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Filtering Manure in Real-Time. The Barn of the Future!

Last Funded March 2022


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🥩 We anticipate each project producing $4M+ of protein per year. People eat in any economy (projections not guaranteed).
💪 We aim for each project to create 42 farm-to-table jobs.
♻️ We believe that Viroment’s high-tech barns will offer lower costs, less regulation, and a sustainable process.
🏅 High-Tech Barn of The Future! Award-winning technology.

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THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY to raise livestock and with less odor.  We loved our initial odor eliminating test performance so much that we pivoted to owning the barns with our cutting-edge technology included.  The reason we care is that each project creates 42 PERMANENT JOBS and $4M in EXPORT PROTEIN each year!


This is an investment in Viroment Equity LLC, a subsidiary of Viroment Capital, LLC. The pictures and non-forward-looking statements below are in relation to the parent company and not the subsidiary for which this campaign is offering equity in.


We are offering our investors an opportunity to own equity in our REAL-TIME MANURE PROCESSING BARNS.  Viroment Facilities are pre-leased to the world's leading producers on 15-YEAR ALL-INCLUSIVE GUARANTEED LEASES!

(Founders pictured providing $4,012,000 in personal funding on project #1!)


  • 336 Permanent agricultural jobs 
  • $64,000,000 in affordable food for families each year
  • Reducing manure footprints by up to 98%
  • Conserve up to 68,000,000 of water each year
  • Eliminates Odor - Clean Air
  • Healthier Environment
  • Projected investor 10-yr ROI average of 22% per year!


A typical pork production barn has a cost to dispose of its manure between $.02-$.03 / gallon.  A traditional large barn may spend $150,000 - $200,000 on disposal per year on fuel, equipment, and labor.

The Viroment system processes all the manure in real-time through a disinfection and filtration system resulting in a dry valuable solids cake that is converted off-site into a high-value pellet win exceeding $200,000 - $250,000.

The bottom line win is a net total cash flow win of around $400,000 per year.  


  • Step 1    Build two facilities using investor funds (10%) and our personal resources (90%)
  • Step 2    Repeat re-investing the cash flow until we reach 8 completed projects
  • Step 3    Distribute profits amongst all shareholders equally.

Projected ROI = 22.6% (projected) year on year first ten years with all the advantages of depreciation on these massive assets pre-leased to top-tier industry leaders.

It is really that simple!


We build and then lease (with our technology built-in ) to the world's top pork producers on 15-year guaranteed contracts. These client contracts are triple-net with the lessee paying for all expenses. We never move dirt until we have a 15-yr lease in hand from a best-in-class high credit client to ensure a guaranteed equation for cash flow.


Viroment barns are fitted with award-winning manure filtration technology eliminating odors in real-time while creating a high-value dry fertilizer. We filter the manure in real-time every hour of every day!


  • Existing dated facilities produce unwanted odor - not so popular with neighbors!
  • High environmental impact - Large waste disposal footprint - Farm Smell for EVERYONE!
  • Global demand for pork increases 5% per year; Supply housing stock cannot keep pace


  • Odors Eliminated 
  • Low impact - Sludge footprint reduced by up to 98%
  • Our high-tech facilities are leased pre-construction and in high demand
  • The barns provide a healthier growing and working environment!
  • The animals are "de-stressed" due to no longer breathing in manure fumes.

Filtered water is re-looped for reuse. Sustainable!


Paul Koenig, CEO

Paul Koenig

Paul was raised on a family “Century Award” farm in central Minnesota USA and later attended the University of Minnesota. The inventor of award-winning technology paved the way to becoming an international expert speaker on wastewater filtration.

(November 2017) Paul was invited to Asia to participate in the historic US Commercial Services Trade Mission event held at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing China.

Media Link: Viroment Secures Agreement with global giantHangzhou Iron & Steel

Russ Vering, Partner

Russ Veering

Russ owns and operates two feed mills in partnership with a large Cooperative. The feed mill, Central Plains Milling, manufactures feed for traditional livestock. Russ attended the University of Nebraska near where he was raised and operates his successful mills

Russ Vering - Pure Nebraska Television

Russ has been recognized for his participation in The National Pork Board Transportation Quality Assurance Task Force and related work in Washington D.C.

(London, England) USA Pork Producer's Council representative Russ Vering with Costco UK

Russ is a board member of the Nebraska Pork Producers Council. Russ participates in US trade missions and is an advisor for government oversight and regulatory compliance.

Chris Reimers, Partner

Chris Reimers

Chris is originally from nearby West Point, Nebraska. Chris attended the University of Nebraska‑Lincoln majoring in Agricultural Engineering. Recently, Chris played an integral role in the Costco “1 Billion Bird Facility” in Nebraska: Costco's 1,000,000,000 Bird Project.

Chris’s current footprint includes manure marketing that spans across their 8,000 barns‑built client‑base across the Central USA. Chris’s top clients control 80% of the regional livestock space.


Viroment has been featured in Forbes, Fortune Magazine, MSNBC, Reuters, China TV, Global Water Intelligence Magazine, South China Morning Post, Japan Times, Caixin Global (China), Financial Times, Biz Journals, Yahoo Finance, China Daily & Daily Mail (United Kingdom).


Hurricane Harvey (Houston, Texas) Viroment deployed several processing units to assist the City of Houston’s Wastewater Treatment plant in responding to the natural disaster. The emergency response has led to a continued partnership and processing at their facilities to this day.

US Commercial Services Trade Mission (Asia) Viroment executed an $800M partnership agreement with government-owned Hangzhou Iron and Steel. The contract signing was witnessed by both US President Trump and China President Xi at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on November 9th, 2017.