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ViiT Health

Non-Invasive Painless Glucometer Monitors Blood Sugar Levels With Top Accuracy

Last Funded March 2022


raised from 407 investors


Immediate disruption of the global invasive glucometer market estimated at $+10B USD.
Background Dev company raised $+2M for R&D by leading private and public investors.
Twice selected for funding by the Mexican National Council for Science and Technology.
Massive potential market of 422M diabetics worldwide, and 88M prediabetics in the U.S. alone.
Cutting-edge proprietary AI can be expanded to painlessly measure other key health conditions.
Strategic alliances with Iasotek, Arrowhead Center and Mexico City Innovation and Technology Agency.
Supported a leading US Family Office and Monaco Foundry.

Our Team

Diabetes is one the highest rising mortality causes in the world. Due to sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy diets is poised to affect anyone around you. We realize that the only way to revert it and save lives is through strong prevention campaigns and effective individual monitoring.

ViiT Health is on a mission to deliver the future of personal healthcare: easier, faster, and more accurate disease prevention and management with AI-assisted health monitoring technology. Starting with the ViiT Gluco 1.0, a one-of-a-kind glucometer that uses spectroscopy, not pricking or consumables.

With an increase in sedentary lifestyles and inequitable access to nutrition worldwide, Type II diabetes is a uniquely modern pandemic. In the US, 1 in 4 adults have Type II diabetes and 88 million more are considered pre-diabetic. Furthermore, it's the #2 cause of death in Mexico, ViiT Health founders’ home country.

Diabetes is a chronic condition requiring painful daily finger pricks to monitor blood glucose levels. Because diabetics are already prone to nerve pain in the extremities, traditional glucometers are particularly painful for many patients. Up to 60% of diabetics struggle to maintain monitoring protocols crucial for long-term health.

The proprietary tech behind ViiT’s Gluco 1.0 is complex, but what it offers is simple: fast, accurate, and painless glucose readings. With Near Infrared Spectroscopy and machine learning, ViiT Health’s proprietary medical technology can be used for diabetes prevention, diagnosis, and management.

Prevention campaigns will require public health agencies to deploy massive glycemic level measurement infrastructure and be able to track people's progress and improvement overtime. Through early identification of people with pre-diabetes and those with consistent high sugar levels we will help stop diabetes on its tracks, and assist in achieving Sustainable Goal #3 by 2030: Good Health and Wellbeing.

As ViiT Health has developed and fine-tuned Gluco 1.0, we’ve achieved prestigious funding, institutional support and are currently undergoing validation with Mexico’s most advanced research & healthcare organizations. We've partnered with international organizations like Iasotek to define the necessary clinical trials to file for FDA approval.

There is a massive need for ViiT’s tech: 422 million people worldwide have diabetes, and most use conventional puncture glucometers to monitor blood sugar levels. By 2030, the diabetic population is projected to hit 578 million, and by 2045, over 700 million. Every diabetic patient deserves a fast, accurate, and painless way to monitor their health.

Leading health experts and investors understand the true costs of diabetes and the need for better diagnosis and monitoring tools. It’s why Mexico’s leading scientists, institutions and global social investors have lined up behind ViiT’s work. It’s the public health breakthrough the world’s been waiting for.

ViiT Health is led by a rare team of financial savvy, scientific expertise, entrepreneurial moxy, and a desire to do good. By combining decades of corporate and scientific expertise with a modern sensibility for social impact entrepreneurship, our team is committed to our patients and investors alike.

Not only will we remove pain from glucose measurement, but since our Gluco 1.0 works with light transmittance, which enables us to detect the full glucose footprint in blood and tissue, we are also paving the way for infinite health care potential by measuring and tracking additional health markers, such as triglycerides and cholesterol.

ViiT Health will deploy Gluco 1.0 via three primary channels to help the most patients and build a diverse revenue stream: 1) massive prevention campaigns primarily among private companies, 2) simpler clinical detection in hospitals and clinics, and 3) comfortable personal patient use for glucose level monitoring.

Diabetics deserve better options than the painful and invasive glucometers of the past, and it’s a tragedy that so many people worldwide are suffering and dying from type II diabetes for preventable and controllable reasons. ViiT Health’s Gluco 1.0 is here for the groundbreaking health tech development the world’s been waiting for.

Invest in the future of preventable health care. Invest in ViiT Health.