tag of $100s of billions in hospitalization, treatment, lost productivity, and mental illness. It is well known that early intervention at home constitutes the best opportunity for real global prevention and increased quality-of-life.

Why Vironix?

We’ve created a remote patient care solution that saves lives and raises quality of life through intelligent monitoring of Heart failure, asthma, COPD, and other acute respiratory illnesses.

The Problem:

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death globally.

🙍 That’s one death every 56 seconds.

Either you or someone you know has been impacted by heart or lung disease.

People diagnosed with or at risk of Heart Failure, COPD, Asthma, & Acute Respiratory Illness face constant risk of death, hospitalization, massive healthcare expenditures, and persistent anxiety driven by singular health deterioration episodes (exacerbations & infections) that, if detected and managed early, are readily addressed at home with diet, medication, and rest.

The cost of preventable heart and lung disease to employers and health insurance providers is over $400 Billion a year.


VIRONIX makes AI-enabled therapeutic monitoring software that helps people to catch and intervene early on dangerous health deterioration episodes.

Our key differentiation is that we simultaneously:

1) 💖outperform standard-of-care in identifying and triaging heart and lung flare-ups

2) 🧬reduce patient symptom severity, raise medication adherence, and increase quality-of-life

3) 🧑🏻‍⚕generate significant new revenue for caregivers (up to $300 per patient per month) through established health insurance reimbursement codes.

4) 🎲provide AI-personalized and gamified software along with biometric monitoring devices to patients free of charge.

5) 🩺seamlessly integrate into existing physician/patient software/hardware

Consequently, patient safety and health go up, provider revenue goes up, and global mortality/morbidity goes way down.

Our team comprises the top physicians, technologists, healthcare entrepreneurs, and data scientists in the world with past successful exits, large professional networks, resources, and numerous peer-reviewed publications. 

We also have R&D collaborations with Oxford University, Duke University, and Kaiser Permanente to name a few.

To learn more about Vironix AI, watch our documentary with actor Dennis Quaid:

** Note that Vironix's AI products evolve and improve every day. The above figures include peer-reviewed algorithm performance and clinical efficacy data spanning 6 years of our research. Vironix's current AI capabilities incorporate methods from the above studies, but our products implement a broader and more advanced set of prediction models and user workflows.**

How it Works

Check out our interview with Pulmonologist, Dr. Nicholas Wysham to hear his thoughts on Vironix AI: 

VIRONIX requires no upfront investment from patients or physicians. We don’t get paid until our customers get paid!

Vironix generates up to $300 per patient per month for caregivers, paid for by insurers under established CPT codes. 

To date, VIRONIX has:

  • a paying beta customer,
  • a completed POC with an $8B ARR system integration partner,
  • strong clinical efficacy data,
  • letters of intent for patient monitoring, SaaS, and employer wellness contract representing a $1.8 billion revenue opportunity.

Vironix represents:

  • Strong customer adoption following successful commercial pilots
  • Attractive ROI
  • Exit potential via M&A/IPO

🥇We are doing it better than anyone else:

How we plan to grow your investment:

We’re raising capital to fund pilot completion, product development, and go-to-market strategy to aggressively bring these invaluable healthcare products to patients, providers, and global institutions.