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We've supported 3,000+ students with demand growing. 🚀
Attacking a $68.7B educational services market in the U.S.💰
Our program boasts an average increase of 180 + points on the SAT-double that of our competitors.
Each year, we help students save hundreds of thousands of dollars off of college tuition costs.
Founder is a Cambridge Grad & is featured in the Forbes Under 30 list for 2022.
Key partnerships with 25+ local schools, libraries and NGO's across Florida. 📚
$90K raised so far from Facebook, Visa, Office Depot, United Way, Fiserv & Spanx 🏆 and more!
We are democratizing college entrance by making test prep more affordable, accessible and effective.

Our Team

Standardized testing is here to stay, and students can’t avoid the SAT. Inadequate and antiquated preparation methods make it impossible for some to perform up to their potential. For these students, underperformance can cause a cascade of missed opportunities thereafter.


Jump Start Tutoring Center is an award-winning, educational company that makes learning easy.

We support students in grades Pre K through 12 with one-on-one and group tutoring services, customized to fit each child's individual needs and learning styles.

Our mission is to provide students with a customized learning experience that empowers them with the technical and critical thinking skills they need to reach their fullest potential.

Jump Start Tutors work with hundreds of students each year, logging in thousands of hours of learning.

Our flagship Jump Start SAT Program is customized to target academic strengths and weaknesses. This design prioritizes a tailored approach to learning and helps students master pattern-based thinking strategies.

In the last three years, we have helped our students increase their scores by over 180 points on average, saving local families hundreds of thousands of dollars on college tuition costs.


We have received grant funding and support from local, national, and international organizations including Facebook, United Way of Broward County, Fiserv, Balancing Life and the Spanx Red Backpack Fund.


Before the pandemic we took pride in providing one-on-one, in person learning.

Recognizing the shifting needs of our clients, we have pivoted our business model to include in person and online learning services.

Specializing in assessment testing, educational consulting and career development, we don't just help students study for a test.

We nurture our students with holistic learning practices to give our kids the tools they need to achieve their dreams.


We are currently conducting research and development to launch our redesigned SAT Program to incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies.

Pivoting into ed-tech allows us to create an innovative software product that is programmed to adapt to the individual learning needs of each student, leading to higher score increases with shorter prep time.

Our goal is to make test prep more affordable, accessible, and effective so students can increase opportunities for college entrance and scholarship funding.


Today’s students are struggling as over-testing, lack of innovation and overcrowded classrooms plague the education system. Despite being a world leader, American K-12 education consistently ranks poorly among developed nations in reading, math, and science.

Countless studies highlight growing inequalities and inequities in educational opportunity, resources, high-quality and effective teachers, and vocational and college readiness.

In the classroom, students presenting at various levels of achievement are unable to build critical thinking skills and receive the remediation or enrichment needed as teachers and parents are pressured by the demands of career and testing.

America’s students, particularly at-risk youth, are falling further behind and getting lost in an over-burdened system. This has a profound effect on a child’s future and life’s trajectory.


20% Increase in tuition

College tuition fees for public two-year, public four-year, and private nonprofit four-year colleges, have increased by 20% in the past 10 years, according to the Manhattan Institute.

$60,000 = One year tuition

The cost of one year of attendance in many of the nations top private universities and institutions is $60,000, excluding additional living expenses such as room and board, books and meal fees

$32,700= Average student debt

The average student debt in the United States was $32,700 in 2019 as per Data from the Survey of Consumer Finances, which also suggests that there was around $1.115 trillion in educational debt outstanding


The SAT is a widely used standardized assessment test that assesses how ready students are to enter college. On the SAT, scores from the math and critical reading sections are combined for a composite score.

A student’s test score is one of the most important factors for college admissions, securing scholarship funding and is a key predictor of future academic performance. As a result, test prep for the SAT is one of the most important factors in mitigating rising college costs. However, it is difficult for students to study on their own.


According to Inside Higher Education, both race and class play key factors when it comes to test scores. For the SAT, out of 1600 total possible points, mean 2019 scores were 1223 for Asians, 1114 for whites, 978 for Hispanics/Latinos and 933 for African Americans.

The most recent figures for income show an average SAT score of 1230 for students with household incomes more than $200,000; 1120 for those with household incomes between $80,000 and $100,000; and 1060 for students whose household incomes ranged between $40,000 and $60,000.

The average test prep book is hundreds of pages long, covering four years of reading and math content. Moreover, strong critical thinking and reasoning skills are needed for a top score, although most high school students have not taken a logic course. Private tutoring provides the best solution for most students but comes at a hefty price tag.

The average cost of SAT tutoring is between $45-$125 per hour with some parents paying as much $10,000 to give their child a competitive advantage.

Although free courses do exist, their effectiveness remains limited. Due to their antiquated 'one size fits all' approach, they are often unable to customize each child's learning experience and do not incorporate critical learning strategies needed to score well.


  • Focused only on studying for a test and not learning outcomes
  • Standardized lessons take a one-size fits all approach, leading to suboptimal outcomes for most students
  • Often ignore other developmental aspects which cause students to frequently change majors and be unprepared for life after graduation.


2.2 million

The number of students in the class of 2020 who took SAT at least once, as per announcement of the College Board


Market size of the private tutoring market in the U.S. alone in the year 2020


Share of U.S. in the global test preparation market

As college entrance requirements and costs continue to increase, we are provided with an excellent opportunity to pivot to educational technology using AI/ML to create more effective and affordable solutions for SAT test prep.


To make test prep more equitable, accessible, and effective, we are creating our first education technology product!

Our SAT program is being redesigned with AI/ML technology to provide higher quality test prep, through a customized user experience- without paying costly hourly fees to experienced tutors.

This product will allow our users to increase their chances for college admission, scholarship funding, and strong performance in general education courses.


Our SAT software will collect and analyze important data points about how students are interacting with course materials. This allows our program content to adapt to student learning patterns overtime, providing a tailored learning experience for users.

The AI database will allow us to pinpoint student strengths and weaknesses with greater accuracy; while the ML algorithm will track changes in students' learning patterns.

This allows us to adapt to students' changing needs, providing customized lesson plans and feedback each step of the way.


Our vision for our project is to bring a holistic learning model to education that is powered by technology.

Although high quality test prep is essential to reducing college debt, most educational institutions focus solely on standardized testing, often ignoring key developmental factors. This one dimensional approach to learning causes students to frequently change majors and to be unprepared for life after graduation.

Why vocational development?

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, about 80% of college students change their major at least once, with the average student switching majors about three times. Frequent major changes cause students to stay in college longer, increasing college debt and reducing time spent networking and building critical vocational experiences.

This uncertainty often follows students into the workplace, with many unaware of the day to day realities of working within their chosen field. Young graduates also report not learning the technical and transferable skills needed to successfully navigate their chosen profession while in school. These factors make it difficult for students to compete in an increasingly demanding marketplace. In addition to neglecting vocational development, traditional learning models completely ignore emotional wellness in education.

Emotional Wellness: The Missing Factor in Education

It is clear that young adults today face unprecedented stresses due to factors like the rise of social media, gun violence, a declining economy and increasingly competitive work and school requirements. Yet our education system is not teaching students the tools they need to cope with stress, build self confidence and foster positive personal relationships with others.

The American Psychological Association survey shows that since 2013, teens have reported higher levels of stress and anxiety than adults. Likewise, the 2018 APA survey suggests that these trends are becoming more prevalent, reporting that teens have worse mental health and higher levels of stress and anxiety than all other age groups. The pandemic has only worsened mental health challenges as the Education Trust reports that 8 out of 10 parents and students are reporting increased levels of stress after 2020.

Your support will allow us to bring emotional intelligence to the forefront as we develop our emotional wellness course introducing students to mindfulness practices that mitigate stress, increase self awareness and build healthy interpersonal relationships. Now more than ever it is important that emotional wellness is regarded as a key factor for both personal and professional success.

Your support will allow us to bring a holistic learning model to education- focusing on various test prep topics, career exploration and emotional wellness to support students to reach their fullest potential.

All funds raised will support us to:

  • Continue R&D to develop our virtual platform
  • Launch our redesigned AI/ML powered SAT test prep course by August 2022
  • Create more AL/ML 'self learning' courses focused on test prep, vocational development and emotional wellness
  • Provide early access to our SAT program for 500 'at risk' students at no charge from selected schools


Chrissybil Boulin is passionate about education and youth empowerment. Chrissybil is an advocate for economic development and child advocacy. She grew up in New York and South Florida. Chrissybil earned an associate degree from Florida State University and two bachelor’s degrees from Emory University. In 2017, Chrissybil became the first Haitian American to earn a master’s degree in Development Economics from the University of Cambridge in the U.K. Still in her twenties, she has dedicated most of her life to supporting children in her community and around the world.

At an early age, Chrissybil displayed a natural gift for leadership and community service. In 2006, she was the state wide winner in the Letters About Literature writing contest. ln 2008, Chrissybil was crowned Miss Teen Haiti Jr. At just 21 years old, Chrissybil founded Merkabah International Foundation, a NGO to support pre-existing schools in Haiti, served as an United Nations Global Youth Ambassador for education, and an Intel for Change Education Ambassador for India. Tutoring fellow classmates since the age of 12, Chrissybil has a talent for teaching others and has always been very passionate about helping students gain the confidence and technical skills needed to become successful.

In 2018, she founded Jump Start Tutoring Center, an award winning in-home and online tutoring company serving the South Florida area. Jump Start Tutors customize lesson plans to support each student’s individual needs, specializing in K-12 learning, homeschooling, college entrance and test prep. Serving thousands of students, Chrissybil is able to share her passion for learning to help kids explore their academic interests while developing the transferrable skills needed to navigate life after graduation. In her spare time, she loves spending quality time with her mom and sister, singing, spending time outdoors, traveling and has visited over 40 countries.

Chrissybil loves supporting her community and has been recognized as a thought leader by local, national and international organizations including: Facebook ,Visa, Spanx, Fiserv, Clover, Emory 40 Under 40, IFundwomen, Haitian American Chambers of Commerce of Florida 20 Under 40, Mielle Global Education & Entrepreneurship Scholarship Fund, United Way of Broward County and Balancing Life.

She serves as an honorary member of the Miami-Dade School Board with November 1st named Chrissybil Boulin Day in the city of North Miami. The city of North Miami Beach has also proclaimed January 1st, 2022 as Chrissybil Boulin Day. Chrissybil was recently inaugurated into the Forbes 30 under 30 class for 2022, selected out of tens of thousands of applicants nationwide, for her incredible accomplishments as a leading trailblazer in education.


We are beyond proud of our local partnerships that allow us to provide direct tutoring and test prep services to the children who need it the most.

Our partnerships through Broward County Public School Systems- the 6th largest school district in the nation, Broward County Public Library, Miami Dade School Board, the Urban League of Broward County, Children's Services Council of Broward County, and the Community Access Center have enabled us to reach thousands of children.


We would like to give a special shout out to you! Thank you for learning more about our company and for supporting innovation in learning.

We are eternally grateful for any and all support! Investments of all sizes are key to helping us reach our goal. Without your support, our vision could not be realized.

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Investments of $1,ooo and above are eligible for early user access to our SAT Program. Send us an email with your contact information within 3 months of making your investment if you would like to retrieve your reward.

  • Our goal is to have our MVP ready for early access by Februrary 2023

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